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  1. Mary_Ann

    In need of a HBB for my 3 across: Monterey, Oobr??

    My 7.5yo daughter will soon outgrow her Radian and I'm desperately in search of the perfect booster. I drive a 2013 Scion xB that has stupid seatbelts mounted in front of the seat. It barely touches me if I sit back there. The PW 2013 works but not the older version. The PW fits, but is...
  2. Mary_Ann

    Puzzling an Evenflo Amp HBB ...and other 3 across rambling - Canada

    Has anyone been able to puzzle an Amp HBB next to a RF convertible? My DD (6.5 yo) is nearly outgrowing all my harness seats. Problem is, I haven't been able to fit a booster in my 3 across attempts . Baby #3 is due in less than a month and I would like to figure it out before I'm to big or...
  3. Mary_Ann

    Britax anti-rebound bar

    I bought a Boulevard with a 2013 DOM (G4?). RF tethering is mandatory and I thought I could order the anti-rebound bar for FREE. Well, I wrote to Britax CS and they replied by giving me the link to purchase the bar on their website. Its $20 plus shipping, which will surely be expensive. I'm...
  4. Mary_Ann

    News Baby Trend Hybrid and Urbini Petal at Wal-Mart

    So I encountered a blue Baby Trend Hybrid and 2 Urbini Petal ( black and red) this week. They were in different stores but only on display. They weren't any boxes under the shelf. The Baby Trend was around $150, but the Urbini's price wasn't shown yet. Thought I would share here since I didn't...
  5. Mary_Ann

    Harmony Dreamtime compatibility

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Dreamtime belt guide plays well with weird angled shoulder belts? My car is not as worst as the Caravan's 3rd row, but my 2010 & 2012 PW didn't work. The 2013 fits great, but it's in my SO's car. TIA!
  6. Mary_Ann

    Frontier G1.1 in Canada?

    Does anyone know of a Canadian release date for the new Frontier? I can't seem to find information about it... Thanks!
  7. Mary_Ann

    Minor accident, replacing RXT?

    So, my BF was in a minor fender bender today. He was stopped due to traffic and the car behind hit him. His rear bumper is cracked and the right side is detached from the car. We have a PW and a RF Radian RXT, unoccupied. Do you think I have to replace the RXT??? I'm in Canada and I don't want...
  8. Mary_Ann

    Foonf crotch buckle position

    I just got my Foonf on Saturday and I'm wondering about the crotch strap position. I have it in the innermost position and its hard to buckle since its so close on her. Dd is 13 mo, 29" and 18lb. Can I move it on the outer slot?
  9. Mary_Ann

    booster that works with forward shoulder belt

    I just bought a new car, 2013 Scion xB. Unfortunately, my parkway (2010) seems incompatible. The shoulder belt get stuck in the belt's guide and doesn't retract freely. Which booster is known to work well with that type of weird seatbelt angle? TIA!
  10. Mary_Ann

    Well, i need a new seat!

    So, MIL is driving me crazy. I installed my scenera in her car RF for dd2. She has a small Toyota yaris and with the scenera at the proper angle, the passenger seat is pretty forward but okay IMO. I told her not to recline the seat to not mess with my install and she said she won't. Well, today...
  11. Mary_Ann

    Maxi-Cosi Rodi-fx in Canada!?!?

    I just saw the Rodi-fx in the 2014 BRU catalogue (page 54): I can't find it anywhere though. Does anyone have information to share about it?
  12. Mary_Ann

    RF britax and FF radian side by side?

    We're leaving friday for Orlando (25h trip) and I was trying to rearrange my car seats. The girls usually ride in radian, rf with AA center and ff outboard. I wanted to put dd2 in a rf advocate (g2) in the center with the radian outboard but it didn't fit. It's really cold outside and I...
  13. Mary_Ann

    Need help installing a Via infant seat in a Kia Sportage 2013

    Hi! I tried to help my friend install her Via infant seat in her brand new Kia Sportage 2013. Well, after spending an hour fighting, I gave up! The backseat is really slopped and there is a strange hump in the seat bight. Here is a pic I found, but her seats are not leather ...
  14. Mary_Ann

    i need a new seat!

    Hi, i will soon need a new car seat and i've been thinking about it for months and i just can't decide! Here are the stats: DD1: 4.75 yo, 41" and 42lbs. (ff advocate or ff radian) DD2: 5.5 mo, 25" and 18lbs. (b-safe) I also have 2 Parkways, 1 in my il's car and one sitting in my basement...
  15. Mary_Ann

    Vent BRU car seat seller giving wrong information

    Okay, i'm so pissed! I just went to my local BRU (qc city, Qc, canada) to buy pacifiers and like everytime, i ended seeking car seats. As i was contemplating the amazing frontier ct :) , i listened to a pregnant women and her dh talking with the seller about buying a 3 in 1 cs ( aoe or clone)...

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