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  1. Lemonade

    For Sale MiFold

    I don't think I'll ever use my MiFold as the cars we have both have diagonal piece that pushed the MF out and my kids are so thin that it's not a good fit. Anyway, I paid $31 for it and I *think* I could fit the box in a flat rate envelope. Which would put postage anywhere in the US at $5.50...
  2. Lemonade

    Anyone else get their MiFold today?

    Car #2, kid #2. She's almost 8, around 48" and high 40s in weight. Car is 2012 Infiniti G37X. Super banked back seat pans. She says it was fine comfort-wise. Shoulder belt definitely needed the positioner but it was fine with it. Main problem is how low the belt it on her legs.
  3. Lemonade

    Anyone else get their MiFold today?

    On a side note/photo, this is said 10 yr old child in the 3rd row with no booster at all. I think he's definitely getting close to not needing something here, but not sure. Thoughts? In the captain's chair, he definitely needs something. I think he doesn't meet the weight minimum for an...
  4. Lemonade

    Anyone else get their MiFold today?

    Sitting on Diono Monterey (without back) for comparison. Captain's chair 2006 Sienna. Captain's chair. He said the leg edge was really uncomfortable. It also was difficult to get it to lay flat on the seat, especially with one lap side in. This was on the second slot out of each side --...
  5. Lemonade

    Anyone else get their MiFold today?

    The shoulder clip actually closes and the adjuster stays put so the belt will not slip out. Should belt guide fabric is substantial but oh so many tags on it. One belt guide all the way out, one all the way in. Just to show general size. So about 14 inches if both are fully extended...
  6. Lemonade

    Anyone else get their MiFold today?

    Mine came. Haven't tried it on the kids yet. I can try it and post pics if anyone is interested. Interested in anyone else's thoughts.
  7. Lemonade

    Seatbelt Pillow

    So, if the rule is that I can use a product made by a certain manufacturer with its own seats, can I use this if my kids ride in Diono boosters? DS is in a a backless Moneterey (Sante Fe I guess) and complains about the belt on his shoulder even though the fit is fine. This is on regular...
  8. Lemonade

    Look what I found at work today:

    Found on top shelf of art supply closet. I tossed them in the dumpster without asking anyone. Enjoy:)
  9. Lemonade

    Girls size 5-6 winter jackets LE and LLB

    pics below
  10. Lemonade

    Major boys clothing purge sizes 5-6 mostly

    UPDATE - EVERYTHING IS GONE EXCEPT the PJs and Jacket. Will be adding photos soon. I like to ship in the padded flat rate envelopes and stuff them as full as possible - they are general around $5.50. Prices include shipping if you buy enough to at least make shipping worth my while:) BUY A...
  11. Lemonade

    Major Gymbo/HA/Carters etc purge - girls size 5

    Starting a thread and will add photos from my phone soon. Finally cleaned out the kids' closets and there is a ton of gumbo and a couple of HA dresses. All are size 5 or 110 unless otherwise noted. Will come back to computer and add prices soon. I like to ship in the padded flat rate...
  12. Lemonade

    Parkway SGL Black DOM 11/13

    Sold! We don't use this so it may as well get a new home. It's the all black one. Bought to go in DH's car but didn't fit right due to fixed headrests. Was used in my car briefly by DD but then I switched to matching Montereys because I'm anal about that stuff. I paid $119 for it. I think...
  13. Lemonade

    FR85 in Onyx

    sold (Incase the title doesn't edit, it's a FR85, not 80.) I think we're finally done harnessing, even for road trips. DD will be 7 or close when we road trip next! So this fellow needs a new home where he can be loved instead of sitting in a closet most of the year. DOM 1/2012. In...
  14. Lemonade

    For Sale Sm and Lg RSTVs, both blue

    Since we are now able to use Bubble Bums to travel, I am selling my RSTVs. Both are pretty much brand new. I think the small was used 2 times, the large not at all. I have the boxes for them and all the accessories. They are the ones that you can attach a top tether for. Both manufacture'd...
  15. Lemonade

    Bubble bum and stool

    Got my bubble bums in the mail today. Kids tried the one I opened. In both a captains chair and the third row of my 06 sienna. They both didn't like it because of the lack of leg support. Was thinking of packing them with the stools that fold flat to use for their feet. Lap belt fit is...
  16. Lemonade

    Dreamtime clearanced at targets $27

    Was at 2 targets today and both had harmony dreamtime Hbbs for $27.xx, normally $39.99
  17. Lemonade

    3across rav 4

    Helping a friend out this week. Rav 4 probably 4 yrs old. 4.5 yr old, 2.5 yr old, and surprise due Sunday. Graco 22lb infant seat from kid #1, britax convertible, and frontier. But she bought a HBB that she thinks she will have to use for big kid since frontier is so wide. I don't think he's big...
  18. Lemonade

    Some people do get it.

    Gave my son's friend a ride today. He's 8.5. Dad wanted to give me a booster. YAY!!! Of course I had an extra but so thrilled that a) he uses one in their car, and b) they care enough to try to give it to anyone who transports him even if it was a 10 minute drive on slow roads! Mom is a PT...
  19. Lemonade

    Razor Scooters $17 Amazon Razor A Scooter. Select Your Favorite Color
  20. Lemonade

    Cardiff Headrest thingy for NBboosters?

    What are the feelings on this product? DS is going to be 9 in two weeks. He's small but has actually gained on the growth chart this year in a significant way...for him. He's 49-50# and 49.5". He rides in a Monterey, but I have a Sante Fe (backless Monterey) in my 3rd row and he's allowed to...

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