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  1. Chila88

    Recaro Booster Deal!

    BRU has the Performance Booster on sale for $119. Code BRCMAR takes another $20 off....$99!!! With ship and taxes it's $126! I took the plunge! I assume it works for their car seat as well but haven't tried... Posted via Mobile Device
  2. Chila88

    ISO Girly Boost Air Cover

    Title says it! Dixie is my fav, but beggars can't be choosers. Need some way to pretty up what may be the ugliest car seat in the world ;)
  3. Chila88

    Gymboree Coupons

    I'm heading to Vegas in a few weeks and plan to shop for my kids. I noticed there are a zillion 20% off coupons that ppl are selling on ebay that expire March 31st this year. For you Gymbo regulars, where did people get these? Do you have any tips for places to keep an eye open for instore...
  4. Chila88

    Q about Britax Harnesses

    I have a spare tan harness from a MA65 (so in Canada, this was the first generation after the does that make it a G1 or a G2?) Anyway, I sold my cover to a lady on kijiji, and now she is interested in my spare harness. What do I need to know before selling? Is a MA harness...
  5. Chila88

    Can a seat be off center of the UAS/Latch anchors?

    In my 3 across I've always installed my MR with the belt, but it ends up going crooked which bugs me. Today I tried the UAS anchors and they actually worked pretty well (didn't think I had enough space), but the seat is not perfectly centred in front of the anchors (see pics). Is this a safety...
  6. Chila88

    Sureride & Truefit - easiest RF install?

    My mom wants another seat for her car so she has one for each of my kiddos. 6yo currently rides in hbb Turbo, 4yo ff in a Truefit. I'm thinking the Sureride would be a good option. We can use it with the other 2 seats until TF expires (in 1-2 yrs) and then get a LBB for ODD, hand Turbo down...
  7. Chila88

    For Sale NIB Pink Sky Frontier 85/XT Cover Set

    Brand new, never taken out of the package. I opened the box to make sure it was the right colour when I received it, but that's it! $75 $70 shipped in North America. Totally open to offers....
  8. Chila88

    Do classic Blvd Covers fit the classic Advocate?

    Can't find an old thread. Thx!
  9. Chila88

    RXT And Swear Words......

    I bought an RXT for my 3 across and it drives me insane!!!!! :hitselfonhead: I'm doing a ff seatbelt install and it is SO HARD to get it tight enough. Its presently -31 and -47C with the windchill here, so I think the leather seats and the seatbelts weren't wanting to bend and flex all that...
  10. Chila88

    BJCM questions...

    I have 3 kids....6,4 and 1. I have a BJCMD which is our workhorse back and forth to school and the park/soccer games etc. we took it to was AMAZING!! All in all I love it. I also have a P3 that I use for my DS (1year old) at the mall etc and have alwYs loved, but it's getting...
  11. Chila88

    In Search Of Deco or Preston MyRide Cover

    I'm in search of a Deco set for DS. Anyone have any out there they'd be willing to part with? (If I don't have any luck with Deco, I'll be open to other boy sets....preferably Preston or Royale)
  12. Chila88

    Justice JBucks to give away....

    I have four $25 J Bucks cards redeemable towards a purchase of a minimum of $50 to give away. They have to be used before December 24. Not sure if they're stackable or not. If you can make use of them pm me and I will send you a code!
  13. Chila88

    In Search Of Boys 18m Perrito or Puffball Jacket

    I know this is a long shot....but does anyone happen to have a 12-18 or 18-24 month North Face Perrito or Patagonia Puffball taking up space in their closet? If you have one you could part with, please let me know!
  14. Chila88

    CRV: whats with the rear headrests?

    Was just doing a check installing a ff seat in a 2011 and the headrests did not allow for an appropriate install and needed to be removed. No simple button to do so like 99% of vehicles out there! (And like they have on the front headrests) We called the dealership, they were no help. Finally...
  15. Chila88

    Question about Diono covers....

    Diono only has grey covers for both the R100 and R120 on both their US and CDN websites right now (boring!! ;)). I've noticed in old swap posts that they used to have a Daytona (red) cover that fit these seats though . Did they have any other colourful covers for the R100/120?
  16. Chila88

    Are any seats dual certified these days?

    Orbit used to be, right? Are they still? Are there any others (infant or convertible) that are certified in both Canada and the US?
  17. Chila88

    Latchable HB Turbo at CT?

    I know there is a thread mentioning it coming this fall....but can't find it! Anyway, has anyone seen the latchable High back Turbobooster at Cdn Tire yet? (I think it was an exclusive?) I asked Elfe last month and they didn't know what I was talking about (although they don't usually, until...
  18. Chila88

    Question about belt retraction on my FR in booster mode

    I have yet to use either of our FR's in booster mode, but DD is booster trained in other cars so I wanted to see if she could even buckle the FR as it seems tough in the rear, passenger side of our 04 Sienna. Anyway, I flipped the block on the bottom and fed the belt through the guide just to...
  19. Chila88

    NIB Frontier XT Cover in Pink Sky

    I just snapped up a Maui Blue for DS to use one day, so I don't need a pink spare anymore. This is a brand new, still in the packaging cover that Britax sent me. I opened the box to make sure they sent the right colour, but never pulled it out or removed the cover from the plastic. It will...
  20. Chila88

    BJ City Mini Double questions

    We are taking our BJCMD to Disneyland next month and I'm trying to get it ready in hopes my kids will sit comfortably in it. I got it on Kijiji so I'm not sure what year it is (& dont have theanual) but it's that should mean 2011 or newer correct? It has serious lack of back...

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