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  1. kimk2230

    For Sale Joovy toy infant car seat with base in color pink

    I have this toy infant car seat for sale. Can send pictures upon request. Posted via Mobile Device
  2. kimk2230

    In Search Of Verizon smartphone

    I am looking at switching from verizon to page plus cellular. You can use most verizon phones. Does anyone have a droid 3 for sale? Thanks
  3. kimk2230

    For Sale or Trade Regent onyx cover

    Just checking if there is any interest in a onyx britax regent cover? It is in good used condition. Not sure what to ask for it? Will email a picture if anyone is interested. Thanks
  4. kimk2230

    Monterey and Santa Fe

    Are the Monterey and the Santa Fe the same size when the Monterey is used as a backless booster?
  5. kimk2230

    In Search Of Pink Monterey cover

    Hi I am looking for a pink Monterey cover if anyone has one for sale. Thanks
  6. kimk2230

    For Sale Joovy pink infant doll car seat

    I am selling a gently used Joovy infant doll seat. Asking 25 plus shipping. Will send a picture if anyone wants one. It is the pink print.
  7. kimk2230

    Free 15 pair of girls goodnites

    I have 15 pair of girls goodnites size l/xl. My dd is finally trained through the night. Free just pay shipping. The package weighs 3 pounds and it will ship from zip code 14561 if anyone is interested. Thanks
  8. kimk2230

    For Sale 15 goodnights for girls l/xl

    I have 15 leftover goodnights for girls size l/xl. My DD is finally trained thru the night. Free just pay shipping.
  9. kimk2230

    Price Check Joovy infant doll car seat

    I have a joovy infant doll car seat for sale. Not sure how much to ask. Any suggestions would be great. It is in great condtion. It was my neice's she is 13 and got it last year for xmas so she didn't play with it much. Will try to post a picture.
  10. kimk2230

    Price Check Radian DOM 10/06

    Hi I have a gently used Radian that has a DOM of 10/06 just wondering how much I should ask for it? Thanks
  11. kimk2230

    Question 10 year old in monterey pictures included

    Ok I got the pictures to work, but sorry they are so big. ,,
  12. kimk2230

    In Search Of Pink Monterey cover

    Hi I am looking to buy a pink Monterey cover. I have a grey one but would like a spare and dd would like pink. Does anyone have one for sale or does any other site have these for sale? Thanks Kim
  13. kimk2230

    Question What booster for a 10 year old?

    My ds has a monterey that he is quickly outgrowing. I know that it turns into a backless but he doesn't seem to fit very well in it. My dd is 7 and is in a husky. The husky will soon be expiring and I want to use the monterey for her. Mu question is, is there a backless booster that is safer...
  14. kimk2230

    Zhu Zhu pets at Walmart

    Our local Walmart has zhu zhu pets in stock. They advertise on their website that they will have 20 to 60 on hand yesterday, today and tomorrow starting at 7:00. I went in this morning around 9:30 and they were in the back room by site to store. I had to ask someone for them and they had to go...
  15. kimk2230

    Pictures of Ds in new Monterey

    Please let me know if I need to move the headrest up. I just bought Ds a Monterey he is 9.5.,
  16. kimk2230

    Question Need booster help!

    Hi I hope you all can help me. Ds is almost 10 and is still in the husky. He has a short torso but has long legs. He is starting 4th grade and I want to buy him a booster and pass the husky to dd.He sometimes rides in a turbo booster but he is outgrowing that by height. Should I buy him a...
  17. kimk2230

    Question Need info on tether anchors for a 1979 camaro

    Hi I hope someone can help me. We have a camaro that has lap belt in the back seat. I have talked dh into installing a top tether. Where do I find the parts and how to install them. I want my kids to ride safely in the back seat. Now ds rides in the front seat. Dd can't ride in the back seat...
  18. kimk2230

    Question What happened to the price of the monterey's?

    I am looking to buy a monterey for my ds. I got on just in case he doesn't like it and now the price is 139.00. I was on just alittl ewhile ago and it was 119.00. What happened?
  19. kimk2230

    Question Are they outgrowing their seats?

    Do you think that they have outgrown thier seats? Ds is 9 and he weighs 65 pounds his torso measures 19 1/2. Dd weighs 48 pounds and she is 46 inches tall. I am not sure of her torso. I was thinking about giving dd the husky and buying either a monterey or aclek olli for ds. I wasn't sure...
  20. kimk2230

    I got a laptop, Pictures Help!!

    I recently got a laptop but the lap belts in the camaro are the one that apparently buckle near the middle. I took a few pictures of dd in it. How bad is this? The lap belt does not go all the way under like it is suppose to. I really like the laptop. I can get it really tight and the laptop...

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