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    Booster Options, is incognito the only one?

    Ds1 is 8.5yrs 58" 105lbs, yes that's accurate, he was at drs this week. He meets the minimum to go without a booster, but I don't feel comfortable going without. He's very close to five-stepping and does sometimes, depending on vehicle and seat he seats in, which varies. Is the incognito the...
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    For Sale New coccoro cherry pie

    New coccoro in cherry pie. Just received yesterday from Combi as a replacement for my coccoro. Can't justify keeping a seat that we'll get less than a year out of at this point. dom 08/15. Asking $150 shipped.
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    Peg 4/35 portraits gray and fleur

    I'm about done with the infant seat days :( Portrait grey cover with a fleur seat pad also in great shape, non smoking home, no accidents. One of my children pulled the sticker off the base that shows level indicator. Normal scuffs from use on bottom and handle. $100 shipped.
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    For Sale Need to destash

    I have a few too many seats not getting enough use. Local would be great, sw MI, but can ship too. I can get pics and more details if interested. Peg 4.35 dom is 2014 portraits grey fabric. Also have a fleur seat pad only that I just purchased this spring. $150 Clek Foonf blue ink 12-2015...
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    Boulevard and Advocate Clicktight

    **holding off on selling for now** I have an advct in tahoe and blvdct in splash both doms 12/14. Have the recall lube. Gently used, no accidents, non smoking home. The splash cover warning labels have loose threads. Will add pics if interested. Really like them, just won't work where I need...
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    Diono Rainer glacier...less than perfect

    sold Used Rainer in glacier, non smoking home, no accidents. Seat bottom has stains, some are paint, others I'm thinking popsicle or juice. Straps are spotty and adjuster strap plastic piece has chew marks. Diono just replaced the harness pads and under bum memory foam. Includes angle adjuster...
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    Diono Monterey Surf

    SOLD!!! i'm beginning to clean out some seats... first up is a monterey. Dom is 01/15 purchased in June or July only used about a month though. Have box (a little beat up though as the boys love to play in boxes lol) No accidents and smoke free. Asking $90 shipped but needs to go asap so open...
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    Seats for T&C/GC newish

    I know the town and county/dodge caravan doesn't have much love here. With a limited budget, I had to make it work. It's an 08 t&c. From my searching here, it looks like nbb are a no go in the third row, and only a few hbb work? I'm trying to figure out the best layout to get all five of my kids...
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    Craving more space..but is a minivan the best option?

    We currently drive an outlook (traverse,Acadia,enclave twin) 8 passenger, it feels a little cramped though. Expecting #5...dh is anti minivan, it's the reason we went with the outlook, while I don't love the look of a minivan I'm envious of the sliding doors and cargo space. To get a little...
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    Checking interest..Frontier85, Foonf

    Would prefer local sw mi, about 2 hrs from Chicago (will be in Chicago the 3rd of July) FR85 Cowmoo SOLD Cardinal Cover SOLD Foonf is faux hawk, 03/2013, missing one cotter pin for the arb. Asking $300 shipped, but would really prefer not to ship this beast and will make a deal to avoid it...
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    Nextfit ZIP

    Did I miss this Nextfit with a zip off cover and lower strap covers that keep the harness out of the way for loading, flex covers? Just saw it on BRU and didn't remember hearing...
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    BOOSTERS idk where to even start.

    I can't believe DS1 is even old enough to start looking at boosters already :( But I guess it's time, he's currently 5yr7m 54.5" 63lbs, torso is 18" He's currently in a FR90 and FR85, looking to start booster training once the snow melts. I don't know what's out, what's coming out, and what to...
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    For Sale or Trade Cybex Aton 2012

    Aton in water colors, black canopy shield and black handle. Purchased from a member here in feb of this year, new. I couldn't find the love and switched to a keyfit after about two weeks. Switched back to the Aton again but still couldn't love it and bought another keyfit. It's been used a...
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    Nextfit cover question

    Is it easy to clean? Remove? Do crumbs collect where the pieces meet? I almost picked one up the other day, but couldn't decide if the cover would be easy to clean.
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    Nuna Pipa questions

    I saw the pipa was available for pre-order and shipping in 2-4 weeks, anyone know if that time frame is accurate? What's the weight limit? And for those that have seen it, what seat available now is closest in size or how big is it? I don't love my aton and lost my I think the dream...
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    Maxing out ProSport harness, what to do?

    Ds1- 4yr 8m 48" and 56lbs, is at the top slot of the prosport, he's even with it. How long would you leave him in it? He has two fr85s, one in dhs car and one in gmas, so do I take one of those out and swap it with the prosport and switch him to booster mode in the prosport, he's never ridden...
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    News BabyTrend Inertia

    Babytrend has a new seat coming out next month. The Inertia, just saw on fb, sorry if it's already been discussed. Rebound bar and controlled motion base with rigid latch...
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    foonf delay?

    Is there likely to be another delay with the next shipment? If I order one, I'm wanting the faux hawk, which shows shipping sometime in February. Albee shows it discontinued but still says shipping sometime in February. I don't want to wait forever, I want it now.
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    News Britax at Walmart

    Walmart is now carrying the Roundabout50 Classic online only $160. They have the Kathryn and a new Charcoal
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    Valco Spark duo or Stroll Air my duo or?

    Like KQ with tax time coming I would like to get a stroller I LOVE. I had thought about going with a city select again, but really I had it and didn't love it, it just seems long. I wasn't sure how much of a rider ds3 would be, but it looks like he'll be riding more than the other two boys did...

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