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  1. MySillyKids

    Booster recommendations.

    So the last time I bought a carseat was 2009. She's currently in a britax frontier (from 2009) harnessed, that's expiring this year. Details: will turn 7 at the end of this month, 45lbs (wears size 6 skinny pants, and size 6/7 shirts.) 16 inch torso height hypermobile (very flexible, not...
  2. MySillyKids

    In Search Of Planetbox Rover

    Yep. I need another Rover! :) Pm me if you do. Thanks!
  3. MySillyKids

    Radian stickers fell off..

    So i called Diono, and asked for more stickers since all 3 of my radians (2 65's and an XT) stickers fell off. Well they sent me the stickers, and i'm supposed to play 'guess where they go?' Anyone have any pictures of where they go? Some are obvious, but i'm trying to sell them and putting on...
  4. MySillyKids

    'go' button is gone?

    I miss it!! :crying:
  5. MySillyKids

    Fleurville sling tote- pink stripe

    $30 shipped Bag, change pad, messanger strap, and I found the bottle rocket after the pic! :)
  6. MySillyKids

    2 Classic MA covers (foofy, and ashley floral)

    Foofy needs elastic. Both come with all pads. :) Make an offer. PM with interest! :)
  7. MySillyKids

    Checking interest: Go green lunch boxes

    I have 3 go green lunch boxes, that i don't care for anymore. :( 1 lunchbox itself will have been used, but in good condition 1 never been used carrying bag 2 caring bags have been used, but are in good condition (minimal wear) 2 brand new lunch boxes 1 set of extra 'bands' (i'll take them...
  8. MySillyKids

    clicking on a link.. doing weird stuff.

    So i was on a thread that had a link. I went to click on it, and this is what it gave me:
  9. MySillyKids

    3T girls fleece jammies

    I have 8 Gerber 3T jammies. All have normal fleece pilling. They are all in great shape. I have 3 carters 3T fleece jammies. All in great shape. $2 each shipped? Make an offer? :o
  10. MySillyKids

    Flying.. what seats?!

    We're going to be flying next month. Ds1: 7 years old, booster trained. (nothing on the plane) Ds2: 5 years old, Booster trained, (harnessed daily, though) He's SN (behaviorally) (nothing on the plane, pack the Turbo for him?) DD: 3.9 years old, Harnessed. (needs harnessed on plane?) Everyone...
  11. MySillyKids

    Any interest in a Ergo Extending strap?

    I have an ergo waist extender if anyone's interested! PM for intrest, i'm not here 100% of the time! Thanks! It's like this one! $5 shipped?
  12. MySillyKids

    Who made the FB group (recall sunshine kids radian superLATCH)?

    I'm just curious to who made this page: I hope it's from someone here! :D
  13. MySillyKids

    Can we fix this?

    Is there a way to set a limit of characters in a line of a sig? This is super annoying (not picking on you, dear sig lady! :o )
  14. MySillyKids

    Girls CD's and JJB Behave Strap

    Make an offer! :) I have: JJB strap from the BeHave. This is all i have, i have 2 extra automotive towel inserts that worked AWESOME too. All the diapers have an insert in them. :thumbsup: 2 blueberry stuffable AIO's, size M. Two bum genius one size (one 2.0, one 3.0) Two...
  15. MySillyKids

    In Search Of Some JJB bag in Mint Julep

    I like this print, but i don't have anything in it. Anyone want to part with something in Mint Julep? lol.
  16. MySillyKids

    How to make a text link

    To make a text link. first there are two ways to do it. way 1. Type whatever you want, in a reply box, or new thread. then highlight it like this: Then click this button. This will show up, put the link in there, i choose yahoo: Then you're done. Way 2. Click this first...
  17. MySillyKids

    Realllly annoyed

    I'm using the power blue skin. I could be here for EVER, and then the skin randomly changes with one click. Then EXACTLY two clicks after that, it logs me off. always. I'm running safari, not sure if that helps you. I'll see if i can get it on video. sigh. :(
  18. MySillyKids

    In Search Of Planetbox lunch box.

    anyone have one? I'm looking for this: TIA! :)
  19. MySillyKids

    Skip Hop/ Spark bags

    I have a skip hop Dash, in ocean stripe, $40 shipped. OBO I have a Spark bag, not sure what flavor it is. $30 shipped. OBO I'll wash both bags before mailing! :)
  20. MySillyKids

    Ju-ju-be Zany Zinnias Between & Flurville sling tote

    BeTween: $80 shipped OBO. Sling tote: $40 shipped OBO.

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