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  1. simplychels

    2010 Dodge Ram Sport Top Tether

    Holy confusing!! We've never had to do 3 across in this vehicle before. But had to this weekend. For sure I needed 2 top tethers. I rear faced the third. Gotta said we had a ton of room to spare with the seats we had. Roomy! Anyways, can someone help explain the tethering situation to me? The...
  2. simplychels

    2010 Caravan top tethers

    any part numbers floating around out there to get a retrofit? Previous threads on this vehicle+year have confused me. One said that it was not possible to get a retrofit on this vehicle because it already has 3 and thats all that is required, and that retrofitting is "not allowed" and will void...
  3. simplychels

    Choosing an Infant seat

    If you had to choose one today, which would you pick and why? I am so out of the loop with infant seats. I usually end up doing installs on convertibles, so I don't see a lot of infant seats. Bonus points if you can also tell me if the seat you'd pick comes in a travel system or if a converter...
  4. simplychels

    TFP Refresher please

    What cover options are available in Canada?? Can the seat touch/brace the front seats (if the vehicle allows for either of course) and has anybody by chance installed one in a 2011 Dodge Ram Sport??
  5. simplychels

    MR or RN on westjet

    We have to take a last minute (as in I might get an hours notice, if I'm lucky) trip. I want to figure out now which seat I'm taking so that I don't have to figure that out during crunch time. Ideally I'll have DD rf'ing on the plane, because she doesn't know ff'ing exists and I'd like to keep...
  6. simplychels

    New Radian, Harness Replacement Pictures (lots)

    As promised I took pictures of me replacing the harness of my 2010 XT (xt-sl for you americans). How all my parts came. I did not order a crotch strap, that was about the only piece of my seat that did not get puked on. That foam piece is in the pic because in a previous thread a user had been...
  7. simplychels

    HELP QUICK PLEASE, harness removal RN

    I have enough vomit on my new RN to consider throwing the seat in the garbage. HOW DO I GET THE HARNESS STRAPS OFF?? I cant figure it out. I've got the thing on its back, i've pulled, I've tugged. I even pulled out the manual ;) and the most help it gives is telling me to not remove the...
  8. simplychels

    Where to buy locking clips?

    Is there anywhere online that sells locking clips in bulk?? I am in Canada, but will order from the states so long as they will ship to Canada None of the stores where I live have even single packaged locking clips (wal-mart and canadian tire are all I have here)
  9. simplychels

    Australian seat options?

    Are there any that offer any sort of erf'ing at all?? Im assuming not, but I wanted to check here just incase there is even with their laws being all, well, what they are haha. I have a friend whose living over there with her 2 littles ones. Shes originally from canada and is very on board with...
  10. simplychels

    XT, MR, MA comparison pictures

    I'll have to edit this when DD is awake from her nap and can model in her new XT but I just had to post the pix I had now. DD is 3 years old. 25lbs, 34-35inches tall. all 3 seats are installed in a 2008 G6, using UAS. This pic is in the summerish, but she is really not any bigger :o And no...
  11. simplychels

    headrest clarification

    Is it only boosters that sometimes require headrests (dorel seats for sure i think?), and not ever harnesses? or is there some harnessed seats that require the vehicle to have a headrest as well? what about 3 in 1's or ff'ing combos? can you use a combo in harness mode without a headrest? The...
  12. simplychels

    Jupiter Sit n Snooze?

    is this a seat name? if so, can anyone tell me when such a seat would have expired? I cannot for the life of me find ANYTHING online about this seat, so Im not sure if I have the name wrong, or if its just that old that there are no records of it anymore :whistle: I havent seen this seat first...
  13. simplychels

    3 across, 2005 PT cruiser

    this is a future situation, but mom wants to be prepared for a 3 across situation as shes in the market to buy a new ff'ing seat for her 4yo. 4yo right now is in a Cosco 3 in1 ff'ing. mom wants to EH her DD and needs a new seat. Fresh baby is in a graco safe seat. will be passed the 3 in 1...
  14. simplychels

    Expiration dates

    Why do some seats have drastically lower life spans then others? 5 years vs 8 years?
  15. simplychels

    Multi Tech vs Hi-way

    Im looking into purchasing one of these seats. While looking online I noticed the MT says it starts at 20lbs rf'ing. Now would that be somewhat like our seats where sure they say a 5lb infant fits but they really dont? Or does 20lbs mean 20lbs? DD is 22lbs, about 33-34 inches tall, no clue...
  16. simplychels

    Graco Snugride 32

    Im just wondering if there are any bad reviews on this seat? Especially people feeling its not a good seat for a small baby. I have somebody on another site saying her small infants head is/was dangling in the seat, to which I said the install is/was too upright. She says she had it checked...
  17. simplychels

    twisting male/female ends

    Can somebody explain to me why this is safe? I know that the belt cannot be twisted in the actual seat path, but why is it ok to twist it at all? In my head the dynamics of it would put more strain on the belt in the event of a crash, but obviously thats not the case and I cant find anywhere...
  18. simplychels

    latch borrowing vs seat belt buckle

    My car (2008 G6) allows for borrowing, the LUAS is set up like A BC DE F E-F being behind the driver. it says i can use E and C for a middle installation point. however, when you do this the latch directly interferes with the drivers side rear seat belt buckle (so point E...
  19. simplychels


    Where would one go to get some up to date car seat safety pamphlets? in Canada I've seen a few people online now say they give out pamphlets instead of notes, and I like that idea. But have no idea where to go about getting some. As well as possibly handing them out to the doctors offices...
  20. simplychels

    Broken Britax?

    Noticed a crack in the base of my Britax Marathon today. Never been in an accident, and I baby my seat. Would I need to replace this? it is beyond warranty not sure if it matters but DD is 22lbs, 2.5 yo and rf'ing

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