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  1. Patriot201

    Maxi-Cosi Mico

    Can you please tell me everything you know about the Maxi Cosi Mico AP (the one I need to know about is good for up to 22 pounds). ~~ When was this seat manufactured? Is it still manufactured? (a colleague has the seat and I forgot to check the DOM) ~~ Can the handle be left up in the car...
  2. Patriot201

    This may have already been shared...

    This video may already have been shared, so forgive me if it has. As we enter "heat season," this is meaningful. Thankfully, this video is all actors, but as we know, this happens in real life, as well. Children are forgotten in hot vehicles...
  3. Patriot201

    Can we PLEASE get some fun covers like these?

    Other than Clek, I feel that covers are BORING here. I wish we could get covers like these:
  4. Patriot201

    Need a video or other resource, please

    Does anyone have a good video or other resource I can send to three friends (all of whom have been in accidents recently, and all of whom are still using the seats that were involved in the accidents-- two of which totalled the cars) that shows WHY you shouldn't reuse seats that have been in...
  5. Patriot201

    Low-cost highback booster-- which would you choose?

    For an inexpensive (under $40, if possible) "back-up" booster that will be used in multiple cars by several children, all aged 6.5-8.5 (and all average-sized), which would you choose? (all seating locations have head support and lap/shoulder belts) ~ Evenflo Big Kid Sport ($30) ~ Cosco...
  6. Patriot201

    If you could buy ANY highback booster, which one would you purchase?

    My seven-and-a-half-year-old niece has decided that she significantly prefers highback boosters over backless boosters. Last night, she informed me that backless boosters are now uncomfortable (when she is in a NBB, she rides in a Graco Turbo, Harmony Literider, Harmony Transit, Evenflo Amp...
  7. Patriot201

    Radian experience-- is this typical/what should I expect to happen now?

    My five-and-a-half-year-old DN rides in a Radian XT in my car, and the seat is typically used about once every two weeks (or so :o). Due to a CRAZY-busy summer, I think he actually only rode in my car twice all summer, though. At the beginning of the summer, DN was still able to RF in the...
  8. Patriot201

    *Possibly* need advice-- carseats in a small convertible

    I'm not sure yet whether this will be a need or not, but I want to be prepared. What seats would you recommend, for use in a small convertible such as a Mini Cooper, Audi A5, BMW 128, etc., for a seven-and-a-half-year-old who is tall but slender, and a five-and-a-half-year-old who is on the...
  9. Patriot201

    Contigo infant seat?

    This seat appears to be just like the Via, but with a different handle. But I've never heard of it. Is it new? Have I just missed something? Other than the handle, does anyone know what makes this seat different than the Via? Are...
  10. Patriot201

    Graco Colorz is back!

    Walmart is carrying the new Graco Colorz Turbo Booster. I took a picture of it, but my phone is being difficult. :(
  11. Patriot201

    LATCH limit in Ford?

    What is Ford's LATCH limit? Does it include the only the weight of the child, or the weight of the child plus the seat? Thanks!
  12. Patriot201

    Combination seat for almost-four-year-old boy

    Please help me brainstorm the best options for this situation: ~~ Child will be four in September ~~ Child wears a size 5T shirt ~~ Child weighs around 40 pounds ~~ Seat needs to be able to be installed in a variety of vehicles, not all of which have LATCH (so an easy seatbelt installation is...
  13. Patriot201

    Driving with a dog in the backseat

    Just thinking ahead... My yellow lab has a PetBuckle and a Bergan harness (though mine doesn't have a tether like the one pictured :confused:), and she is usually retrained in the car with one of those two harnesses. Both of her harnesses seriously restrict her movement to the point that she...
  14. Patriot201

    Are these new Nautilus covers?

    I don't recall seeing these before. Graco Nautilus Elite 3-in-1 Car Seat, Vice: Baby Perhaps I live under a rock, though. :o And is this a new Argos cover? Argos 70 3-in-1 Car Seat: Baby
  15. Patriot201

    Apparently carseats make great nests

    I am trying to get her to send pictures of what is left of the seat... My friend is expecting her second child in early May. When her daughter outgrew her infant seat a little over a year ago, my friend cleaned the cover, wiped off the shell, and neatly packaged the seat in a box and put it...
  16. Patriot201

    Blank threads

    When I hover over titles, I can see that there is text there, but when I click to open threads, they are all "blank." There is no text.
  17. Patriot201

    Cosco Stack-it

    What is this? This looks VERY light-weight, even more so than the other "cheap" boosters. Does it just appear that way, or is it VERY light-weight? Look at the rough...
  18. Patriot201

    My love of harnessed seats has been reinforced this week

    I have kept the kids in my life harnessed as long as possible because... it is easier for me. :o I do use boosters if necessary, but prefer harnessed seats because I find them much easier to use. :o This past week, however, I have had to use boosters a lot and I have been reminded of why I so...
  19. Patriot201

    Which backless booster?

    If you needed a few inexpensive backless boosters to have for emergencies and/or for carpooling (all for children aged 7 to 12), which boosters would you get? Harmony Lite Rider Harmony Cruz Harmony Olympian Graco Turbo Backless Evenflo Amp Cosco Topside Another? The seat(s) needs to be...
  20. Patriot201

    Another 'which booster?' thread... but this one's different!

    Later this week, my sister, her two children (aged 4 and 6), her friend and her daughter (aged 6), and I will be going dowtown together. My sister will drive because it is easier (and cheaper) to just pile us all into one vehicle. My sister's kids both ride in Regents and they'll stay in those...

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