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  1. chloebeansmom

    Coccoro Travel system on Zulily!!!

    Zulily has several colors of the CCO on sale along with the stroller frame and a travel bag for $199 today!!!
  2. chloebeansmom

    OB35 Deluxe base on Amazon for 39.99!

    Last week they were $54.99. I'm glad I held off ordering. I just bought 2 for the new baby. Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air Deluxe Infant Car Seat Base, Black: Baby I just wish they sold it in the tan color to match my seat.....
  3. chloebeansmom

    Shower Cap seat covers

    Does anyone know of anywhere that sells nicer shower cap style covers? I'm really not a fan of the ones at B-R-US, but I haven't seen anything different around. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. chloebeansmom

    Fun with Seats Saturday

    So I spent Saturday morning amusing myself by playing with all of my carseats. Here is a pick of Baby2's New OnBoard35 installed, with DD's Priori (her backup seat) installed int he background. I am posting here because my facebook friends don't care about this stuff and basically think I'm...
  5. chloebeansmom

    What double stroller do I want?

    I'm just at a loss. DD will be 2y 8m when baby2 comes along in October. She still needs a stroller because she is a wanderer and will NOT hold anyone's hand ever. I originally thought I wanted a tandem. But, DH and I went to look at a bunch of them and they feel so long to push and fold up so...
  6. chloebeansmom

    Just ordered an Onboard35!!!

    For the upcoming new baby! Igot a big bonus at work today:D and treated myself to a new carseat:p Any quirks I need to know about it? I'm so excited to have something new to play with. I've exhausted all playing options with my radians, priori and EFTA
  7. chloebeansmom

    OnBoard35 and Contours Tandem II question?

    Does anyone know if the Contours Options Tandem II will accept the Onboard 35 in the adapter?
  8. chloebeansmom

    I don't get why....

    Car seat manufacturers don't add features to their seats to reduce misuse? After seeing DH's cousin's baby's bucket seat seat this weekend with a rear adjust, too loose straps and straps onthe highest slot for a newborn, I was thinking about the logic of seat design. With everything we know...
  9. chloebeansmom

    Kind of Dumb Radian cover question

    Chloe puked all over her radian on Sunday. So obviously I washed the cover, wiped down all the straps and everything is good now. My question is, is there a problem with me not replacing those insanely horrible plastic "nails" that go into the bottom of the cover. It stays on just fine without...
  10. chloebeansmom

    How to destroy a SS1 base?

    Our SS1 was in an accident in MIL's car yesterday. Luckily DD wasn't in it at the time and I had already ordered an EFTA this wek to replace it. So, I know the seat and base have to go. I can take the strap out of the seat take the padding off. But how do I make sure that no one picks up the...
  11. chloebeansmom

    Another what seat to buy question...

    My DD is getting close to outgrowing her SS1 by height. She only uses the SS1 in my MIL's car. We have a RN65 and a Priori at home and an Avenue for my Mom's car (which I DESPISE installing). She is 20 months, 21 pounds, 27.5 inches. I want to get her a convertible seat that will last her until...
  12. chloebeansmom

    Car sickness Tips?

    My DD is 19 months old. She currently rides RF in a RN65, A Priori, and a SS1. Over the last 2 months or so she has started to get some motion sickness. She's fine while the car is moving but once we stop and she gets out of the car she'll throw up. It happens maybe once/week. I obviously won't...
  13. chloebeansmom

    A Scenera is ok right?

    We are looking for an affordable car seat to buy for our 2 moms' cars for DD to use when she's with them. She is with MIL 3 days a week and drives about 15 minutes per day with her and sometimes on the weekends. It is all back road driving, no highway. (Right now she is still in her SS1 in MIL's...

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