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  1. monica-m

    In Search Of ISO Maxi Cosi Compatible Adaptor

    I am looking for an adaptor for either a BOB Revolution SE or a Baby Jogger City Mini that will work with a Maxi Cosi infant seat for our Nuna Pipa.
  2. monica-m

    Eddie Bauer leather edition car seats

    For forward facing, the harness straps need to be coming from at or above the child's shoulders. The highest setting for the harness on that seat is pretty short, so it's likely they have already outgrown it by height. Most kids outgrow seats by height before they reach the weight limit.
  3. monica-m

    Foonf Install

    I did a seat check today for a family with a Foonf and a 2006 Malibu. It came to me in the box in forward facing mode with the harness in the second slots. Baby is about 28", 19ish lbs and is 1 year old today. Little man has lots of leg room. We installed it rear facing in the center...
  4. monica-m


    Hygeia is offering free shipping this weekend. Just select the free option when selecting shipping.
  5. monica-m

    Car Seat Destruction

    I found this gem at a thrift store a few months back: It had been living in our garage for the next BRU event or dramatic destruction. Since we didn't need anything from BRU, DH opted for dramatic destruction when cleaning out the garage last weekend. Dramatic destruction video...
  6. monica-m

    In Search Of Radian 65SL Cover

    I am ISO a Radian 65 cover that is not girly. I don't really care about the color, I am just sick of not having a seat when DS pees in his Radian.
  7. monica-m

    ISO - Britax Comfort Pads

    I am ISO Britax comfort pads. The color does not matter.
  8. monica-m

    I got to meet the Foonf...

    ...and it fits great in my car which means I need one, right? It also puzzles with the CCO so it will be perfect when I have another baby :love:
  9. monica-m

    Reason #468 to use a car seat......

    . .. . . .. .. ............It will give your kid SUPER POWERS and one day they will build a rocket from recycled carseats and discover a new planet with aliens.
  10. monica-m

    SCM access

    I thought I was eligible for SCM access but I cannot find anything in my user CP to request to join. What am I supposed to do?
  11. monica-m

    What Seat to Take

    We are traveling about 4 hours by car Saturday morning to go to my brother's wedding. DH, DS and I will be riding with my parents. We are taking my Dad's Expedition so space will not be an issue. We have the following seats: Radian 65SL True Fit Scenera Como G2 I am not sure which seating...
  12. monica-m

    New Dorel Seats at BRU (Pic Heavy)

    Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics. I wasn't expecting to see new seats on this trip. Aquos 65 Close up of the pattern Lowest harness setting Easy Fit 65 Close up of pattern Lowest harness setting
  13. monica-m

    In Search Of Toddler Boys Shoes

    I am looking for some new shoes for DS. He is outgrowing his 12-18 months Pedipeds and Robeez. I am looking for softer soled shoes sizes 5-6 wide widths if available. DH nearly had a fit when he saw the retail prices on the shoes I was looking at and I have been coming up empty at consignment...
  14. monica-m

    Borrowing LATCH anchors in Jeep Liberty

    Can I borrow the outboard LATCH anchors for a center install of a True Fit in a '02 Jeep Liberty?
  15. monica-m

    Non Standard LATCH spacing and Recaro/Lexus

    I tried searching but could not find the answer to my question. I apologize if the question has already been asked and answered. DS has a Recaro Como in DH's car and my mom's car. DH has 3 sets of LATCH in his backseat so this isn't an issue for his car but my mom has a Lexus RX 330 and I was...
  16. monica-m

    Foreign Car Seats

    I was in a consignment shop today and there was a Britax Cozy Tot for sale for $180 :eek:. I told the owner that foreign seats were not legal to use in the US and she did not believe me. She told me that she called Britax and they told her it was fine. She also told me that the consignor...
  17. monica-m

    T-Tario 35 on Zulily

    Zulily has the T-Tario 32 and 35 for $119.99-$149.99 today.
  18. monica-m

    Question Seat belt positioner..... for me

    I am 5'1" and on a good day 120 lbs. Seat belts don't fit me. I know that these products are not recommended for use with children but can I use something like this for myself to get a proper fit on a seat belt? Safe Fit Auto Seat Belt Adjuster & Positioner: Baby I am too big for...
  19. monica-m

    Please Critique My Install (Pic Heavy)

    I am having to find a car seat check, I just missed my town's monthly check and I don't think there are any techs close by. My wonderful UPS man brought me my new CCO in Carrot Cake :love: for DS. DS is 5.75 months old and weighs between 18 and 19 lbs. I am not using the infant insert. I...

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