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    Items in Cargo

    Does anyone have suggestions for how to store stuff in the cargo area when it’s iust a big open space? I want something like a big plastic tote with a lid but I know that would be a major projectile. I don’t want just a big Costco bag because everything would probably fall out and be a mess, and...
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    Need 8 Pass Van

    I need recommendations please for a vehicle that can seat 8 or more. It will need to accommodate 6 car seats (2 backless boosters, 2 FF and 2 RF). Hoping to spend 15K or less on a used vehicle. Bonus if it can tow a small trailer and has lots of cargo room.
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    Best of No Good

    I just want to vent. I am super frustrated right now. We are expecting baby #5 in August. We have the worst van ever for 5 car seats. An '09 Dodge Grand Caravan. We aren't in a position to get a new car so I have to make due with what we've got. I have been researching like crazy (thank you to...
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    Long Solo Drive

    I will be making a 10 hour drive by myself with 4 kids ages 7 to 2. I've done 4 hour drives but I'm nervous about 10. I know we'll be stopping a lot but any suggestions on how to entertain them, letting them snack, etc? Normally I would divide snacks up into individual baggies and every 2 hours...
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    Which Seat Should I Replace First?

    my 10 month old really needs to get out of her infant seat. I hate her seat with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. I have enough with our tax refund to get one new seat which means I get to swap kids around. In an '09 Grand Caravan I have a 2 yr old girl FF in a Roundabout that expires Apr...
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    Help me help a friend

    i have a friend who recently moved to Moorcraft, Wyoming. She posted A picture this morning of her 7 or 8 mon old in a FF seat that was way too big for him. She said he was too big for his infant seat and they couldn't afford a convertible so that was that. I nicely posted that not only was it...
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    Which Car?

    Our Suburban blew up so we need a car yesterday. I'm feeling rushed and stressed and just when I decide one I found is good I hear negative. Choices I'm debating between: Town and Country ('08) Honda Pilot ('05 or '06) several years of Dodge Grand Caravan Sienna (the 8 pass one) My husband is...
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    Police officers Trained?

    Are police officers trained as actual CPST? (lol, sorry, I can never remember that acronym so that might be wrong). There is no one in my area so out of desperation I stopped by the police station to ask a few questions. They came out to check ... gave me a new infant seat and also insisted my...
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    What to do - Infant Seat

    This past year, especially the past 6 months have been a really rough financial patch for our family. But when you end up pregnant, what can you do? Make the best of it. I am now 37 weeks pregnant and we don't have anything for this baby, other than what we've saved from the other kids. I have...
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    Keyfit 30 Cover

    I have a Keyfit 30 that is in great condition, but it expires this month. Anyone interested in the cover, infant pads, etc? It's the green color called Adventure. I'll post a picture if anyone would like.
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    Convertible for Newborn

    My friend started a post about this on Facebook for me but I can't chime in since I don't want anyone seeing my posts asking about newborns. I'm only 7 weeks - due Feb. 5th - no one beside my best friend and my husband know. I was planning on reusing my Keyfit 30 for this baby but realized it...
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    Tether RF Roundabout

    My baby is in a RF Roundabout that I want to tether to the seat in front of it but I'm not sure it will work. We have a 1998 Chevy Suburban. Trying to tether to the drivers seat. The only available place that I can find is a bar that's open and goes all across the width of the seat under the...
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    SecureKid 300

    Got my 3 year old's SecureKid 300 last night. He is currently in a Roundabout 50 that I'm going to RF for my baby. 3 year old is 39" and something like 33 lbs ... haven't weighed him in awhile. He's on the second slot: I think it's a pretty good fit. He complained that the straps rub on his...
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    Baby Hates Carseat

    I'm sure I'm not the first one to have this problem ... my 6 month old has hated her carseat since day one. Her first ride home from the hospital she fought and screamed and has been doing that for the last 6 months. After this recent 5 hour drive to visit family I can't take it anymore. I had...
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    Updated Install Question

    I got the tether extension from Evenflo earlier this week. I found it odd that it had an adjustable thing-a-ma-jig on it. Question is about the headrest. Do I need to remove the headrest? Do I thread the tether under it or over it? (the Roundabout one was removed because it was in the way of...
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    Check out Seats Please

    Finally got my seats installed in our 1998 Chevy Subruban. I need feedabck. The install is tight with seatbelt. There are no anchors or LATCH Keyfit 30 - is it okay that the belt stock sticks up like this? It doesn't interfere with latching seat into base. Where the bubble is. I didn't lower...
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    Installing Seats in 'Burban

    I'm going out - if it stops raining - to try getting seats transfered over to our '92 Suburban. I am so nervous that I'll get things right. Oh how I wish there was a tech close by ... siiiigh .... guess virtual will work. Here's my plan and questions: Keyfit 30 in 2nd row, middle seat, lap belt...
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    Saved by the Belt Campaign

    I'm reading an article in UT they are doing a 'Saved by the Belt' campaign. I really have to remind myself to not read all the comments, of course, I always get curious. It has...
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    My boys are FF in a Maestro and the other in a Roundabout 50. Baby girl will be here soon and she'll be in a KF30. The boys are 4 end of June and 3 Sept 2nd. Both are about 30-35 pounds. Not sure on height exactly. I can get exacts tomorrow if it helps anyone help me. We just got a '98...
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    Are The Straps Right?

    Pulled my infant seat out of storage. I washed the cover and wiped it down. Preparing it for a little ones arrival. Somehow the straps and buckles were all twisted. I tweaked the buckles this way and that and I think something still looks off to me. I can't find a good picture online that shows...

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