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    For Sale Like New Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro High Back Booster Seat - $120 shipped via FedEx

    Excellent, like new condition Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro high back belt positioning booster car seat. Only used a handful of times as a back-up seat in a second car, no accidents or drops. We bought it new off amazon for $229.00 in Phantom - Gray and black. $120 shipped via FedEx. Here is a link...
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    Britax Frontier 85 SICT Onyx For Sale $150 shipped

    I own three Britax Frontier 85s, and I really, really love them, but I can no longer use my SICT because it doesn't work in my three-across set-ups (my other two Frontiers are not SICT). The seat is in great condition, used in a secondary car for two years, and has now sat in my spare room...
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    For Sale Nuna Pipa infant car seat for sale $

    Lightly used for 19 months. Excellent condition. Black with base (which has load leg). No accidents, no drops, straps never washed, cover washed once (just today for sale). Infant insert and manual included. Date of manufacture is October 2013. 7 year lifespan. $175. I will meet within...
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    Clek Foonf RF in Odyssey captain chair - Installation help!

    *****UPDATE below - I got a Fllo, and it's a whole different ballgame!****** I just got a 2015 Clek Foonf, put it all together, but now I am having problems installing it in my 2014 Honda Odyssey. When I go to LATCH install (baby is 23 lbs.), no matter how tight I get the latch straps, the...
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    What kind of car seat is this?

    I went to NJ DMV to renew my car registration, and this is the graphic on the homepage for NJ's new car seat law. I have never seen a strap adjuster like that, so I was just curious what seat it is.
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    Nuna Pipa - when outgrown?

    My 19 month old is just about 32" and there is just about 1" of shell left. Is the Nuna Pipa outgrown at 32" and 1" shell, or over those numbers (like, 32.1" and 1.1")? Posted via Mobile Device
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    Booster belt fit check center honda odyssey

    My almost 7 year old usually sits in third row in a kiddy cruiser fix pro. I have to temporarily move her to second row because we need the cargo space. I put a Clek ozzie in middle (between nuna pipa and britax frontier 85) but the seat belt coming down from ceiling seems weird. Too high on...
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    RideSafer Vest between two car seats

    Hi. My sister and I are researching the RideSafer vests, and she expressed concern that a child wearing the RideSafer vest in the center seat between two regular car seats could get smashed by the two car seats on either side in a crash. Please help me articulate to her why that isn't a...
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    Anything new on horizon for Clek Oobr or Olli?

    I am about to buy one of these, and just curious if I should wait if there is a soon-to-be updated Clek Oobr or Olli, either in design or fabric. (Am waiting out the release of thenew Samsung Glaxasy 6 to upgrade from the 3, so it spurred my question to the Clek boosters...I can't find anything...
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    Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro or Clek Oobr?

    Which would you buy? Long term investment to pass down to one (or two) kids. Space and price not an issue.
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    Which should I use: Radian RXT or Frontier 85?

    I am turning FF my 3.5 year old in a 2014 Honda Odyssey. Passenger side outboard. Would you put him in a Radian RXT or Frontier 85 (not SICT)? I have both to choose from.
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    Renting a Dodge Grand Caravan - installation help

    I will be renting a Dodge Grand Caravan from Budget Rental car next week. I will have to install three seats - an infant seat (Nuna Pipa), a convertible (2009 Marathon), and a combination (2010 Britax Frontier 85). I want to read up ahead of time on how to configure the seats and any...
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    RF 3 year old kicking FF 6 year old

    I have three across in a 2014 Honda Odyssey. Driver's side Nuna Pipa for baby, center Britax Frontier 85 SICT for almost 6 year old DD1, passenger's side Radian RXT for just turned 3 year old DS. Sibling strife is happening more than I'd like, with DS ending up kicking DD1 (and DD1 hitting DS...
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    Baby drooling on straps

    This may seem silly, but my 3 month old is a super drooler and is saturating the car seat straps. I know you should not machine wash straps because the water can affect the straps' integrity, so I was wondering whether constant drool presents the same issue. If so, can I put those sucking pads...
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    Nuna Pipa strap tightening problems

    In order to tighten the straps of the Nuna Pipa I have to first pull on the straps along the hips and then use the tightening strap to remove the remaining slack to get a proper strap fit overall. The problem is that if I don't first remove some slack from hip area, the adjuster strap won't...
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    Frontier 85 and Frontier 85 SICT -- which seat for which car?

    I have a Frontier 85 and Frontier 85 SICT. I just got a 2014 Honda Odyssey. My other car is a 2010 Mazda CX-9. FR will be center 2nd row in Odyssey, driver's side in Mazda. DD will be in Odyssey 85% of the time. Which seat should go in which car, safety wise. (Convenience wise, would the FR...
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    When are the new Radians being released?

    I believe I read here in the forums that Diono is going to be releasing new Radians in the near future. Does anyone know about when the new ones are coming out? Any knowledge on new features? Just wondering if it's worth waiting for, and maybe bypassing sales on current models now. I could...
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    Is seatbelt - LATCH - seatbelt install okay?

    There are only two sets of LATCH connectors in my Mazda CX-9. None dedicated to the middle seat. Is it okay to install a seat with the LATCH in the middle, borrowing one LATCH from each outboard seat, and then seatbelt install the outboard seats? If the types of seats matter, it would be a...
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    Do not buy the Nuna Pipa on Zulily!

    The Nuna Pipa infant car seat listed on zulily does NOT come with the base. On several websites you can get the seat & base for $299. On zulily, it's the seat, stroller adapter & $25 zulily gift card for $299. Not a deal at all, since the base is $150 separately, while the stroller adapter is...
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    Question What seat adapter works for a Nuna Pipa seat on a BOB dualie?

    After extensive research and the timing of baby #3 (early February 2014), I have decided to go with the Nuna Pipa infant car seat. I can't seem to find any information about whether an existing car seat adapter available for a BOB Revolution Dualie will fit a Nuna Pipa. Any help would be much...

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