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  1. rachelandtyke

    Commuter cars

    And I didn't even think about the fact that DD1 will be driving in the next few years! 😳
  2. rachelandtyke

    Commuter cars

    I knew to look at Car Seat Blog for carseats, but didn't realize cars were there, too!
  3. rachelandtyke

    Commuter cars

    We are coming to the point where we will need to replace both our vehicles. DH just needs a commuter car, but we are thinking we'd like one that could fit our whole family if needed. I suspect that DS would be able to 5 step in whatever we get (otherwise he'd be in a low back for just a bit...
  4. rachelandtyke

    Car Seats to fit 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon

    What are the heights of the front seat passengers? Does it have the hump in the middle of the back seat like the 2002 does?
  5. rachelandtyke

    Graco Turbooster expiration 2014?

    In 2014, Graco replaced the back of our highback turbobooster. The original seat was from before then, so the bottom part has since been discarded and replaced with more recent low backs, which the replaced back does fit. I don't recall if the expiration in 2014 was 6 years or longer, since the...
  6. rachelandtyke

    minivans with good 3rd row seat belt geometry

    We are getting close to needing to replace our 2001 Chrysler Town and Country minivan (or our 2002 Subaru Legacy Wagon). My dream minivan would be a new Toyota Sienna, but budget may not permit. Ideally we'd like an 8 seater, but it may not happen. One of our big concerns is seat belt...
  7. rachelandtyke

    Are all Recaro Vivos expired now?

    Mine expired, and I have two covers for it. Wondering if I should just toss the covers or try to give them away if there are still some out seats out there that aren't expired. I always hate throwing away the soft goods, but don't know what else to do!
  8. rachelandtyke

    5 stepping in Buick Lacrosse?

    DD1 now 5 steps in our 2001 Town and Country and 2002 Subaru Legacy Wagon. :eek: What is the likelihood that she will also 5 step in a Buick Lacrosse? (I think it is not more than 5 years old - much newer than our cars!) She is 12y5m, 65 lbs, and 4 ft. 8 in.
  9. rachelandtyke

    Is she ready?

    DD1 (12y4m) recently had a growth spurt, so we tried her in the van without her booster. I think she might actually 5 step? :eek: Feet flat on floor. Back and bum all the way back. I think the shoulder and lap belt fit look good? I don't know, she's my first!
  10. rachelandtyke

    365 copies of Word Works phonics magazines (19 different issues)

    great for classroom use or sent home for summer enrichment $50 ppd here is the breakdown: Volume 1 Issue 1-2 4 7-8 6 9-10 8 11-12 4 13-14 16 15-16 19 17-18 13 19-20 16 21-22 20 23-24 17 25-26 10 27-28 37 29-30 3 Volume 2 Issue 7-8 20 9-10...
  11. rachelandtyke

    when did turbobooster go to 10 year expiration?

    When did Graco switch to 10 years on the Turbobooster (backless if it's any difference)? Thanks!
  12. rachelandtyke

    WWYD - booster outboard or no booster center

    2016 Toyota Sienna 8 seater child is 11 1/2, but small of stature (60 lbs, 54 in.) and maybe barely starting puberty child fits without booster in the extra 8th seat in the center middle row child can also ride outboard passenger side middle row in a backless Turbobooster with good belt fit If...
  13. rachelandtyke

    In Search Of Our Generation Polka Dot Camping Set Went to 3 stores that said they had it with no success today. :( Looking for new or used or any other doll tent and sleeping bag. Thanks!
  14. rachelandtyke

    Diono Monterey $79.99 11/18 Today only, Diono Monterey on Kids Woot for 79.99 + $5 shipping up to 3
  15. rachelandtyke

    ISO Cardiff Head Rest

    Looking for a cardiff headrest for my oldest. Thanks!
  16. rachelandtyke

    For Sale 12-18 month brown robeez boots

    $15ppd only used inside (never worn for walking outside) smoke free, pet free home
  17. rachelandtyke

    For Sale 18-24 month brown robeez boots

    $15ppd 18-24 month brown robeez boots Like these...
  18. rachelandtyke

    Recaro Performance Ride $149.99 9/7 $149.99 plus $5 shipping for up to 3
  19. rachelandtyke

    sta-tuct clips and onesies extenders

    I have two sta-tuct shirt clips in white and pink and two sets of white onesies extenders (9 per set). Will sell together or separately.

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