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  1. CDNTech

    It's been awhile...

    Hello all! Not sure if there are still people here that would remember me, but as you can see from my signature we added another one! Driving a 2012 Odyssey with DS2 in the third row drivers outboard in a Parkway, DS1 in middle row passenger (seatbelt), DS3 middle row middle in a Peg PVC...
  2. CDNTech

    Back up seat for flying

    Hello to those who know me... it's been forever and a day! We're finalizing the adoption of our youngest and still foster newborns, so life is a little too crazy around here to find time to come on the way I used to in the past. It also means I'm not as up to date on the latest seats as I once...
  3. CDNTech

    Need new booster

    My beloved Parkway's head portion has started slipping and won't stay locked in place... so now I need to replace it. The question is with what?? Aiden will get the new seat... he's 8 years old, 51" tall, and weighs 47lbs now. He loves his Parkway and isn't thrilled about the armrests or the...
  4. CDNTech

    Arghhh... Carseats and Head Lice?

    DS1 came home with a note from school saying they found head lice in their classroom. I checked DS1 and can't find any lice, but I think (never done this before) I found nits... so everything in sight is getting cleaned. He rides in a Parkway... I've always washed the cover (handwash/gentle...
  5. CDNTech

    Britax Frontier for sale (CANADIAN)

    SOLD Not totally sure if we're still putting Canadian For Sale's here... if it needs to be deleted feel free. I've listed it in swap. Just putting some feelers out... not totally interested in shipping, but I know there are a number of people in the Calgary area... We bought an Escape today...
  6. CDNTech

    For Sale Frontier CANADIAN

    Just putting some feelers out... not totally interested in shipping, but I know there are a number of people in the Calgary area... We bought an Escape today and M has better leg room in the Radian than the Frontier. Britax Frontier DOM August 2008 $250
  7. CDNTech

    Any chance of a CARES harness in the Calgary area?

    I was going to take the Radian with us on the plane, but I only need it on the plane (using disney buses on the other end), so now I'm rethinking that... but I'm pretty sure I left it too late. We leave very early on Tuesday morning... so I'd need one (or two if that miracle happened) by...
  8. CDNTech

    For those who just can't wait...

    especially the Canadian's ;)... I've updated the Comparison thread with Nautilus pics... :)
  9. CDNTech

    Frontier in a BMW 135i?

    Anyone know off hand if a Frontier will fit in a BMW 135i? I need to take bil's car on Wednesday and will need to put either the Frontier or Radian in it. I know the Radian installs beautifully, but it's in dh's car and if I don't have to take it out, I won't (I don't feel like it). It's...
  10. CDNTech

    2001 Mazda MPV

    Quick question... are these seatbelts switchable (alr/elr) or what kind of locking seatbelts do they have?
  11. CDNTech

    For Sale Beco Butterfly in Allison

    I just received this (literally two hours ago) and am not in love with the extra safety features... a little too much extra time to get a 3 year old in... if I had a young kiddo then it'd be great, but I don't. So, up for sale is a brand new Beco Butterfly Carrier in Allison. ETA: NM... just...
  12. CDNTech

    TruFit Compatibility Issues

    Another tech and I went out with a mission today. To install a TruFit in her vehicle so that we could better help a far away friend with her install (same vehicle and seat). We discovered some things that really concern us... 1. Difficulty tightening the harness properly... I've talked about...
  13. CDNTech

    Booster seats... (sorry... as usual, it got long)

    I picked A up from school today and the first question out of his mouth was, "Can B come over?". B was on his way home on the bus, but I know this is going to come up again... so, I need a spare booster for the van (don't trust parents to provide one for me, won't drive without one and just...
  14. CDNTech

    Ford Escape Hybrid

    So... we're thinking about getting one of these. I know they have a center l/s belt and head restraint, come with LATCH in the outboard positions, and TA's in all three positions (ceiling mount)... but what else can anyone tell me? Do they drive nice? Are there issues to watch out for? What...
  15. CDNTech

    Which seat lasts the longest? Comparison Pics...

    *Updated with Nautilus pics!* Pictures still taken in same vehicle (2008 Dodge Grand Caravan Swivel n' Go - Driver's side captains chair) and boys torso measurements have not changed. We are constantly being asked which seat will last the longest and trying to measure slot height. Slot height...
  16. CDNTech

    Tallest top slots? Answers here...

    I took the boys on a trip to several stores today and now have answers I've been procrastinating on getting... :D We are constantly wondering which seat will last the longest and trying to measure slot height. Slot height is really subjective to how the seat actually fits *installed* in the...
  17. CDNTech

    Sold! CANADIAN Radian Premier

    -rear facing to 30lbs, forward facing to 48lbs *See note below* -DOM January 2007 -Like new condition (rarely used, spare seat) -SuperCool Fabric -Comes with manual and warranty card that I never did fill out :whistle: -RFing boot, SafeStop, Head hugger and body infant support -Bonus - comes...
  18. CDNTech

    For Sale Peg Perego P3 Pramette

    Bought 2 years ago... in near perfect condition (rarely used). No more babies for us, so it must go. :( -Bassinet mode for baby to face you -Toddler mode for baby to face out -Winter boot included (zips into leg support for toddler mode and snaps into place for bassinet mode) -Rain/weather...
  19. CDNTech

    Disney Stroller?

    Okay, so we've decided to just take a single this year to Disney (kids will be almost 7 and almost 4). I have my Zapp which I love and I was just going to take that, but M keeps falling asleep in it and his head flops forward at what looks to be an uncomfortable angle. So, I started thinking I...
  20. CDNTech

    Guess what I did today? FRONTIER Pics. ;)

    :whistle: Yes, that's two of them and no, they're not both mine... I just picked one up for a friend while I was there. More pics to follow... ETA: We got two in Rushmore in Calgary... Bo Bebe in Shawnessy got a full shipment in. I know they still have Canyon, I'm not sure if they have any...

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