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    Question HBB for 2011 Odyssey plus 1

    I have a very petite 5yo (37# 42inches) that will likey be in need of a HBB for occasional use in the next year. While I don’t feel she is ready yet, I would like to have the flexibility to booster train her. What 30lb minimum HBB that fits on the center plus 1, latches in and allows for 3rd...
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    Question Safe & comfy 8 passenger for growing teens

    We have a 2011 8 passenger Odyssey as our primary vehicle that is perfect in every way except for the lack of 4WD. Our secondary (and work vehicle) is an F150 that has been brought back to life it’s last time. We are considering replacing it with an Expedition to be able to fit our whole family...
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    Question Maestro in F150

    I just purchased an Evenflo Maestro to be used in harnessed mode for flying with & as a backup. The manual states it must be used with the headrest. The back center of our early 2000s F150 does not have a headrest. Can we still use it there? She is the only harnessed child & needs to be there...
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    Question Cosco Finale DX

    Does anyone have a Cosco Finale DX? Is your child comfy? My 4.5yo is 41”, 35# and FF. I am looking for a backup seat for once per week in a 2011 Odyssey and for an upcoming flight/trip. Thanks!
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    Graco Contender On Sun Country?

    I’m flying with my 4yo for the first time with her Contender on Sun Country. Will it fit? My other flying seats have been outgrown or recycled due to expiration. And I have never flown Sun Country with Kids. Thanks, Mama bear to 4 now
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    Question FF seat for 2006 & 2016 F150s

    Does anyone know if the Evenflo Secure Kid or Harmony Defender install well with a seatbelt in a center 2006 F150 crew cab ~and~ Is compatible with the new F150 headrests? The Evenflo Sureride would be my second choice... Thanks, Mamabearof3 (4 now...)
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    Best seat for F150

    My youngest has almost outgrown the Scenera Next by height. I need a FF seat to be used very occasionally in a 2006 F150 Super Crew. She will be 3.5 next month & will continue to ride RF in a Graco Contender through the spring in our primary vehicle. •It needs a good seatbelt install center in...
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    Question Truck for family of 6

    Our 2006 F150 is our work vehicle & secondary family vehicle and needs a new engine.😩 I was looking at pics of 2012 and newer super crew F150s & there does not seem to be a chest belt for the front center.😳 We have 13yo & 11yo 5steppers, 9yo lbb & 3.25 is still RF but will FF this spring. Is...
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    Question Agile escaping 3yo

    My very trim, flexible & agile RF 3.25yo has started unbuckling or sliding the chest clip down and putting her arms out of the straps of her new Contender while on the road. I thought our talks about safety had worked & it had stopped as she wasn't getting out anymore until her sister saw her...
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    Question BRU Car seat trade in now

    My local BRU sent this. Do you know if BBB will honor it if I want a seat in a color they carry? Thanks, Mama bear of 4 now Posted via Mobile Device
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    Question 3 boosters across in a Honda Civic

    My sister is having surgery & will need to have her kids ride in grandma's Honda Civic for short rides to & from school. They are 6.5, 8 & 9.5 and neurotypical. My suggestion was 3 bubble bums. I have one I can loan her, but she will need to purchase 2. Is there anything else she should...
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    Question Successful +1 installs for 2011 Odyssey thread

    I swore there was a +1 install thread for the newer style 8 passenger odyssey, but I can't find it. Am I remembering wrong? Thanks, Mamabear of 4 now Posted via Mobile Device
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    Question Graco Contender Questions

    My beloved Sunshine Radian has finally expired.😭😭😭 My daughter just turned 3, is 27.5# and is 36.5inches standing height. She is currently RF in a NEXT. I need another convertible to accommodate my 2yo RF nephew when I babysit him, a comfy seat & easy to clean seat to get my daughter to...
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    Question Another BRU sale this year???

    Will there be another BRU trade in sale this year? Thanks, Stacy Posted via Mobile Device
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    Question Contender OR ???

    My RF daughter will be 3 in a couple weeks. She is 28# and 37 inches tall. My primary seat (Radian) is expiring & I have a Scenera Next that I 💗 and will use to the last inch. I need a new seat that is road trip comfy RF & FF, is easy to clean & is great for flying. The Graco Contender seems to...
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    Who to FF big 2yo or small almost 3yo

    My nephew just turned 2 & is 38ish #. My daughter is 3 at the end of July and is 28ish #s. Who gets the FF seat & who gets the RF when we are in a pinch? Age or size??? Thanks, Mamabear to 4 now Posted via Mobile Device
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    Question Help! Toddler peed all over carseat

    My 2.5yo (who potty trained herself 8m ago-no joke) had an accident in her Scenera Next. The harness straps & latch straps are soaked! Do I just wipe them down with a dry towel, let them dry & then use them??? I know I can't submerge the straps to clean them. But will urine wreck them? I can't...
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    Question Convertible for RF 1yo in Sat Relay

    My girlfriend is trading in one of my old seats at BRU for her 1yo. She plans to RF him for at least another year. He is 31 inches & 21#. Are there any seats she should skip or would fit great in her 2007 Saturn Relay captain chair? Thanks!
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    Gate check Stroller bags- padded or unpadded?

    I will be gate checking my new Globetrotter for the first time. Do I need a convenient fold up (& cheaper) bright bag or a padded one? Appreciative, Mamabear of 4 & new to flying with strollers
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    Question F150 Super crew safe for family of 6

    We will be replacing our F150 SuperCrew & would like one that would be safe for a family of 6. Our current one (2008ish) has lap belt only in the center front, no tether spot for front & no headrest for either center positions. I have 2 5steppers, a tall boostered 8yo & a RF 2.5yo. Please give...

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