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  1. Kobain's Mommy

    ISO Coccoro Sets

    I know it's a long shot but looking for Coccoro covers. Prefer Key lime and/or Licorice, but would entertain other colors except Grape (have it). I know I can order them from Combi but would prefer to see if I could find some off an expired seat someone has laying around.
  2. Kobain's Mommy

    Chicco Booster

    How are people liking it. We are thinking around DS's 7th birthday to switch to a booster in DH's truck for DS. Currently he's 54lbs and 1/4" shy of 4', he's mostly legs. He currently is in a FR85 in the truck and FR90. DH has a 98 ram quad cab. The back seat has no head rests. I like how padded...
  3. Kobain's Mommy

    In Search Of expired Keyfit base

    I have an expired Keyfit 30 given to me and am in search of a base for it. It can be expired, preferably free for shipping. Keeping it as a demo seat.
  4. Kobain's Mommy

    Price Check Coccoro Flash

    I'm still on the fence, but I've got a Coccoro flash. I bought it new in 2011 and used it a little bit, but not awhile lot. My CCOs were the recalled ones and DD had just about outgrown them, so back to TRU they went. I kept the Flash in hopes of getting another CCO again. But not sure I want to...
  5. Kobain's Mommy

    Seriously car seat manufactures....

    I was at Target today and noticed a new highchair. When I stared reading the tag on the front my jaw dropped. It's Baby Trend and you can take the seat off to click your infant seat into it. So they recommend to not have baby in an infant seat all the time, but make things to make it easier to...
  6. Kobain's Mommy

    RF tether

    Which convertibles currently on the market have RF tether? I know it used to be Britax, Coccoro, and Diono/SK. I've kinda butted heads with my instructor so I didn't say anything today, but while talking about RFing seat she said "None RF tether." I thought some have changed, but I second guess...
  7. Kobain's Mommy

    In Search Of SR35 click connect

    I'm casually in search of a cover/canopy for a SR35 click connect. If you have the boot and infant insert it's a bonus.
  8. Kobain's Mommy

    In Search Of Brown/green Graco infant insert

    FOUND! Brown/green Graco infant insert FOUND I'm looking for the brown and green infant insert from this picture. It's from a pattern that was sold at Walmart in 09-10. I got the seat donated today for a program I've started for baby simulators. It's missing the head rest and I don't want...
  9. Kobain's Mommy

    FR85 pink cover- Livia

    SOLD- FR85 pink cover- Livia SOLD- Complete Livia set. It's freshly washed with all the pads. There is some staining/darkening on the end of the seat of the cover. Rest of the cover looks great! DD decided she wanted a cow like DS's. $70PPD OBO.
  10. Kobain's Mommy

    CA65 in a minor accident

    Friday my son's care worker and him went to the park. While playing on the playground she noticed a bunch of people around her car. Someone hit her car and took off. Luckily witnesses got the plate number and had already called the cops. They backed into her car hard enough to do a lot of damage...
  11. Kobain's Mommy

    CA65LX experation

    The manual just says "stamped on the shell". The seat is in DH's truck and he's at work. I'd like to list it for sale on a local page. The DOM sticker is 11/4/2010. Do they expire 7 or 8 years. The CA65 in the data base here says Dec 8 years. So it would expire Dec 2018?
  12. Kobain's Mommy


    Thinking a head. We may be flying. It would be a direct flight and rent a car on the other end. First flight airport is small so carrying car seats through won't be an issue, but second airport is a big one. That car is unknown at this point, but I'm sure it won't be economy or compact. I have 2...
  13. Kobain's Mommy

    ISO Radian long crotch clip

    I've got a SK Radian with the short crotch strap. We are going to use the RN for DS in my mom's car. We used it over the weekend and he was complaining the RN was hurting his penis, not to mention it wasn't fun trying to buckle him into it. SO I need the long strap.
  14. Kobain's Mommy

    Britax Piddle Pads

    Anyone use the Britax piddle pads? I NEED to get these kids PTed and we take a 4-5 hour one way drive a month to DH's Guard drill. Little town gas stations aren't always open as we drive through to stop. So, I'm counting on accidents. The kids' seats in both my SUV and DH's Ram are Britax...
  15. Kobain's Mommy

    GAAAHHHHH.... I HATE my mom's car!!!

    My mom has a 03 PT Looser (Cruiser). I hate the car with a passion. It's the biggest PITA to install seats in. I need to get 2 seats installed in the thing with room for an adult to sit in the back, asking a lot I know. So looking for puzzling on driver's door and middle. Leaving passenger's...
  16. Kobain's Mommy


    Looking for the circle black one for our FR85. DD apparently wants it on her seat.
  17. Kobain's Mommy

    In Search Of FR 85 Cover trade

    Traded I've got a FR85 out for delivery today. It's in Onyx. I'm really really really looking to trade the cover for a cow. DS has a cow already in DH's truck and I'm OCD about matching. May consider blue or pink.
  18. Kobain's Mommy

    In Search Of ISO Britax chest clip

    Can be from an expired or crashed seat. As long as it works. I have a Houdini in the stroller so I need it for that.
  19. Kobain's Mommy

    Doona infant car seat

    What is going to be the price point of the Doona? I'm in love with the Fresh and Sky covers on it. And will it be FAA approved? How much does it weigh? I tried googling and didn't find much about the seat, just some videos.

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