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  1. featherhead

    Vehicle recommendations please?

    Sheesh, I haven’t been on here in forever! We are looking at replacing our ‘03 Odyssey this spring/summer and need some recommendations. I would love an 8 passenger vehicle, but it’s not entirely necessary. My kids are as follows: 12 year old, 5 steps 10 year old, Incognito 8 year old...
  2. featherhead

    Latch in 2014 Cr-v

    My friend would like to use latch in the centre of her CR-V. There are five anchors, but her manual doesn't say which of the two on the passenger side she should use for the centre. My latch manual is too old to cover that year. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. featherhead

    Broken chest clip

    On our way home from church I noticed the top prong of my XTSL's chest clip is broken off. It still seemed to click together ok. Do you think it's ok to use it like that for a bit, till I have time to swap out another seat? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. featherhead

    2013 Chevy Silverado

    A family is having baby #4, and asked if the infant can be up front, in the centre. Does this truck have the overlapping airbag? How about top tether for the front centre? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. featherhead

    '03 Odyssey and RF Radian

    I'm trying out some different combinations in my van right now. The Radian installed really well rear-facing outboard in the third row, but one side of the boot was pressing on the plastic hinge. Is that ok? There was next to no movement at the belt path.
  6. featherhead

    Dismayed with Canuck options - any suggestions?

    Boulevard leg room: Peg leg room: Boulevard: Peg: (it was actually touching, but you can't tell from the picture) Boulevard growing room: Peg pretty much outgrown: She said she was comfy in the Boulevard. It would probably get more difficult in winter, and I would definitely have to...
  7. featherhead

    Graco Baby Canada Facebook Party and higher rf height limits

    In case not everyone has seen, Graco is having a Facebook Party today, with a chance to win your choice of Graco seat. And also, someone asked a question on there about their convertible seats, and Graco replied that the Dimensions and the other seat (forgot the name) that are coming out will...
  8. featherhead

    Thank-you Carseatblog!

    My girls say thank-you for the new seat!
  9. featherhead

    Canada's clones

    So it looks like we are finally getting some of the Graco clones, but with 35 lb and 36" rear-facing limits. Yahoo.
  10. featherhead

    65 lb 3 year old...

    I'm trying to help a woman with a very large 3 year old. She has her in an AOE, but the belt fit is not good. Which booster would work well for a bigger young child? She is quite chubby, so I'm not sure how she would fit in a seat like the TB.
  11. featherhead

    Monterey vs Parkway SG

    Is the parkway narrower at the base than the Monterey? I have a Monterey for my almost 8 year old, but I was thinking of getting a Parkway for my 6 year old. It would be nice to be able to put a Radian between them on occasion if needed.
  12. featherhead

    Rental car questions

    My sister and her husband are renting a car and taking a trip with just their one year old. Their car options are: Chevy Malibu Ford fusion Hyundai Sonata Dodge Charger ( maybe ) The one year old is in a rear-facing Radian. They don't have an angle adjuster, but I told her she could borrow...
  13. featherhead

    Fellow Peg Convertible owners...

    I have my PVC (is that the right acronym?) installed rear-facing using UAS and I have noticed that it seems to loosen. I have tightened it up several times, and also reinstalled it once or twice. Has anyone else had this happen? I sent Peg Canada a message on Facebook, so we will see what...
  14. featherhead

    Got my Peg today!

    It is almost a year old already :( It should last as long as I need it, but it's still kind of annoying. It doesn't have the sticker on the back showing the max height for rear-facing. No updated manual either. I know Peg changed the rules for the infant cushion and crotch strap position. Can...
  15. featherhead

    Livia FrontierXT

    Manufactured Oct 2011, but it's 2012 compliant. I'm in Southern Manitoba, not sure if shipping would be worth it. Asking $175. I will post pics if anyone is interested.
  16. featherhead

    Anyone near Austin/MacGregor Manitoba?

    My sister's SIL is having a tough time getting her SureRide installed rear-facing for her little boy. If anyone (tech or not) could lend her a hand, let me know.
  17. featherhead

    Question '03 Odyssey question

    So we were able to find an '03 Odyssey! DH has a friend who works for the Honda dealership in town. He said if we found a vehicle at another dealership elsewhere in Manitoba, they could try to buy it for us. We found one in Steinbach, and it should be here today! Anyway, my question is about...
  18. featherhead

    Van for under $8000

    We are thinking of getting a "new" van. Right now we drive a '98 Odyssey which is only 6 passenger. Due to the way it is set up, it's going to be a pitb once baby is here. So keeping in mind that we are in Canada where prices are higher, what 7 or 8 passenger vans would you recommend? I have...
  19. featherhead

    3-across Chevy Cruze?

    I'm trying to help someone out with this. The kids are 6, 4, and 2. The 6 year old is 44 lbs with a 16" torso (measured by her). The 4 and 2 year olds are the same size, 28 lbs. Not sure on height. I recommended Radians, but she is looking for something cheaper. And we are in Canada, so no...
  20. featherhead

    News From the Canadian Tire flyer!

    Not sure if you will be able to read that, but apparently CT is selling Lulaclips! I might just have to get some yet :D

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