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    Help to Decide on a Seat

    So, I can't figure out what seat I want to get my 2 year old. She has outgrown the Scenera Next by the 1 inch rule. She currently weighs about 33 pounds and is about 37-38 inches I'm guessing. I have an Extend2Fit in the other car and like it a lot. I am also considering a SlimFit, a Britax...
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    RF Car Seat Recommendation

    So I'm needing to replace my Scenera Next. My girl is 2, 37ish inches tall and 33 pounds. She is getting close to only having an inch of shell over her head. I don't want to spend a ton of money on the replacements since I need 2 of them. Is Graco the only brand that will let me RF past 40...
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    Scerena Next & Toyota Jump Seat

    Will a scerena next fit on a 2016 toyota jump seat? Looking to fit 8 people in the van and would prefer for the 22 month old to be there but I can put my 14 year old there if the seat doesn't fit.
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    Extra Backless Booster Suggestion

    So, I want a backless to keep in the trunk of my van in case we have to transport one of my daughter's friend in a pinch. Which ones fit most kids well? I looked at Walmart for the Harmony Youth Booster but they didn't have one in stock. The did have a Cosco Rise in stock but I hadn't heard...
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    Scerena Next Crotch Strap

    So, I've noticed it almost seems like my YDD is sitting on the crotch strap or it is really short. I know the manual says she can't sit on it but it is on the 2nd slot and according to the manual it can't be in the 3rd slot. Is there anything I can do about this?
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    Narrow LBB

    So, my ODD doesn't think the harmony youth booster is as comfy as the Chicco KidFit or the Turbo Booster (I think she prefers the KidFit most of all). The problem is I need it to fit in a tight 3 across in the back of my Subaru Outback. What other really narrow booster are out there? I would...
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    Extend2Fit Install

    Ok, so I usually ise this seat with my 8.5 month old RFing but I'm transporting a 3.5 year old, 35 pound little girl tomorrow. I know she FF in her parents car so I'm installing it that way for her. I read since she is under 40 pounds I need to use recline 4. Does this look right? There is a...
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    E2F Harness Pads

    Are the harness pads required for the E2F RFing? I read in the manual that you can't use the FFing but I don't tell if they were required for RFing. I took the body pad out because it made the crotch strap super short on my big girl. She is 20 pounds and 28 inches tall and 5.5 months old.
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    Scernera Next Questions

    So I was planning on using this seat in my baby sitter's Scion xB and my DH's Subura Outback. First my baby is 5 months old, 19 pounds and 27-28 inches tall. What recline can I use with it? Do you think it is worth it with such large baby or should I look at another seat for these cars? I...
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    Is this a price to buy at?

    So, Target has the E2F for $152.99 this week online. Is this a great price? Should I buy it and store it until this spring/summer when I plan to put my baby in it? I am still confused as it if I want the E2F, the E2F 3 in 1 or the E2F 4Ever seat though. For what is it worth I will probably...
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    Extend to Fit Differences

    Ok, so I am pretty sure I'm going to get an Extend to Fit for my almost 4 month old baby who is currently 16 pounds. What are the differences between the Extend to Fit, the Extend to Fit 3 in 1 and the 4Ever Extend to Fit besides the price of course. I would like to RF to at least 3 probably...
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    Convertible Suggestions

    So, my YDD is currently 3.5 months and about 16 pounds and I guessing about 26 inches long based on how clothes are fitting her. I am looking for suggestions for convertibles for her. I have 3 cars that I want seats for a Scion xB, a Subaru Outback and a Toyota Sienna. I'm thinking the...
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    Booster for 3 Across

    I am looking for booster suggestions for the 3 across in my Subaru Outback. I currently have my 8.5 year old DD in a KidFit passenger side, a Chico keyfit center and my 12.5 year old five stepping DS driver side. My DD struggles buckling the booster. Are there better boosters for her to ride...
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    Keyfit Strap Question

    Would it be better for the straps to be slightly above the shoulder or below and almost falling off? The baby is about 8 pounds and 21 inches long. The infant inserts are in the seat. Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
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    Baby Jogger City Mini Qeustion

    Does anyone know the difference between the 2014 and then 2016 baby jogger city mini strollers. Google is not helping me and I'm trying to figure out if there are features that warrant the high price of the 2016.
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    3 Across in a Subaru

    So, I am wondering if I can get a 3 across in my husband's 2012 Subaru Outback. I will have an infant, an 8 year and a 12 year old. I haven't picked an infant seat but leaning towards a Chicco or Graco Click Connect. My DD is currently 51 inches tall, 55 pounds, and riding in a Chicco KidFit...
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    Chicco Keyfit in Lyra

    Does anyone have the keyfit in the Lyra color? I am hoping for a picture of it since no where actually cares this cover in store. I am wondering if it no purple or pink.
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    Monterey Expiration

    How many years is a monterey good for? I have an older one and I don't have the manual anymore.
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    Infant Seat Suggestions

    So, I am having another baby and I need to get a new infant seat. I am not sure which one to get. I had a Graco with my other to kids. I really don't want to spend a bundle because will most likely be the only baby to ride in the seat. I would like nice padding and easy to use with no weird...
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    Frontier Questions

    So, I need to replace my Frontier from an accident and the trip to the beach reinforced the need to harness on long trips. My DD is 5.5 about 40 pounds and 45.5 inches tall for the record. I know I don't need another frontier but I want something easy to install. She has a Maestro in my...

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