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  1. swtgi1982

    In Search Of Girly Marathon 70 cover

    Anything really girly cover wise for my marthon 70 let me know price and pics if possible would be great
  2. swtgi1982

    In Search Of combi coccoro in strawberry shake

    Interested in find one, or a cover set for new baby
  3. swtgi1982

    For Sale I have two recaro performance boosters for sale

    Only is purple and we only had it since last fall and the other is blue and had it since a few days before Christmas. Asking $75 PPD each like new in excellent condition very little use really. With baby number 5 on the way these are just to wide to work for us. Here is blue And purple the...
  4. swtgi1982

    For Sale frontier 85

    Cowmooflage pattern DOM 8-2011 asking $125 PPD
  5. swtgi1982

    For Sale Cowmoo frontier 85 for sale

    It is a May 2011 DOM. Asking $150 shipped. Like new condition
  6. swtgi1982

    Checking interest

    Pending sale: Probably going to be selling one of my Marathon 70s likely the G2 it is the Cowmooflage pattern, just will be a week or so until replacement is purchased to be able to sell this so just checking interest at this time. DOM is Jan 2012 125 shipped
  7. swtgi1982

    For Sale Britax Convertible Cupholders

    I have two of these for sale $5 each shipped
  8. swtgi1982

    For Sale complete air 70

    for sale, new just opened box, will not fit in my car where I need it to. Asking $100 OBO shipped image is stock photo so you can see print, as I resealed the box already. It is this one here at this link...
  9. swtgi1982

    For Sale Marathon 70 Cowmooflage cover set

    in gently used condition, there is some where by the crotch buckle area, but still very use-able, I just happen to have a spare and need to fund my next seat by selling stuff. Can get photo later for you all, do not have shoulder pads or crotch pad not sure where kids put them, but if I find...
  10. swtgi1982

    Classic Matathon covers

    There are several including cowmooflage on Britax page for $19.99 right now
  11. swtgi1982

    Harmony HB Booster Deal

    Just spotted this at our Local WM today they are on sale for $39.99 right now
  12. swtgi1982

    Car seat for preemies

    I need ideas the little guy could be coming home in the next few weeks she was told. So she is starting to look for ideas since the one she has is not gonna work, help me think this through for her too. He is now 6 pounds 5 ounces and just about 18 inches long. He has come a long way in almost...
  13. swtgi1982

    Is the parkway SG in Cow discontinued?

    Seriously I can only find it in a few places, and those that I do are out of stock and "discontinued" labeled? Was not gonna buy one for close to a year but if going out I will buy it now. Even if just for cover in long run! :whistle: As DD will only be starting to booster train soon as she can...
  14. swtgi1982

    graco turbo screws

    I just ordered a bunch the other day! They were FREE! Just went to order more since i use them for my seat checks, well guess what? They are a $1 per screw! What the Heck? I could maybe see a $1 per set of two but $1 per fricking screw????
  15. swtgi1982

    Britax cover questions

    OK first one is are the new Marathon 70 G3 covers interchangeable with the Marathon 70 covers? Second, are the Parkway SG and Parkway SGL covers interchangeable?
  16. swtgi1982

    How long will it take me to save for my new seat?

    I want to get a Marathon 70 G3 for little one, now how quickly I can save up for it, yeah lets see. I want to get it before my friend may need my chaperone for her little guy, she has a months for sure before he will be needing it and coming home. But want to be ready before then as their...
  17. swtgi1982

    Question Expiraration question

    Tan plastic snug ride safari like pattern. When we're these last made anyone know. Guy says 5yr old but can not tell DOM
  18. swtgi1982

    Question Chaperone crotch pad

    Is that pad required to be used? It puts the straps across DS legs and not hips. We are talking almost to his knees. I know this can't be right. So just curious. It looks to fit without pad but for some reason I thought it was required but can not find anything in manual. Or maybe I missed it...
  19. swtgi1982

    WOW I love this color!

    Finally purple in something!
  20. swtgi1982

    Question Real Tree scenera

    Has this pattern been discontinued? Anyone know. Was looking for one for a spare for DH car.

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