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    Spare seat for 2-year old on plane

    May I spoke too soon. I guess he has a little room. I think I got this one because it has an extra inch FF.
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    Spare seat for 2-year old on plane

    Well, I didn’t get this feedback until the after I bought the Sonus 65 and I finally tried it today and I think he’s already too tall for it RF. Somehow I missed the 1” rule on this one when I was researching, but his head is just about even with the top. It’s fine. It’s fine...
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    Spare seat for 2-year old on plane

    It’s been a LOOONG time since I’ve needed to think about travel seats. I need something for my 2-year old for a trip in November. Looking at the blog and Targets’s website, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Graco Contender 65, Evenflo Sonus 65, or Evenflo Maestro Sport. I was thinking...
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    Best RF seat for Sienna

    What's your favorite RF seat for a captains chair in the second row of a 2013 Sienna? Baby is currently 16lbs and 26". He's 5 months and seems to like being high enough to see outside. Budget is negotiable, but would prefer not to spend $500. I just tried a Radian and it's to hard to adjust...
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    SureFit straps

    I have a SureFit for my baby and it seems like the straps are harder to adjust than they should be. It's fine loosening them, but tightening then after my son is in the seat is kind of difficult. Is there a way to fix that? Something to clean or something? It's an older seat, but doesn't...
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    Puzzling in a Caravan

    We have a 2008 Grand Caravan and are expecting #4 in a few weeks. I think I have the first couple of months figured out, but I'm not quite sure what to do in the spring. I'd love some help brainstorming. When baby comes, I'll have him in an infant seat in one of the 2nd row captain's chairs...
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    Diono Radian RXT expiration

    Can someone help me figure out the expiration? The manual says 10 years from date of purchase, but the website said 8 years for the harness and 10 for the booster. So which is it? Edit: This specific seat was manufactured 05/17 and purchased 07.17 Thanks!
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    New Vehicle Recs?

    Currently we have the dreaded Grand Caravan (2008). Because of this, my 2 girls in the back are in HBBs, the middle row we can use LBBs. We're expecting in March, so we'll be adding a RF seat soon, which I want in the middle row for accessibility. So my question is - anyone have a...
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    Eddie Bauer Sure Fit

    Does anyone have experience with this seat in a Grand Caravan (2nd row captains chair) with a newborn? Does it have the standard 6 year expiration? Manufactured 06/13 Thanks!
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    Convertible for newborn?

    I'm looking at the Graco Size4Me for a newborn in a captains chair of a Dodge Grand Caravan. My other thoughts were NextFit or Boulevard, but I like the price of the Graco better. The reviews seem like any of these would fit an average newborn well, but I'm wondering if any of you know if one...
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    R100 for newborn?

    Will this work? I have an R100 that's just sitting in the garage and no infant bucket. Baby isn't due for a while, but it would be great if I can just use what I have. I found on the Diono website that it's ok to put the infant padding in the R100, so that would be easy to do. We have a 2008...
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    5 car seats in an '08 Grand Caravan

    Most days I have my 2 oldest in Parkways in the 3rd row and my youngest in a Frontier 85 in one of the captain's chairs. Increasingly, I have extra kids for a few days and am going to need to get 3 kids in the back. I'll need to have the 2 boosters plus 3 harnesses (either 3 FF or 2 FF + 1 RF)...
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    Parkway SG vs SG G1.1

    I spent a lot of time and effort a couple of years ago finding a booster to fit in my 3rd row of my 2008 Grand Caravan. We ended up with a pink Parkway SG. Now I need another booster for my next kid, and I see that they changed it a little. The G1.1 looks like the body is the same, just a...
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    3 new seats - what to buy?!

    My friend was in a fender-bender yesterday and needs to replace all 3 of her seats. 2 lbbs and one FF harness. The kids are all pretty small, so not really concerned about outgrowing them. The biggest question is, can she find 3 that will all fit in the 3rd row of a 2008 Town and Country...
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    Travel seats

    I'm dreaming of a vacation. Likely not to happen, but I can dream, right? Kids are 5, 50lbs. 3.5, 40lbs, and 15 mos, 24lbs. I was thinking the easiest travel seats would be a bubble bum, rstv, and a SureRide. Any other ideas that would be easily transportable and economical? Does the...
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    Need to get 5 seats in a Grand Caravan - tomorrow!

    I have 2 extra kids this week - I believe they both usually sit in LBBs, but they'll be sitting in either HBBs or harnessed in my car. I borrowed a brand new Radian from a friend thinking it would be helpful in getting them all in my car, but I don't see how anything but 3 Radians would fit in...
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    New seat for a friend

    My friend is adopting a 7-year-old from China, hopefully in the spring. She's about 43in and 36lbs, with some special needs, so they want to keep her in a harness. She'll be Child #5. They drive a 2002 Sienna (7 seats). She currently has 2 backless boosters and an Evenflo 5-pt FF (not sure...
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    3-across in a 2004 BMW X5

    My friend is expecting twins and is hoping to not have to buy a minivan quite yet. She has a 23-month-old that is currently RF in a Marathon and is wondering if 2 Chicco KeyFit 30's would fit next to that in her 2004 BMW X5. Does anyone know? She doesn't have the infant seats yet, just...
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    Having second thoughts about which booster

    I just ordered a Vivo from Amazon to put my 5-year-old in the 3rd row of our 2008 Grand Caravan. She's about 43" and almost 50lbs, and wears size 6 clothes. I'm a little concerned that she isn't going to fit in the booster very well after reading about how it's great for petite kids, which she...
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    Latch limits

    I have a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and a 2004 Chevrolet Venture. 48lbs child weight and 40lbs child weight respectively, right?

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