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    School Bus Safety

    I am having trouble with a kiddo staying seated on the bus. She leans over, stands up, leans over the seat ahead of her, etc. Bus driver has spoken with her multiple times. She's 8, and she understands the rules, she just gets distracted and caught up in socializing. I need something to stick in...
  2. J

    My dh actually gets it now!

    My dh hardly ever says much about carseats. He lets me buy whatever and install them. The kids go whichever direction I install their seat. I do preach to him about ERF and not boostering before they are ready, and stuff. But he never says anything. Last night, he told me some neighbors...
  3. J

    Fit in a backless booster?

    When does a kid usually start to fit in a backless booster, without having to use the strap guide to adjust the shoulder strap? I tried a bubble bum for my 7 1/2 yr old, thinkin it would be reat for the occasionaly ride. He hates it because of needing to use the strap and for some reason, that...
  4. J

    For Sale Radian primrose/petal covers

    I have two of the pink flowery covers for a Sunshine Kids Radian. Fits the Radian 65 or 80. I have two covers, one set of harness covers, and one infant padding (may have the second, will have to dig around). Covers are slightly faded, and some light stain spots (blue/grayish) on the bottom...
  5. J

    In Search Of Blue Radian cover (Sunshine Kids)

    I would love to find one of the old blue covers for ds's SK Radian. We will have a princess (or petal, I cant remember which is which) cover for trade. May also have a grey cover for trade too, possibly.
  6. J

    Britax Chaperone in Cow

    seat and one base - I bought this from someone on here, new. I only used it a couple of times and decided we liked a convertible better this time around. Manufacture date is July 2011. Clean and hardly used, but comes from a pet friendly house, so stray hairs seem to find their way to...
  7. J

    Is this Radian boot broken?

    When I reinstalled one of our Radians last night, I heard a crack....and then saw this. I am going to try to contact someone at Diono, but I know that could take a while. I am guessing I can't use it like this, but wanted to get opinions here. thanks
  8. J

    Need another booster, in a Focus

    I feel like I have so many booster questions. ds has a Turbobooster with SS in my parents expedition. It can be a bit tricky to buckle in the third row, because the bottom of the booster hits the seatbelt stalk, and sometimes the angle is slightly difficult. But when we moved it to their...
  9. J

    In Search Of Planet Box

    I realize it's a long shot, but I would like to find a planet box for ds, and possibly one for dd. ds eats more now, and packing a bunch of smaller containers is getting old...and times two next year. Ug. So anyone selling their planetbox?
  10. J

    Advice on booster fit

    This is the Evenflo Big Kid Amp again, with the headrest positioned correctly (I think). Is the lap belt ok now (not sure if it fits any better since I adjusted the headrest)? I did try a Turbobooster surround, and the lapbelt looked great....but with this dumb vehicle, the shoulder strap will...
  11. J

    Check booster fit again please

    The next booster I am trying is the Evenflo Big Kid Amp. Rear seat of a 2005 Town and Country. Please ignore the banged up face...he got in a fight with a tree branch
  12. J

    Check this booster fit

    This is the first time we are trying a booster. J is 42ish punds, in a Harmony Dreamtime booster, in the third row of a 2005 Town and Country. In the first pic, the headrest is on the lowest setting. In the second pic, it is moved up one notch. I am not sure about the fit by his neck....but...
  13. J

    Need help...venuring into boostering...

    I am ready to try a booster with ds. He is 6.5 yrs old. He is 41/42 lbs, 46" tall, and has a 16.5" torso. We do have a Nautilus and a Maestro, but I am thinking I may be passing those down. The first vehicle I want to try boostering him in is our 05 Town and Country....but he sits in the...
  14. J

    What do you say to family who have different carseat useage?

    My family is cool with carseats. My kids are the youngest by far, and my parents and my siblings are on board with the extended rearfacing and not boostering until ready. No issues there. Dh's family, not so much. Carseat useage is generally mush less, but we are not around them often enough...
  15. J

    Complete Air covers, radian bag, go go kidz

    I want this stuff gone. I am terrible at pricing, so please make an offer, I want it gone!!!! I have a complete cover set for the CA in Chromite (chromium?). It was never used, it was sent to me as a replacement set because the set I had was defective and that pattern was on backorder. $30...
  16. J

    Best prices on chaperone bases?

    I need 2 additional bases for the Chaperone. Are there any good deals out there, or what is a good price to look for?
  17. J

    Latch Limit question

    My mom just called with a carseat question. I don't have any manuals with me. Secure Kid 300 in a 2012 Ford Focus, currently installed with latch, but may need to switch to seatbelt install. What is the latch limit?
  18. J

    Problems uploading photos

    I tried yesterday and today to start a new post and upload a pic to it. The attachment dialogue box simply says unable to load jpg.
  19. J

    In Search Of Ergo Doll Carrier

    I would like to find dd a doll carrier that she can use for her babies/animals when I wear the baby
  20. J

    In Search Of Woombie

    I want to try a woombie with this babe, since it looks easy and I have no swaddling skills whatsoever (and maybe swaddling will give me a baby that actually sleeps this time around!). Looking for a newborn size, just the original woombie. Boy or gender neutral colors.

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