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    HBB for a Big Kid HELP

    My son is turning 7yrs in January :eek: and he's a big kid - 54" and 72lbs last month at the doctor's office. He has a super long torso, wears a size 10 or 12 shirt. We currently have him harnessed in a Frontier in our primary vehicle and riding in a Parkway and Diono Cambria in our backup...
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    Santa Fe, Edge & Murano - What Do I Need to Know?

    We're looking into a new vehicle (2018) as my primary car. I am considering the Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Edge or Nissan Murano. I am leaning toward the Santa Fe because I like the option of the 3rd row with 2nd row captains chairs, plus I like that it's an IIHS Top Safety Pick + for 2018. I am...
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    For Sale Lot of Boys Size 6 Shorts & Pants

    16 pairs of shorts - all with elastic waistband 4 pairs of pants - all with elastic waistband Brands are Carters, Jumping Beans, Kids Headquarters, Circo, Sonoma, Union Bay & Lucky. DS really quickly outgrew these so they are very lightly used. Comes from a smoke, pet, dye and fragrance free...
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    Frustration & Confusion with Safety 1st!!

    I contacted Safety 1st via email shortly after posting this thread and Wendy advising me to contact them. Well that was literally back in OCTOBER 2016. I had forgotten I contacted them until after Christmas when I tried the seat again, so I sent another email. Two weeks went by with no response...
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    Deep, Tall Booster Needed

    DS is now 50", 61lbs, all torso wearing a size 8 shirt. We harness him in Frontiers in most vehicles but we need a back up seat for occasional use (2x a week school pick up). I had purchased the Safety 1st Boost Air Protect but I hate it because it doesn't work in the vehicle we need it in and...
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    Gap Behind Booster Okay?

    This is a Boost Air Protect in our 2013 Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab, outboard passenger side position. Is the gap behind the top part of the booster okay? Picture #1 Picture #2
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    Fixed Headrest Issues

    So I've got a rental car right now, it's a 2016 Chevy Equinox. It has fixed headrests in the back & they're causing problems with the install of our Frontier. The Frontier is the only harnessed seat my son fits in. Is there any way to safely put my son in this car? He's too big to RF (55lbs) and...
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    Please Check Belt Fit

    DS has now outgrown the Sureride so we have very few options left for him. I want to work on booster training over the next few months. He is 55lbs, 48", size 7 shirt and 4yrs 8 months old. Seat is the Frontier Clicktight. How does he look? Picture #1 Picture #2 Picture #3 The lap belt is the...
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    Sureride Harness too Snug!

    My son is about 51lbs, 48" with a really long torso (size 7 t-shirt). He's on the top harness slot in the Evenflo Sureride and the harness is very, very snug (we almost can't buckle it). Does Evenflo have a longer harness they can provide?
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    Toddler Carseat Protest on Live TV

    Has this already been posted? I was cracking up when I saw it! Toddler Has Tantrum On Live TV During Car Seat Demonstration And Everyone Cracks Up
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    For Sale HUGE Lot of Boys Size 5 Clothing

    I would like to sell these as 1 or 2 lots but I might be willing to break into smaller lots if requested. Comes from a smoke-free, dye-free, fragrance-free home. Everything is size 5 unless otherwise indicated. Lot 1 - Bottoms ($30.00 + shipping from 90638) Carters Sweatshorts – 2 pairs (size...
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    4Ever Crotch Buckle Placement

    I'm totally confused on which slot to use for the crotch buckle on our RF 4Ever. The inner slot is definitely under DD's bum. The outer slot is maybe half an inch in front of her bum. I will try to link pictures if she's cooperative. Any advice? Posted via Mobile Device
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    Cracked EPP Foam

    Our Britax Boulevard 70 G3 has a crack on the backside of the headrest's EPP foam. I plan to order a replacement piece but in the meantime is it okay to use the seat?
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    In Search Of Boulevard/Advocate 70 G3 Cover

    I'm desperate! Looking for any color that's in good condition.
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    For Sale Nautilus "Breakers" Cover

    $10 + shipping from 92701. Lightly used, from a smoke free car & home. Comes with cover, infant insert, harness & crotch buckle pads. Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
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    Britax Top Tether in Pickup

    Up until now we've only had Graco and Evenflo seats FF in DH's 2013 Ford F150. I am familiar with how the TT is routed (through the loop directly behind the installed seat, attached to the adjacent loop) but is there any change when installing a Britax seat that has the V shaped tether? I...
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    So DH backed into another car yesterday. We had the kids in their Nautilus and Marathon when it happened. Insurance is replacing the seats. DS was very close to outgrowing the Nautilus, he's 46" (maybe 47" now), 48lbs and in size 6 shirts. The only harnessed seats he has growing room in are the...
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    Graco on Zulily!

    Contender $127.99 E2F $179.99 Size4Me $159.99 SR 30 LX $119.99
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    Diono Cambria vs. Monterey?

    What's the difference between the Cambria and the Monterey (besides $10!)? I did the side by side comparison on and I'm still a bit stumped. The Cambria has not been tested by the IIHS, while the Monterey has so I would like to hope the Cambria would also get a "Best Bet"...
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    Does Frontier Require Vehicle Headrest?

    I've got the Frontier 90, does it require a vehicle headrest behind it? Posted via Mobile Device

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