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  1. leighi123

    ISO a mifold or other travel booster

    Need a mifold for a trip we are going on, anyone have one? I don't care what color. Shipping to 32937 Thanks! ps. I'll consider a bubblebum as well, we tried one a long time ago and returned it because of poor fit but kid is much bigger now so may work fine at this point.
  2. leighi123

    Narrow carseat in Japan?

    Asking for a friend. Her daughter is close to 2, but forward facing (no chance of changing that). Seat she got is a weird looking very small looking black and white FF seat with no chest clip. Baby pulls her arms out. She wants to just buy a chest clip to "fix" it. Claims its tight...
  3. leighi123

    2003 Honda Element

    Anything I need to know about the 2003 Honda Element? I haven't had my own car in over 7yrs now, neighbor is selling one for a great deal in great shape. 1 kid, RF in the MT right now but will either go into a booster or frontier relatively soon (maybe at christmas time) EVENTUALLY I'd...
  4. leighi123

    Which booster? And what to use long term lap-belt only position

    Finally considering getting a booster for Levi, now that he is 8! He is 48" tall, and about 44lbs, long and narrow, long legs, short torso, skinny hips. All his weight is muscle. Right now he is RF in the MT (yes, still). He was riding FF in an RXT in my bf's car for a month, but we...
  5. leighi123

    any interest in a kindle fire?

    Any one interested in a kindle fire? Its just the regular one, not one of the newer ones. Works perfectly, and has a fairly new charger and case. Make me an offer?
  6. leighi123

    What booster(s) for Z?

    T's marathon is expiring soon in their mom's car, so I suggested giving her Z's frontier (she is FF in their car), and getting Z a dedicated booster. Its a honda mini-van of some kind and will go on the passenger side captain's chair. He is 48-40" tall and I think last weight on him was 47...
  7. leighi123

    Still ISO bubble bum

    I need a bubble bum before the 17th. We are going on a short cruise, and at 1 stop I cannot figure out what the transportation will be, and I'd like something for back up in case we can't get on a bus. I know ds is under the weight limit, but its very unlikely we will actually need to use...
  8. leighi123

    3-across in 2003 Toyota Camery?

    I need a car, I'm currently using my dad's, but I'm driving Z and T a ton and want one of my own. Will all 3 kids fit in a 2003 Toyota Camery? RF Muti-tech RF radian (RXT or XTSL) and a booster for Z (which I don't have so I can get anything reasonably priced, but he is squished in the RXT...
  9. leighi123

    iso: size 5 coat, size 12-1 boots

    Levi needs a new winter coat for skiing and snow play. He also needs warm snow boots! I need them both cheap or trade for custom sewing - I can make Christmas gift stuff Size 5/6 for the coat size 12 or 1 for boots Any color but brighter is better
  10. leighi123

    ERF in Denmark?

    Friend of a friend is looking for the next seat for her daughter. She is 20lbs and 18months old, RF in an infant seat with a weight limit of 20lbs. She wants to ERF. This is the seat she was looking at - but that doesn't RF does it? What should she get? I don't know anything about what...
  11. leighi123

    Need Radian boot ASAP

    I broke my boot! I will call tomorrow and see if they can send a replacement, but I know last time I needed a new boot it took 2 weeks to arrive. I need one sooner than that. Anyone have one they don't need that can get to me as quick as possible for super cheap? I have an XTSL and...
  12. leighi123

    Help me recomend a booster

    I never know what boosters to recommend, as we aren't there yet with Levi. My friends dd has outgrown her gn harness and needs a booster. She is almost 7yrs old, 50" tall, 53lbs (according to mom, she doesn't seem that heavy to me!), and torso height is around 18". She does NOT fit well in...
  13. leighi123

    ISO: Bubble Bum and/or small RSTV

    I need a backup seat for Z for a tight 3-across. Also, something for Levi for the ski bus. Prefer the purple bubble bum! Also still looking for a small RSTV, for travel situations for Levi. Needs to be the one that can be used with a lap/shoulder belt without the tether, or lap belt...
  14. leighi123

    bent harness knob, and a RXT issue.

    I had a look at a friends seat Boulevard today to help her move the harness up higher, and one of the knobs that you turn to adjust it was totally bent so that it couldn't turn very far. Tried to bend it back, and that sucker wouldn't move a bit, its a thick bit of metal that the knobs are...
  15. leighi123

    Chest clip, heart surgery

    I need suggestions for a child who had a heart surgery and complains of the chest clip hurting him, which results in him pushing it down. He has a cosco scenera, 2yrs old, 30lbs, forward facing. Which seats can be used without the chest clip? It seems to be the clip itself that hurts him.
  16. leighi123

    3 kids in a prius

    Right now I don't have a car, but my dad wants to get me one. I really want a hybrid and I really like the prius. I usually just have Levi, but at least one day a week I also have T (2). Once in a while and a lot in the summer I also have Z. Z will be 6 in April and is a big kid. He is fine in...
  17. leighi123

    In Search Of winter clothes for me and levi

    Iso inexpensive winter gear Snow boots shoe size 6.5, I have very wide feet. I don't care what they look like but must be good for walking in snow, for sledding etc. Fleece pants/leggings size small Levi: (his current stuff is 3t, it fits but no grow room any colors are fine!) ski jacket size...
  18. leighi123

    ISO small RSTV

    ISO a small RSTV, will trade/partial trade a XTSL cover for it (flora or bently), or just paypal for it. Needed in my hands before Nov 24th (we leave on a cruise on the 25th). Or anyone know of any good deals on them?
  19. leighi123

    Multi-tech - does this look right?

    I feel like I'm messing something up, but I'm not sure! Includes some randomness by Levi, sorry but he insisted on showing everybody why you're not supposed to ride in just a seatbelt when you are Levi size! Not sure why he thinks...
  20. leighi123

    Turbo booster question

    My neighbor recently went on vacation with her 2 kids, and I finally actually convinced her she needed to NOT check her kids seats on the plane (especially the brand new RXT!). Her DH was already at their destination so he picked up a Turbo for the 5yr old (who is a huge kid, mature enough for...

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