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  1. noahsmom24

    B-safe 35 base hanging off seat? And rebounding?

    Without going through the manual, is it ok that our dds bsafe35 base hangs off the seat in my DHs 2012 Chevy Silverado truck seat? A good 2inches? Also, without sounding stupid... What keeps a seat like this from just come up and hitting the trucks back seat in a wreck? I don't have trouble...
  2. noahsmom24

    2008 Pontiac torrent/Chevy Equinox...convertible help?

    I was fully sold on the extend2fit for the weight limit and the way it was made not to take up sooo much room for the front driver/passenger...also the other features. But I have read review after review saying for some it pushes the babies head forward causing bad head slump :/ my Dd is 4...
  3. noahsmom24

    Graco extend to fit?

    Just wondering what others thought about this seat? Had a chance to look one over for a few at Walmart. Dd is 10weeks and were planning to use her bsafe 35bucket for a few more months but honestly it's already getting super heavy and she's only 12lbs. Really wanting to do some extended rear...
  4. noahsmom24

    ERF Options?

    Dd is 20days old today and we have the Britax b safe 35. Its much heavier than I imagined, Ive read a lot of people by 6 or so months move on from a bucket to a normal seat. Dd seems to be following my husband side of the family and will be more petite than my very quick growing chunky son as a...
  5. noahsmom24

    Britax B Safe 35? Narrow?

    I'm due in 3 months and just recently purchased a Britax b agile 3/b safe 35 travel system. While I'm please with the quality and always updated safety standards that Britax has to offer... I'm just staring at this seat like ?? The base as well as the seat are wonderfully and beautifully made...
  6. noahsmom24

    Show me your city mini gts with car seat attached?

    I thought I had myself sold on the britax b agile travel system but I'm just not. I think it's a great travel system but after reading and watching many reviews I always find myself going back to the city mini. Recently I decided since we go along a lot of different terrain the GT is probably...
  7. noahsmom24

    Widest Booster for bigger kids who need a booster still!?!?

    My son is 8 and weighs between 95-100lbs and is between 4'8 and 4'9. I want to try my best to keep him in a full back booster as long as possible. He is currently using a Britax Parkway SGL and he's got big thighs like mom and is becoming uncomfortable. I've taught him his straps go under the...
  8. noahsmom24

    ERF seats?

    What's the seat(s) with the longest ERF capabilities? I'm due 4/13 and plan to use the britax bsafe bucket then want to go straight to a seat we can get years of ERF use out of...hopefully. What are the current options out there? Was looking at the foonf but is it just an over priced seat for...
  9. noahsmom24

    Britax bsafe 35, graco click connect 35, ingenuity or chicco key fit?

    Which would you choose for a newborn and why? I want to use a britax b agile stroller or bjcm. Havent seen the ingenuity stroller in person, so not sure if it's something we would be interested in. Baby isn't due until April, so if fabric overheats may be a concern. Weight is a big issue for me...
  10. noahsmom24

    2014 vs 2015 britax b safe car seat? BJCM stroller?

    So I have been trying to decide on which carseat, stroller and/or travel system to get. With a ton of research on features, height/weight limits, safety etc..I finally made a decision. I want to get a baby jogger city mini and pair it with a britax bsafe car seat. However, other than the 5lb...
  11. noahsmom24

    Best travel system? or car seat/stroller combo separate?

    Found out im pregnant a couple weeks ago after trying for 7months and im thought to be 5weeks along! Yay!! We arent buying anything just yet but im doing my research. I have a BJCE stroller I used for ds when he got to large for another stroller i had and will use with this one with our new...
  12. noahsmom24

    New truck and need seat help!

    Hi, Been a while since I've been on here but I always come back to you guys with questions because I trust the information I am given. My husband got a 2011 Chevy Silverado crew cab and seats are great fit for any booster but I have two concerns. In my vehicle I am still using the Britax...
  13. noahsmom24

    Question Infant seat ideas?

    My fiancé and I have been together going on 4years now and are getting married in 2014 :) we are already planning my second, his first and I believe our last. I'm already thinking baby gear :) I'm not drooling at the mouth or anything... Lol But on a serious note I'm purchasing an 05-06 honda...
  14. noahsmom24

    Question 2005-06 Honda Crv questions?

    Hi, Getting an 05-06 honda CRV and just wondering about the center position. I did do some searches for my question before asking but couldn't quite find what I was looking for. Ds is 6 now and he has a Britax parkway sg that I would like to install in the center position, especially for long...
  15. noahsmom24

    RSTV Help?

    We bought a New Blue Small RSTV a while back, I tried ds in it and he is to big for it I guess? He fits but when I put him in the vehicle and start tightening the straps its like the top of his RSTV raises up above his shoulders. SO said you are tightening it to tight (We are using lap belt/TT)...
  16. noahsmom24

    BJCE Deals on Wayfair? How are you finding the links?

    People have posted discounted BJ's from Wayfair, I think they are returns and when I try to look on wayfair for these BJ's I can't seem to find them. So how are you locating them? I had one person PM me about one they had in their cart they got for $209! I don't have the funds now with having to...
  17. noahsmom24

    In Search Of RSTV in small?!?!

    Anyone have an RSTV in small they'd like to sell at a better price then I'm finding online? I really need one for our trip next Thursday. Thanks!
  18. noahsmom24

    Ds's preschool "Car seat" info/paper sent home...?

    I received this in ds's backpack from Preschool, read the paper below. What you do if anything? let it go or...?
  19. noahsmom24

    RSTV Trip question..

    Would you be comfortable using an RSTV for a 3ish almost 4hour trip one way? We will be traveling at high speeds on major highways and I'm feeling like it will leave ds so exposed. :( I'm use to him in he Regent/Frontier 85 or a HBB that I'm having second thoughts about the RSTV all together. I...
  20. noahsmom24

    Anyone make a FR85 work in a 04 Chevrolet Silverado?

    I received my FR85 and was trying it in every vehicle..Mine, my dad's and S/O's truck. I got a rock solid install in my car and my dads, but S/O's truck it will NOT install. It hangs off the front to much, The only way I could make it work is if I removed the head rest, reclined the seat quite...

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