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    Price Check cco seats or covers

    I have 2 ccos here that we are just about done with. Both expire next year, one in July, not sure the other. Would anyone be interested in the seats? Or how much could I get out if the covers? I have carrot cake and strawberry shortcake. Both covers have some normal snagging at the feet and...
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    Need 3 across 2013/14 Suburban

    Anyone have one they've tried anything in? I need to fit 6 kids so I have to fit 3 across. My hope is to put my 12yo in the tumble seat in the 2nd row so we can get in the back easily. Kids: 12yo (5 steps) 9yo (prefer HB Oobr but can use Literider) 7yo (prefer Nautilus or Radian XTSL but can...
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    Checking interest: Oobr, RN65

    If anyone is interested, I can come up with a box for these and get some shipping estimates. And I can post pictures if someone wants. I have a June 2011 Paul Frank Faux Hawk Oobr that has hardly been used. It is in excellent condition. Using the "formula" for used seats, it's worth about...
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    NEW Britax Pavilion/Boulevard cover

    I have this brand new cover for a Britax Pavilion. Includes infant padding and belly pad (no strap covers, don't know why they were not sent with the pad). It is the blueprint cover: Here's what it says on the website:Cover sets for...
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    Any interest in G diapers?

    I have 10 size S G pants with extra pouches and I think 19 washable liners plus 6 size M G pants (a couple need pouches) and 9 washable liners. They are all boy/neutral colors like green, orange, blues with one striped S G pant. I was thinking $100 shipped for the size S and $50 shipped for...
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    Any interest in Carters John Lennon stuff?

    I have a white unisex sleeper 0-3mo with hat ready now. I will have a blue 3-6 mo sleeper soon (when we outgrow it). And I have the Emu frog set with blanket, diaper cover, t-shirt, hat, & socks that can go now. It's 3-6 months and summer for sure. I'll post pictures if there's interest.
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    FS: Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor

    I have the monitor that is new, used for one cycle and 19 test sticks (these are expired and were when I used them but they worked fine). I have all original packaging and instructions and will include a set of batteries that are almost new as well (again, used for one cycle). $100 shipped
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    ISO amber teething necklace

    Anyone have one they are done with and willing to sell cheap?
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    Any interest in American Girl doll clothes

    I have like 16 outfits that fit the 18" dolls. Some are American Girl brand, lots of Battat (Target) brand. Cute stuff. I will post pics if anyone is interested.
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    Can I fit 3 across a 2011 BMW 328xi?

    A friend is wanting to know if it's possible or if they need a new car. Kids: 5yo 41" 2 1/2yo 30 something inches newborn Not sure on weights but they are not very big.
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    Checking interest: Faux Hawk Oobr

    Pretty sure it is a 2012 DOM (I'll go get the exact date after lunch). Used a handful of times. I just don't have LATCH where I need a booster plus this doesn't fit in my new 3 across I have to have. In like-new condition, I'm pretty sure I even have the original box. This sucker is HEAVY so...
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    Any techs near Antioch, CA?

    I need someone to help a pregnant mom install seats in her van. She has 2 Radians, a MA 70, and an infant bucket plus a booster.
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    Need seats for 5 in an Odessey

    2013 Odessey. I'm trying to help a gal out from a twins group I belong to. Here's what I know (she will be linked to the thread and will hopefully chime in with more info like kids stats): Kids are 6, 4, 3, 3, and newborn on the way. We are trying to fit the 2 3yos in Radians in the back...
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    Price Check Checking interest: prefolds, flats, covers

    I have a TON of prefolds, flats, and a few covers I'd love to sell so I can buy some of the pockets I love. Here's what I have: 16 prefolds (14 more FFS that have some slight holes in the sides) 18 flats (8 more FFS again that have more wear) 1 M ProWrap 1 L ProWrap 2 Bumkins 1 size covers...
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    Baby Earth Gaga Deals ??

    So I just bought one of the Gaga Deals (stalked for a long time but never bought). It is a cloth diaper, the little G pants. I clicked when it said $2.57. But when I went to check out, it rang up at -$1.48. Lol, has anyone ever had any experience buying something at a negative price? I paid...
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    Britax Companion question

    So I'm watching a friend's kids and she has a Companion (not expired yet). Last night when dad came to get the kids, he asked about the handle, they were told in the hospital to put it back. So I was looking online at the manual and it looks like it is supposed to be all the way back, behind...
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    Why don't people listen?

    Just got a call from my BIL. He wanted to know how to re-route the LATCH strap in his EFTA from RF to FF. "We're going to FF him for our trip" The baby is only 14 months old! I've talked to them countless times, sent them ALL the movies, links, etc. I even got them to buy seats that would...
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    Question: Graco Classic Ride 50

    A friend is looking for a new seat ASAP. She asked about the Classic Ride 50. Does it really have the same short top slots as the CS? She looked at the Evenflo Sure Ride but liked the padding in the Classic Ride better and asked my opinion (thank goodness). She'd love to stay under $100 if...
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    What year did they stop making the Roundabout?

    I have a cover I'm trying to decide what to do with. Sell? Or cut it up (it would make a very cute hat). From the original Roundabout. When did they last make them?
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    Anyone buy a Radian in the last month?

    I need proof of purchase for mine (bought 5/1/12) that I don't have. My adjuster is slipping and they want proof of purchase. Anyone have a receipt they would be willing to scan and e-mail me? Mine is an XTSL (if it says what it is).

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