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    Is the 2017 Ford Escape a safe enough option? Tucson?

    So I have a fractured vertebra that causes me a lot of pain and I am looking for a taller vehicle that is easy for me to get in and out of. But I am also not allowed to lift my hands above my head, per my doctor, so a power liftgate would be necessary. Because of these two stipulations I am...
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    I really need installation help!

    I'm so frustrated. I can't seem to get anything to install correctly in my car anymore. I currently have a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu. I have had a Chicco Keyfit and Britax Classic Roundabout both rear and forward facing. I had no installation issues. Now as I've tried to find a new seat to take us...
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    Seatbelt extenders

    My sister asked me: DH's seatbelts are getting very hard to buckle in his truck. They like to shift behind the seat. I thought if I got seatbelt extenders that it would make it easier on everyone. Can you find out which ones would be safe for the kids to use? If I remember correctly, none are...
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    Question For a friend, needs new seat.

    I'm out of the loop too much to help her on this one. Her almost 3yo is RFing in an evenflo triumph advance and he is within an inch of the top of the shell now. She would like to continue RFing him, he is about 32lbs. She thinks the only thing taller would be the radian, but isn't very happy...
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    Conversational: What is the favorite ____ seat currently?

    I've been so out of the loop, for a loooong time. What is everyone's current favorites for infant, convertible, combination, etc? And alternatively, what is most discouraged? And even more so, what used to be awesome that isn't around anymore?
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    Do we need a special seat?

    The kid outgrew his harness a year and a half ago right after he turned 8. We have struggled with his behavior in a booster ever since. He is ASD and I truly have tried everything I could find and the only thing that works is distraction with a good book or gaming system. He isn't a obsessive...
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    Sold! $25 in Gymbucks for $8

    I just got these during a purchase at the outlets and I'm trying to raise funds now for necessary dental work. So I have $25 worth of gymbucks and I'm asking $8 payment sent as gift. I'll PM you the code as soon as payment goes through.
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    For Sale Chicco Miro Travel System w/ Keyfit30

    I wont be bumping this anymore, but if you are honestly interested then please PM me. My bottom line price on these right now is 260ppd for the system. Now that the baby has decided he definitely hates the bucket seat and we got a RA50 instead, I need to sell this. I am going to go ahead and...
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    Beco Butterfly on mamabargains for 69.88! I have one, it is what I use at walmart when shopping. Thought I'd share the deal.
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    For Sale or Trade Cheap and barely used P-3m clothes!

    These are now in storage until the biannual consignment sales. If you are truly interested and ready to pay in more than 5 items then please PM me :) Some of these items haven't ever been worn or were worn only once. Some were used in rotation with the others for a 2 week span, and some have...
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    Problems with booster in 09 malibu

    Has anyone had good luck with a HBB outboard in the 09 malibu? Note that the car has side impact airbags and an oddly sloping ceiling. DS finally got to the point that he was just over the slots of his FR85 on some days, so I converted it to booster mode... but... I realized that when installed...
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    Another booster thread

  13. L and carseats?

    Help me figure this out. I've never used and my order through another site fell through HARD(and I'm really pissed off about it, but there's nothing I can do but be upset). So how do you do coupons and where do I find coupons and I'm a new customer so I figure I can get something...
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    Need help picking a new booster(front seat rider)

    DS currently rides in an FR85 in my car with a little room to grow in the harness. He will be 8 in a few weeks and is about 4.5' and about 68lbs. He currently rides in an original parkway in the front seat of my mom's vehicles. She drives either a Ford Transit Connect or GMC pickup truck...
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    Selective viewing

    I know this was brought up a while ago, maybe in a non-feedback type thread, but I remember it being mentioned. About selecting where you can or can't view. Like if there was a way to put a whole subforum on ignore. Well I wanted to bring it up again, just incase you thought there might be...
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    For Sale Any interest in a berg runabout single?

    Before I go confiscate it from my mom's garage to be cleaned and take pictures, I wanted to see if anyone was interested in a berg designs single runabout stroller? It is the original single stroller, not the new 2seater that you remove the seat from. It is an awesome fixed wheel jogging...
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    Parkway Height Adjuster getting stuck

    We have been using DS's Parkway as his seat in my mom's car for almost a year now. I noticed yesterday and it was just falling into the lowest position if he wasn't sitting in it to hold up the headrest. At first I thought it must be broken completely, but upon bringing it in the house and...
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    Myride vs marathon for older kids

    I tried to search this and read the other threads, but couldn't seem to find what I needed. How tall are the top slots of the myride compared to the marathon? I know they both measure about 17" each, but how does it actually fit in the car?
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    Help me find...

    A bag like the Fleurville Micro-Pod that is under or around $20. I like the features of this for when we go to the park and whatnot. A small sling bag with a outside zip and a mesh pocket for a drink. Can anyone help me find something similar or a Micro-Pod that is under $20 that is not red or...
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    In memory of...

    RIP Colonial Blue Marathon Jan 23 2009 You were a good seat, you served us well. You came into our lives when DS was 8 months old and we used you for exactly 2 years before passing you on to another family. You were a dream to install in our corolla, both rear and forward facing. You were...

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