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  1. Misty-Bug

    ISO pink cover!!

    For either a R100/R120 Or a RXT. I have the purple plum and I really don't like it. I miss my pink seat
  2. Misty-Bug

    Really not happy with my PLUM cover

    I have the RXT seat. Plum cover. I really am not happy with the color to be honest. I would LOVE to find a Petal cover. The problem is I would like to see if someone would trade across. And if they would be willing to ship to me if their seat is not in use as mine is used every day and I don't...
  3. Misty-Bug

    I know this is a long shot.....

    but is there anyone looking for a Coastal Blue Radian seat cover? It was off the Radian 65 (canada). Doesn't fit the ones that go to boosters. Or the RXT's. only older models
  4. Misty-Bug

    ISO: baby carrier

    looking for a Beco carrier. I would love to trade across for my Moby Wrap. but does anyone have one for a decent price?
  5. Misty-Bug

    Moby Wrap

    I have a moby wrap I am looking to sell or trade for an Ergo. Aurora is too big for the wrap now. Is there any interest in a trade?
  6. Misty-Bug

    For Sale Cloth diapers

    these are whataboutpuppy diapers. they are adorable but they just don't fit skinny miss very well. Most of them have barely been used. I am asking $20PPD. I just tried the heart one on her again and it just didn't fit right. mostly girl prints but there is one owl print. hearts. bugs...
  7. Misty-Bug

    Cloth Diapers for sale

    I got 24 diapers from WhatAboutPuppy. UJnfortunately these beautiful and solid diapers just do not working out for us so I do need to sell them. Would prefer to sell them as lots but willing to separate. I am asking $15 per diaper plus shipping. Feel free to email me with any questions you may...
  8. Misty-Bug


    got a couple things I am kind of looking for if anyone knows anything. And I am not interested in the pink room to be honest. I get too flustered in there. JJB Space station JJB Mess shuttle JJB BeRich JJB BeMajor just some things I am kind of hoping for but am too cheap to buy new. lol
  9. Misty-Bug

    ISO BeConnected clips by Ju-Ju-Be

    yep. that is what I am looking for. lol. Thinking it will fit the bob stroller.
  10. Misty-Bug

    what do you think?

    I know I should know this. So excuse me but do you think I should call SK about this strap?? this sits on his hips. Radian 65
  11. Misty-Bug

    Question Frontier curtaining

    I don't want to start a big ol' debate or anything. I also tried searching and didn't see a post addressed about this so I thought I would ask. I remember reading a post about people having the curtaining on the back of their Frontiers. From older models to newer models. Now some people are...
  12. Misty-Bug


    the forum looks weird. It has changed with layout. what is the thank you in the posts? It says something about being thanked. That is cool. How do you do that. ok that is just my observation this morning!! lol
  13. Misty-Bug

    ANOTHER shoddy Dorel product?

    Ok this is from MY experience but if you have the following product DO NOT use it. DO NOT recommend it or buy it. so my husband and I were installing it (tricky location in his van). We didn't even have the DANG THING tight when THIS happened: Yep you are seeing what you think you are...
  14. Misty-Bug

    IF I were to sell my stroller

    what do you think would be a good price to list it at? It is a Bob Revolution Duallie. I have the handle bar console and the rain cover. It is navy. It has the 16" rear wheels. It even still has those rubber things on it because I haven't trashed it. It has been stored inside. Not in direct...
  15. Misty-Bug

    Come on Sears!

    not only can you NOT use the SR32 and the SS1 on the same base but this isn't even the RIGHT BASE!! I emailed them too. Anyone else want to as well?
  16. Misty-Bug

    My Chicco Liteway

    is going back today. :( :thumbsdown: I am a little disappointed. I have used it twice. It is still a rough ride. There are a couple of downfalls I wanted to say that I had a hard time with. I know that I am probably a minority and I did like it but now I don't. :o the seat depth is pretty...
  17. Misty-Bug

    looking for an umbrella stroller

    I have an Avalon stroller. I saw a LOT of Maclaren's at Disneyland but I personally do not like them. It doesn't recline as low as my Avalon. I like the looks of the Baby Planet stroller. However, it has two handles. I didn't like that about mine. But it could be because mine started to track to...
  18. Misty-Bug

    Limo question

    I am sure I will get an install just fine but I still have a question. My brother is renting a limo for our trip to the airport on the 5th. It is a 16 passenger 2007 Ford Expedition. The owner said that it is bucket seats with a lap/shoulder belt. I have had to install my radian with a...
  19. Misty-Bug

    Install help...Moving Radian from RFing to FFing...

    using a shoulder belt. My car is a 1996 Ford Taurus station wagon. The shoulder belts outboard both lock at the retractor. (sp?) We installed the grey seat and then put the blue one back. We didn't touch the belt for the center install because we know it was properly installed. Bear with me...
  20. Misty-Bug

    does this look ok?

    I put it here in case anyone else has the same type of question. Now that Cooper is not in diapers I notice that he slumps a bit and there is space behind his bum. So I moved the crotch strap back. But does it look like it might come up at too much of an angle? Should I move it back to the outer...

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