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  1. CrunchyMaineMama

    Out of the loop...Graco Atlas and Carpool seats.

    Hi all! I am on the hunt for some carpool seats and through my searching, just came across the Graco Atlas. This is the first I have seen it and am wondering thoughts/input on this seat? I tried a forum search and didn't come up with anything. I apologize if I missed a thread. My newly 4 year...
  2. CrunchyMaineMama

    2005 Buick Terraza

    Anyone know anything about it? ExDH is looking at one and I've never even heard of them. Posted via Mobile Device
  3. CrunchyMaineMama

    3 Across Suggestions, 3rd row 2010 Ody

    Yes I am going to drive you guys crazy with all my posts for arrangements in our new van!! Anyone have seat suggestions for a 3 across with 2 boosters and a harnessed FFer. The FF seat needs tall top slots as he will need to be harnessed for some time. Right now I have a Recaro performance and...
  4. CrunchyMaineMama

    Graco clones side by side, 2nd row of 2010 Ody...possible?

    I would like to have my two RFer's side by side in the second row of our Ody, one in the driver side captains seat, one in the plus one seat. Does anyone know if two Size4Me/MySize seats will fit side by side?
  5. CrunchyMaineMama

    Is it too good to be true??

    I will be going to look at this next week (as long as it doesn't sell prior *fingers crossed*) I have wanted an 8 seater, under $20,000 and they have been hard to come by in this area without being older and high on mileage. Any opinions? Things I should watch out for/ask...
  6. CrunchyMaineMama

    Differences in Odysseys 2010 and newer? Yes more minivan advice!

    Sorry for yet another minivan thread. From my reading here it seems 2011 and newer is recommended for Odys. What are the differences from older models? We are in the market and I'd love an Ody but it looks like 2010 might be the newest within our budget (20-23K, preferably the lower side) SO...
  7. CrunchyMaineMama

    Any orange convertible seats?

    We have seats expiring and a soon to be purchased minivan to fill. Would LOVE to find an orange seat for O. I'm out of the loop on what's available for fashions now though. He's a peanut, 3.5yrs, 35" & 30lbs, rearfacing.
  8. CrunchyMaineMama

    Any Target deals?

    I'd like to get the Graco Turbobooster w/ Side Impact from Target. I have a RedCard. Anyone have any codes or other discounts?
  9. CrunchyMaineMama

    Long time, no see! Hi Everyone! Need some help.

    Hello everyone, if anyone remembers me! I know I've been MIA for some time. We are in need of a new car seat set up and I am woefully out of touch with what is out there for options. Three across in the back of a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe. Need a seat for: 3 year old, 30lbs, 36" RFing 3.5 year...
  10. CrunchyMaineMama

    Time for a bigger vehicle, where to start?

    I am almost done paying for my 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe (approx $2500 to go), but need to trade in/sell it for a vehicle to fit my newly expanded family! :D It is in great condition, new tires and 69,xxx miles. New vehicle needs to comfortably fit two FFers (2.5yo in Scenera & 3.5yo in Nauti), a...
  11. CrunchyMaineMama

    For Sale Standard size KinderPack

    SOLD I love this carrier and it is so pretty. It was my custom so it is a one of a kind. It's time to upgrade to a toddler size though. $150ppd
  12. CrunchyMaineMama

    Borrowing LATCH for a latchable booster?

    I don't recall ever seeing this discussed. Assuming it is not being used for an outboard seat is it okay to borrow center LATCH (in a vehicle where center LATCH is not approved) with a booster that can be latched? I feel like, no it isn't since center use is not approved. But on the other hand...
  13. CrunchyMaineMama

    FR85 $195 on Amazon

    For the Canyon Britax Frontier 85 Combination Seat, Maui Blue: Baby
  14. CrunchyMaineMama

    In Search Of ISO: Someone that shops at H&M!

    I was at H&M tonight and found some My Little Pony leggings in a random spot. I searched throughout the entire store for more and couldn't find them. PLEASE if you go to H&M and see the Pony leggings in size 5-6, can you pick them up? I will reimburse and pay shipping of course! Bonus points for...
  15. CrunchyMaineMama

    Likes/dislikes on the Pria 70

    A friend of mine is considering it for her newb and asked my opinion. I'm not really familiar with it though. Opinions? Pros/cons?
  16. CrunchyMaineMama

    JJB Be Hip for 5 year old?

    Would the Be Hip be a good size for a 5 year old to carry on field trips/day trips? She needs something to hold a water bottle, a snack or toy, tissues, sunscreen, bug spray and a few other things. I am having no luck finding anything reasonably priced that will suit this need and was thinking a...
  17. CrunchyMaineMama

    For Sale Organic baby clothes

    I have some nice organic baby clothes that I am selling. Thought I'd offer them up here before listing on local groups :) All are stain free and from smoke free home. I have a few more onesies that were DS's that I need to get pics of as well. Link to photobucket album...
  18. CrunchyMaineMama

    For Sale Kindergarten Bob Books

    Like new Set 1 Only first two books were taken out and read a couple times, very small tear in the bottom of one page, otherwise like new. BNIB Kindergarten Sight Words $8PPD/ea or $15ppd/both (shipped media mail)
  19. CrunchyMaineMama

    Checking interest-Alma My Ride w/ Old Buckle

    Updated: Any interest in naked my ride w/ old style buckle? DOM 10/2009 or anyone selling a CHEAP MR cover? I haven't completely decided if I'm going to sell this, but I know both these things can be hard to come by and we're in need of money. DS rides in this in DH's car (he's only in it once...
  20. CrunchyMaineMama

    Set of Anamalz wooden animals

    PENDING LOCALLY These are super cute and in excellent condition, barely played with Includes 17 animals and a muslin "Anamalz" drawstring bag, not pictured (doesn't hold all the animals, I think I have a second somewhere...) These go from $5-10 brand new, asking $50 +shipping for the lot

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