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    Question Recs for a box for luggage rack?

    I am in need of a storage box for the luggage rack of my Yukon. Any recommendations? Also, I have a hitch carrier and need a box/bag for it. Thanks!
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    Question Is this seat incompatible?

    I'm trying to place my DD in the center of the third row of a 2013 GMC Yukon. Is this Evenflo Sure Ride incompatible? When the Sure Ride back is flush against the vehicle seat, There is a gap as big as my fist underneath the front of it. It installs tightly, but when DD climbs into the...
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    Question Explorer anyone?

    I was wondering if anyone has any hands on experience with the newer generation Ford Explorers? Specifically car seat compatibility and cargo space?
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    Question Do these belts overlap?

    2014 Nissan Armada, 3rd row I don't consider these to be overlapping belts, but wanted to double check.
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    Question Nissan Armada?

    Hey again! We are widening the vehicle search. I thought I read once that Armadas were not great for car seat compatibility? I have found the Nissan SnugKids program and it looks like there are many seats that work well in them. Were there overlapping belts at one point?
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    Question 2013 Sienna XLE

    Ok I have been searching threads and I just want to confirm.... 1. The 2013 Sienna's eighth seat is useless? Does any car seat or booster work here? 2. Can you remove the 8th seat and slide the Captain's chair to the center in the second row? 3. The third row on the Odyssey is wider? 4...
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    Question Anyone have any experience with CarMax?

    We are considering purchasing a vehicle from our local CarMax. We would also like to sell/trade the two we currently own to them. I don't know much about the company but everything we have read/seen seems positive so far.
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    Question What is the deal with cinching Latch plates?

    I am looking at a 2013 Suburban we may buy. It seems to have the lightweight locking latch plate (cinching latch plate) in the third row. My aunt's 2011 Yukon also has this in her third row. I also saw where the 2014 Dodge/Chrysler vehicles have them now. Why are auto makers going back to these...
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    Question Milestone vs. Slimfit?

    What's the difference? I just picked up a Milestone on clearance at BRU for $181. I also got a Slimfit to see which one works better on the third row. Any opinions? ETA: I did read the reviews and such so I know the physical differences, but I meant from a practical standpoint... do you like...
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    Question Pioneer install-belt is twisty?

    I installed a Pioneer today, third row of my Expedition EL. It fits great. The problem is the belt does not lay flat because of the high belt path. Is this a problem? I know I have read of others having this problem but I can't find anything on it. I lay the belt flat to buckle it but when I...
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    Question Pioneer measurements?

    Could anyone measure the base of a Pioneer for me? Specifically at the back of the base, near the seat bight? I need the width pretty please! Anyone know if you can buckle a NBB beside one?
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    News BabiesRUs had the Graco ETF 3 in 1

    On the clearance aisle yesterday for $249.99. It was the pink color.
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    Question Evenflo Right Fit measurements?

    Can anyone measure an Evenflo Right Fit for me? Trying to see if they will fit well between my rigid buckle stalks in my Expedition-3rd row.
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    Question The impossible to solve placement...

    Ok. I know there are no perfectly easy solutions to this but just for fun... WWYD? (These are my kids and vehicle.) AB-6.75 years, 47", 47 lbs L-5.5 years, 44", 45 lbs B-4 years, 38", 37 lbs A-2 years, RF for another full year. Baby on the way!!! (Due in July) 2011 Ford Expedition EL...
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    Question Need seat rec for 98 lb 4 year old

    98 pound 4 year old needs what? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Question Questions about 3-across Expedition EL

    Ok! I feel like I'm soooo close to this working! But I need someone else's opinion as I'm not completely sure... Third row, 2011 Expedition EL, one tether anchor center. Two specific questions about this setup: 1. Does Britax allow overhang? If so, how much? The main seat part of both...
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    Question Latch plate twisted.... Help?

    This is the third vehicle I have encountered like this. HOW does the latch plate get twisted the wrong way? And HOW do you untwist it?!
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    Question Check Parkway gap?

    Ok this is the third row of my Expedition EL. Is this acceptable? The gap is awful with the headrest flipped up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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