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  1. Belle's Mamma

    Time to play the "let's figure out how to get all of these seat in the car....

    So, I need to figure out the best way to arrange 5 car seats (3 RFing, 1 FF & 1 boostered) in the 5 available seating positions in my car. Car: 2013 Buick Enclave. 2nd row - 2 Captains chairs w/ LATCH 3rd row - 60/40 split bench seat. TT in the center seating position. All seating positions...
  2. Belle's Mamma

    Need a FF 5pt harness rated for above 40 lbs,w/ low base, narrow body, no TT requirement, "moderate" shell hight

    Need a FF 5pt harness rated for above 40 lbs,w/ low base, narrow body, no TT requirement, "moderate" shell hight Betcha you were thinking about a Radian until I mentioned the "moderate profile" weren't you?;) I broke my foot REALY badly & on bed rest for another 2 wks min & no driving until...
  3. Belle's Mamma

    DD's 7yo next month, 43-45lbs dressed, 100% booster trained & we live in ICY, SNOWY Wisconsin. Re-harness or HBB?

    DD will be 7yo next month, consistently weighs between 43-45lbs, and is a peanut (3'5") with a very long torso. I re-harnessed her in November when we started getting our first few snow falls. She has been fairly tolerant of being back in a harnessed seat but she does NOT want to be in one...
  4. Belle's Mamma

    Price Check Price check on a RadianXT

    I'm about to sell my Radian XT (locally to a mama from here at CS-org ) but have no idea what to ask for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The Radian has a DOM of 04/09 (expires on 04/17), 80lb FF & 40lb RF (retroactive) weight limits. No accidents, never dropped, never checked on an...
  5. Belle's Mamma

    EEk!!!! Who sits in the front seat? 6 yo or 5yo...which seat.

    3 min ago I found out that I need to drive 2 extra kids tomorrow at the same time as I am driving my own two children. I know that its legal to have one of them in front but it makes me VERY nervous & I'm not sure which of the kids should be in the front & in what seat. Car - 2012 Kia Forte...
  6. Belle's Mamma

    For Sale or Trade Brand New Combi Coccoro in Licorice

    SOLD Brand new Licorice CCO. December 2012 DOM. RF from 3lbs, allows RF tethering & has the premium LATCH connectors. Love this precious little seat but after last car seat buying bender something has to go (well, 6 car seats, 2 boosters & 5 covers have to go to be precise). $150 Shipping &...
  7. Belle's Mamma

    For Sale MMAO.... I have MR65 cover & a DH that is NOT happy w/ me

    Sonata MR65 cover & a DH that is NOT happy w/ me Up for sale is a Sonota MR65 cover. It include harness strap covers, and infant insert. DH has finally gotten REALLY pissed at me about the CSs, covers, etc. if I don't get rid of this stuff soon it's not going to bode well for us. Please make...
  8. Belle's Mamma

    IDSO of Radian XT cover...GN or boyish

    Title says it all. I need a boyish/gender neutral cover for my BILs truck. DN is 18mo over the weight limit on his Scenera (they are already FFing him)and needs a HWH. I have a RadianXT I can give them but it's naked. PLMK if you have one FSOT. Thanks!
  9. Belle's Mamma

    Found :) Please delete

    Title says it all. I'm looking for a Combi Coccoro.
  10. Belle's Mamma

    Quick! light weight "infant seat" for 15mo

    I need to know what people think is the best option for an infant/bucket seat for a toddler. Parents need a bucket seat for a variety of reasons for at least another 4-5 mo (i.e. a convertible car seat is not an option right now) Child wears an 18mo in onsies & shirts. Not sure about actual...
  11. Belle's Mamma

    Question 3 across. Who gets the which carseat and where do they go? What do I do with nanny kiddo?

    As of next week I will need to do 3 across Details: Car - Kia Forte 2012 Kids: - DD almost 6yo - DS 4.5yo - Nanny kid 16mo (currently riding in an 11yo bucket seat :( in her parent's car) Seats that would fit: - Radian XTSL - Radian 80 - ???? parents aren't willing to get a new seat & I'm...
  12. Belle's Mamma

    Frontier 85 cover coming off the seat...anyone else have this problem?

    [BI recently purchased a Frontier 85 from BRU and am having a problem with the seat cover coming off when DS climbs into his seat and even if I pick him up and place him in the seat. The same problem occurs whether he is in our 2003 Town & Country Minivan, our 2011 Kia Forte or if it's sitting...
  13. Belle's Mamma

    WWYD? Small almost 6yo...NBB or????

    Lately DS has been kicking the back of my seat while I'm driving. It occurs to me that indicates that he is close enough to my seat that in a frontal collision head excursion (how far his head snaps forward in a crash) would be far enough that his head would be buried in the hard plastic of the...
  14. Belle's Mamma

    OLD style Graco Nautilus Harness--FOUND!

    I recently bought a Graco Nautilus on line b/c Graco has the only harness & crotch strap buckle that I can open. I have terrible pain in my hands that keeps me from opening other buckle clips. Lucky me...they changed the buckle clips on all of the new Graco car seats :( I called Graco and...
  15. Belle's Mamma

    Easiest harnessed seat to buckle & unbuckle

    I'm deciding between boostering DD1 & harnessing her (5yo, 39lbs & 15"torso). If I harness her, it needs to be something she can do & undo herself. She can unbuckle & buckle a Nauti (not easily, but she can do it) but I need something narrow enough that I can do an semi frequent 3 across in a...
  16. Belle's Mamma

    Anyone in the Milwaukee, WI area?

    Is there anyone in the Milwaukee, WI area with a Vivo or an Oobr that I could try DD in for fit? I'm having trouble finding either locally. DD is moving into booster and I've heard that both of these are great options for littles but I'd like to see how they fit her and my car. I tried the...
  17. Belle's Mamma

    Will a dinner table booster seat work for the BRU trade in?

    Does any one know if a dinner table booster seat work for the BRU trade in? I know that the brochure says that they will take high chairs but I've either given away or consigned all of the other baby gear on their list. TIA :D
  18. Belle's Mamma

    Any CRSs as narrow as the Radian?

    I'm in the market for a new convertible CRS. I currently have a Radian XT and Radian XTSL as my primary CRSs and I have a love hate relationship with them. I've looked for a Radian 80 (non SL but cant find them anywhere). I am a little concerned about the drama of the SLs. I'm not sure if any of...
  19. Belle's Mamma

    Booster a 5yo

    A very close friend of mine is struggling with what to do with her DD CR-wise. Her DD turned 5 about a month ago, is 40" tall and about 34-35lbs fully dressed (can you tell I really quizzed her here :) ). She is currently harnessed in a Nautilus but des"perately wants to be in a booster (I...
  20. Belle's Mamma

    So what is the SKJP Radian SL "drama"

    So I haven't been on for a few months now so I've been out of the loop. I've read several posts that mention some issue with the Super Latch Radians but haven't been able to actually find out what the issue is. I've been searching for over an hour and I'll I've found was a lot of mamas...

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