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  1. fyrfightermomma

    Need help picking combo seat

    Wow. Haven't been here in a while! My seat days have mostly ended lol Anyways I have a question. I'm so out of the loop for seats My son just turned six. He does fine in a booster and is in one in almost every car. However I personally have an hour drive each way to school on rural undivided...
  2. fyrfightermomma

    Final car seat purchase for my baby days *wahhhh*

    Kid turned 6 last week. He is 52 lbs and wears a size 6 shirt and pants. No idea on height. He has a big head Was rear faced until 5. Then boostered in dads car and has been since. We are divorced. I drive a total of four hours a day in rural Highways to get them to school so I want him...
  3. fyrfightermomma

    Restraining an older skinny minnie

    Here's a pic of how big she's gotten! Look at those scrawny arms lol
  4. fyrfightermomma

    Restraining an older skinny minnie

    Quick question. Starting to think ahead as my kids get older and approach being out of restraints My daughter is 9. I don't know exact height but I would guess around 4'7" or 4'8". She wears a size 10 pants and shirts. However she hovers between 44-46 lbs most days She was in a nb turbo...
  5. fyrfightermomma

    Joey (3.5) RFing in the Next Fit

    Finally found a seat for our three across that he has room to grow in. And holy leg room! He really doesn't fit much in any RFing seat anymore. His legs are too squished. He has so much room. And I always discounted it because it was such a high base, but my seats must be set really low because...
  6. fyrfightermomma

    Are all the recline positions acceptable on the nextfit?

    So I just got a nextfit and was reading the manual and i didn't see it address which recline positions are ok for rfing and ffing. Are all of them ok as long as the bubble is between the arrows ? Also I didn't see anything about height limits for rfing. Is it an inch from the shell or headrest?
  7. fyrfightermomma

    New britax short harness height?

    So in my quest for a 3 across that works I went to buy buy baby. I finally decided all that will work that allows the girls to buckle themselves is a convertible on a narrow base I tried a bunch and the britax 3G seats actually for the best and gave each girl at least another 2" to buckle. So...
  8. fyrfightermomma

    Harness seat suggestions

    So being newly single and poor I had to downsize our grand caravan for better mileage and a lower payment. Well after trying to cram three seats in the back of tons of sedans they finally fit in an 08 dodge avenger. Except I was dumb and didn't actually install the seat. So I have my grand...
  9. fyrfightermomma

    Head wise 70 question

    I couldn't find anywhere in the manual it said. Can all head positions be used rearfacing? All it said was straps at or below the shoulder and head 1" below red handle
  10. fyrfightermomma

    Whats the scoop on forward facing seats nowadays?

    Ill probably be turning my son FFIng for good this summer. So it's time to think about seats It's been quite a while since we used harnessed seats. Back when we did the nautilus and frontier were about it. So that's what we had. I'm hoping newer ones have come out since then He's been FFing in...
  11. fyrfightermomma

    So out of the loop. RFing seat for 3 year old

    I haven't kept up on new seats and wanted to know if anything new is out there. Right now DS is in a peg convertible. While he has miles of room, the sides make it difficult to get him in and out. I looooove the seat though :(. So looking for something else. Maybe something new. He will be 3...
  12. fyrfightermomma

    Weird nbb belt fit

    Evelyn has started riding in a nbb. She rode in a harmony once and in the 3rd row of my grand caravan the fit was awful. We waited a while and just got a no back turbo. She's plenty tall enough (52") but the fit is just weird. The shoulder belt is where it needs to be but it's like two inches...
  13. fyrfightermomma

    Graco colorz 14.99 at my target

    Not sure if it's everywhere but my target has the colorz backless boosters for 14.99 and covers for 2.99.
  14. fyrfightermomma

    Restraints in 4 seater cessna

    Evelyn is having her plane bday party tomorrow at the airport and all the kids will be flying in fil's four seater Cessna. The past two years they used harnessed seats. Joey didn't go. Keep in mind I never fly and know nothing about restraints in a plane. Do my girls still need a seat in the...
  15. fyrfightermomma

    B570 question

    Don't have the manual with me. Do both the lap and shoulder belt go under the red lap belt guide? Or just the lap portion? Thanks!
  16. fyrfightermomma

    Pics of our kwp

    Evelyn is almost 7, 37 lbs and 49". She is too tall for the shield but as u see it still goes mid armpit And booster mode Also for all those mad about how crappy boosters are in the 3rd row of dodge vans?? This is perfect! Belt retracts freely!!! First booster I've ever tried...
  17. fyrfightermomma

    Pics of our kwp

    Got our kiddy world plus today First is Sophia. She is 41", 39 lbs and 5 years old. Booster mode Joseph is 2. 28 lbs and 37". Don't mind his witching hour face
  18. fyrfightermomma

    Got a Kiddy World Plus shipping to me tomorrow!

    so excited. I talked to Kiddy today and my tech seat is being shipped out tomorrow. I will post pics. I have two kids who can use it with the shield and one who can use it as a booster. We are using it for my youngest in my DH's car. So it will be a 39 lb 41" 5 year old and a 29 lb 36" just...
  19. fyrfightermomma

    Infant seats for preemie

    I'm not good on infant seats :) A friend from high school just messages me on fb. Her brother just had a baby that was a few weeks early and in the nicu. Baby is a tad over four pounds. He wana suggestions on infant seats for little ones that start at four pounds. Cost is a factor A list...
  20. fyrfightermomma

    DOM location on prosport?

    I'm sending my prosport to another member and I can't find the DOM sticker anywhere to let her know the date. Any clue where it is?

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