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    In Search Of Combi Coccoro cover

    Ours is a little ratty and I'd like a cleaner cover before the new baby comes along. Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks!
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    Seasoned techs! Can you name a RF seat that can fit outboard in a 2010ish T&C?

    in a 3 across situation, naturally. We can't make this too easy. Child is TALL (does not fit in the CCO), and about 25 lbs... she's 26 months old. She is temporarily FF in Radian in Center (tethered, of course), but I'd prefer to put her RFing. She is flanked by 10 yo (seatbelt only) and...
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    Chat won't work for me!!!

    *whine* I had a virus yesterday, and in the craziness of trying to get rid of it, I deleted java, and now that I've finally rid myself of the virus, I can't get back in to chat. I downloaded java. I restarted. I've attempted to install the active x control. I'm still not getting anywhere...
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    Please choose for me... Coccoro, Radian, Roundabout or ???

    For my 9 month old, abt 20 lbs, will always be in a 3 across of some sort. a. Coccoro. Pros: It's short, narrow and small, which will enable easy puzzling and 3 across, and will not block our rear view. In a year, his sister should be able to move up to a FF seat, which would leave her...
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    Help me pick a convertible for #5?

    Ds4 is getting a new convertible seat within the next 3 weeks, as he's outgrowing his SR22. He's pushing 20 lbs, and is within 2 inches of the top of the seat - too big to convince me to haul his seat all the way to North Pole. > Presently going in center of middle row of Suburban. > RF...
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    AVATARS, please!!! (DARREN!!! look here!)

    I think this one would be great!
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    Best price for 2010 BJCMD?

    I found the 2010 models on sale for $299 at Albeebaby - no tax, free shipping. Has anybody found a better deal, or is that the best deal out there right now? Thanks!
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    COVERS! Cowmoo PW, SR22 Front & Rear Adjust

    COVERS! Cowmoo PW, SR22 in ZOEY updated w/ pics! - old school PW cover in Cowmoo. Great condition, but has a small (less than 1/2 penny) spot on the seat where the velvety finish has come off. $40 shipped. SOLD - rear adjust SR22 cover in Melbourne, w/ canopy. No pads. $20 shipped. -...
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    Exersaucer or Walker? (Must fold!)

    Normally this would be a no brainer, but we're going to be living out of a hotel/our car/a boat for atleast a month, and I'm trying to decide what to buy for ds4. All of our older kids have had Exersaucer's, generally purchased used and enjoyed for a few months before reselling. I'm kind of...
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    More help w/ double strollers, please!

    I asked last week for help choosing a small double stroller, and I thought we were settled on a the Maclaren Techno, but dh reminded me that the stroller I buy is not only going to be used on the 'cruise' ship, but also at Disney, in Monterey, etc, and that if we're going to spend that kind of...
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    Best double stroller that folds teeny tiny?

    I need a double stroller that I can fold up teeny tiny to store in a cabin on a cruise-type ship. Needs to be able to hold some combination of 40ish lb 3 yr old, 24ish lb 1 yo, and 16ish lb 8-9 month old (he has limited head control right now, so something w/ some recline would be great)...
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    Any interest in NB/0-3 month boy wardrobe?

    There's a lot of stuff! Most is barely worn, but there might be a few stains or spots on a couple of things. Sleepers 3 carters, NB (Puppies, Elephant, & 1 heavy weight w/ Snowman, 1 Carters, 0-3 (Duckies) 3 gerber (1 NB, 2 0-3 months) 2 Gymboree, 0-3 (Sheriff & Dogs) 2 Disney Store, 0-3...
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    Free Target Coupon $5 off any size Enfamil Premium Newborn or Infant

    FREE! (but, if you have any coupons for Similac, specifically Neosure, I'll gladly take them off your hands, lol)
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    Help me make a plan here (5 in a suburban)... (long)

    i just realized that we're losing even more seats to expiration this year, and we'll need to replace them to make everyone fit properly as the year goes on. Help? Kids: 8, turning 9 soon. 60ish lbs, height: ??? (currently in backless) 4, turning 5 soon. 35 lbs, height: 40in (GN or Radian FF)...
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    high weight harness for school bus?

    Ds3 is starting school next month, and I need to choose a seat for him on the way to school, in a 12 passenger van. This is for on the way to school - they use an actual school bus w/ Safeguard Star's on the way home. Help? Criteria: - Lightweight enough to where I can carry it AND an Evenflo...
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    Stride Rite Infant Girls shoes, size 2.5M

    I have a pair of Stride Rite "Chick White Multi" Shoes in a 2.5. They are NIB, dd never wore them. :rolleyes: Would like to sell for $18, shipped.
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    Coming Soon - 5 MA covers, hotsling, Ergo, Olli, Seatbelt Wallet

    Updated w/ Pics! 4 MA covers, hotsling, Ergo, Olli I've priced the covers low because they all have issues with staining, tearing, fading, etc. $30 shipped - a cowmooflage, w/ harness covers and belly pad - pending for DisneyWorldNanny (in overall good condition, has some staining on the seat...
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    In Search Of girly MA or TF cover

    DD is almost ready to move up to a big girl seat, and I'd like a girly cover for her. Please let me know if you have something and how much you'd like for it. :) TIA
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    In Search Of WTB: Fall/Winter Boys Preemie Clothing

    Please let me know if you have anything you're interested in selling! :)
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    NM, figured it out - Graco Nautilus 8J01SNT

    WTH pattern is this? I can't find anything about it online, but I'm being offered this as a substitute for another seat that is no longer available. Before I say yes, I need to make sure it'll still work for my kiddos. ... NM, I found it, it's Sachi. I think Sachi will work, it's orange and...

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