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  1. littleangelfire

    For Sale Oxo Tot Cubby+ full featured lightweight high end stroller

    PRICE LOWERED TO $300ppd I might consider a trade for new like valued car seat or partial trade. Only car seats I'm looking for at the moment, though would be Frontier, Pinnacle, Boulevard ClickTight ARB, Diono convertible or either Clek convertible. I can take a pic, but it's just a pic of...
  2. littleangelfire

    Question help choosing convertible and booster

    We were in an accident a few weeks ago, finally getting to replace the seats. We had a Britax Marathon G4.1 and a Graco TB. Not sure I want the same again though I'm not against it. Convertible is for an almost 30lbs two year old, tall. But it will also get passed down to the baby when he...
  3. littleangelfire

    count as injury in crash? Britax replace?

    I was a tech, I feel I should know this, but I'm waffling on it. Minor crash, I think. Front bumper and bumper foam needs replacing along with a headlight bracket, windshield washer fluid reservoir. The only confusing thing is something seems to be up with my distance to empty monitor feature-it...
  4. littleangelfire

    In Search Of ISO Boob beanie, newborn size

    I thought my MIL was making me one but she's said nothign and I really want one for this baby who's due any day now. Not seeing colors I love on eBay so thought I'd try here...though I may get impatient and go ahead and buy one on there. I did check Etsy but I'm no tfeeling patient enough, I...
  5. littleangelfire

    Question broken seatbelt buckle

    Assuming this is totally our responsibility to pay for because we purchased an older used out of warranty vehicle, but just in case... Anyone have experience with a seatbelt buckle breaking? On the one hand stuff breaks, owner pays, right? On the other hand it's essential safety equipment that...
  6. littleangelfire

    Question 06 Dianna seat bight versus diono

    I've had a question a while but keep forgetting to pose it. We have an eight seater 06 Toyota Sienna. Diono RXT with angle adjuster installed RF center middle row with LATCH & tether. Even with the angle adjuster it's probably *almost* new Newborn recline because of the weird seat bight. We're...
  7. littleangelfire

    Question is Diono still making r100 lineup?

    Trying to decide which to get, old lineup or new, since old was slightly narrower and I can't tell, stores seem to be still carrying both everywhere
  8. littleangelfire

    Question Do I get 7yo harnessed seat?

    It's been bugging me since the first car ride with my 7yo (then 5yo) stepson. He falls asleep within a couple minutes in the car no matter where we're going. When we're awake he does fine, stays in position. He's been in a booster since he was 3 or 4. He's 7 but pretty small for his age, 40lbs...
  9. littleangelfire

    3 row vehicles 2000ish up

    Cheap! I like my car. DH likes his car. And our payments aren't bad, $350 total for both. But we need something with more seating. I figured we'd get a Mazda5 when the time came, but the time is sooner than we planned and not only do we have no money to speak of (and no equity in my car or his)...
  10. littleangelfire

    Question Anyone have experience with Cosco APT and a 4lbs newborn?

    I'd told my cousin I'd get her one of our station seats as she couldn't afford one for her baby. She was due 8/18, so not too far away, and had baby last night. I'm shocked to find out baby is only 4lbs 14oz! Of course the only seats I have are convertible, one scenera left and a bunch of APT40...
  11. littleangelfire

    Question How's his head/neck look in CCO?

    Here's his NB pic in it that had me a little nervous: [url=] And these I took today, with infant wedge+head cushion, without wedge or head cushion, and with just wedge. I noticed when I was messing with it, though, that you can actually take the wedge out of the infant...
  12. littleangelfire

    Question old coccoro insert

    We have two coccoros. I pretty much hate them. They get to stay only cause they're narrow and I can't fit a diono front to back with newborn recline. they were hard to install in both vehicles and that insert is ill designed in my opinion. So. I heard this insert hasn't been around long, is that...
  13. littleangelfire

    For Sale 4 nursing tanks XL and L

    I bought these used from someone else, but discovered they're too small for me when they got here. 4 bestform nursing tanks, 2 large black, 1 large gray, 1 extra large black. 2 black ones are (1 L, 1 XL) slightly more faded than the others. All in great condition, though. Asking $30PPD OR BEST...
  14. littleangelfire

    Chicco Keyfit30 question

    I've had a rash of these come through checks recently and had searched for info here previously, but found different info tonight when I searched and am worried I sent these poeple off wrong. :( So Chicco's stand is NO noodle/towel EVER with the base? Stupid question: does the Chicco base...
  15. littleangelfire

    NExtfit release date?

    anyone know if the April release is firm?
  16. littleangelfire

    danger of RF tethering a seat that disallows it

    I ran into this tonight. It's a no-no, I'm not going to do it or recommend it, however, I was hoping to have a discussion on reasons anyone might know of or conjecture on why it's a no-no. Yes, seats have different features, but rear facign seats essentially work the same way so why is it OK to...
  17. littleangelfire

    Question At what poit do you let friends kids

    not sit in a booster in your car? Yes, technically the answer is when they five step without it, but the kids I'm talking about probably won't five step until they're15, 16 years old, if at all. They are very petite, very lightweight, like not even on the growth charts for height or weight...
  18. littleangelfire

    crash tests without boosters?

    I've spent an hour trying, on YouTube, and come up with a few but none are really what I was looking for. I'd like to find some crash test footage of what happens when a kid who's under 4'9" and/or under 80lbs doesn't use a booster. Does it exist? I was rather irritated with all the ones I found...
  19. littleangelfire

    Question Quick who do I put up front?

    I'll have four kids in my versa: my 70lbs 4'7" 8yo, a tall 70lbsish 10 yo, and small 5yo & 4yo. I have 2 frontiers, vest, TB, bubble bum, r120. Sent from my Sidekick 4G using Car-Seat.Org

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