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  1. heasmommy

    In Search Of Pink Recaro Vivo *cover only*

    I know that this is a longshot but my DH got a new car and I will eventually need to do a 3 across with my Vivo and my daugheter will have a fit if it does not have a pink cover sooo... I am ISO of a Blush Vivo cover only. Shipping would be to 37129 Spam me with whatever you have, I am open...
  2. heasmommy

    Top tether Buick Rendezvous

    I do not have a LATCH manual and am trying to help my cousin in NC. She has a Buick Rendezvous and is not sure where the top tether is located!! The back of the seat? The cargo area? Not sure of the year of the car but I can find oput if it makes a difference.
  3. heasmommy

    Question How long does she have?

    I admit that I am horrible at estimating how much longer a seat can be used. My DD is 3y 5m. This weekend I had to move the straps in her XTSL and her TF to the very top harness slot. How much longer do you think that we will have in these seats? Will we make it to booster age (6 years)...
  4. heasmommy

    For Sale Graco Nautilus COVER - Galaxy

    I have a Graco Nautilus cover for sale, pretty sure it is the Galaxy pattern. It is in good used condition, I am thinking $30.00 shipped?? Here is the link to some pics!
  5. heasmommy

    In Search Of Girly GN cover

    I am looking for a girly GN cover, would prefer something with gray in it (no Daisy, just don't like the fabric). I have what I believe is a Galaxy cover that I would be willing to trade if that would work better. Please let me know what you have my daughter really wants a pretty seat!!!
  6. heasmommy

    For Sale NIB Safety First Complete Air 65

    I have a NIB Complete Air 65 in Flutter. I only opened the box to check DOM which is 9/1/2011. I would like to sell it for $100.00 plus shipping. On the Babies R Us website it is listed for $169.99. If you think that my price is too high make me an offer!!!!
  7. heasmommy

    For Sale Cappucino True Fit cover

    I have a Cappucino True Fit cover that I am looking to sell. The only piece that is missing is the little pillow. The cover is in great condition. I am selling it for $25 obo plus shipping!! Link for pics...
  8. heasmommy

    For Sale Radian65 (non super LATCH)

    SOLD I have a Radian65 in Granite that I need to sell. The seat has obviously never been in an accident and the straps have never been washed. The DOM is 07/08. It has been used in DH's car the entire time. I would like to sell it for $60 obo plus shipping (if this is too high please...
  9. heasmommy

    For Sale Girls clothing, mostly 12-18 month

    I have a few pieces of girls clothing for sale and a few pairs of shoes. Here is the link to the photobucket album. All of the prices are without shipping, of course it would be cheaper shipping wise if you would like to buy multiple pieces ;)...
  10. heasmommy

    Got to play with a new Evenflo seat today!

    This week was my states Lifesavers conference and for a CE they had a manufacturer update from Evenflo. They had an engineer come and speak, he probably brought 10 seats with him including a new combination seat to rival the Nautilus (but with a cheaper price point). After class we got to play...
  11. heasmommy

    In Search Of True Fit cover

    I have a True Fit on its way to me from another member on this board. The cover is definitely not my fav but the price was too good to pass. Soooo I am looking for a new cover. I would prefer something girly...Monet or the pink/brown dots? But I would also settle for something in gray to...
  12. heasmommy

    For Sale Radian 80 Princess

    SOLD I have a Princess Radain80 (NOT SL) that i am looking to sell. I would really like to sell it locally but I am willing to drive maybe up to 1 hour to meet, I live in Murfreesboro, TN. I do plan on being in the Atlanta, GA area on April 30 and can bring it with me. I am asking $80 for...
  13. heasmommy

    Car seat in 3rd row of Nissan Pathfinder?

    Is there any car seat that will fit rear facing in the 3rd row of a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder? Our current set up is not really working for us and I am looking for something different. The only seats that I have access to are a RN and a TF and those definitely do NOT work. I am looking at a...
  14. heasmommy

    Graco MyRide 65

    Prices lowered!!! I am thinking of selling my Graco MyRide 65 to fund a Radian XTSL. It is the Sonata pattern. I am not sure of the date but I can check later; I bought it in November. It of course has all the pads and inserts. I will also sell with it or separately my extra cover which is...
  15. heasmommy

    For Sale 2 Regent Covers

    *SOLD* I have 2 Regent covers for sale. The first is Sahara. I bought it here and it is in great condition. My Regent was wrecked before I ever had a chance to use it. I was thinking $25 + shipping. The other is an Onyx cover. It does show more wear (it was our main cover) but is still...
  16. heasmommy

    Will it fit?

    I just ordered a Clek Oobr for my hubby's car. We have 3 across in there right now with 3 Radians but my oldest DS is outgrowing his. So my question is how narrow is the Oobr? Do you think that it will work in a 3 across? He drives a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. If it does not work I will just...
  17. heasmommy

    Booster Question

    I really need some opinions here. My DS is 5y 3m and 42lbs. Last night he threw up all over his Nautilus and the straps are trashed. I am thinking of picking up a Turbobooster until I can get them somewhat clean or have new ones mailed to me. He is a perfect car rider and this would just be...
  18. heasmommy

    Question Volvo XC90 LATCH...need help for friend

    I have a friend that drives a 2008 Volvo XC90 and was needing to know the LATCH limit on it (her one daughter is close to 40lbs). She called Volvo to ask them since she could not find it in the manual and they told her that it was not a certain lb but was based on lbs per pressure. They gave...
  19. heasmommy

    To RF tether or not?

    I have read conflicting info on this so I am unsure of what to do, I would really appreciate some opinions. I have a Radian80 on the way right now it will be installed in the center of my hubby's 2006 Nissan Pathfinder. My DD will be riding in it she is 4 months, 15lbs 7 oz. I am not sure if...

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