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  1. ctbcleveland

    Nautilus as a Booster - LATCH Set Up

    Can someone remind me what LATCH set up is permissible when using the Nautilus as a HBB? When I first got it, I remember there were all sorts of options but it has been a while now and know things have changed. Thanks!
  2. ctbcleveland

    FFS - AEROBED Toddler Sheet

    Our aerobed died this weekend and won't be replaced. I have a sheet made specifically for it that I will give to someone FFS. Below is an ebay auction for the same item so you can see the pattern...
  3. ctbcleveland

    BNWT - Power Bag Grey Messenger-Style Bag

    Up for sale is a Power Bag - Messenger Style Grey bag. : Powerbag Messenger Bag with Battery for Charging Smartphones, Tablets and eReaders - Grey : Laptop Computer Messenger Bags : Electronics I purchased this for $39.99 +...
  4. ctbcleveland

    ISO Legoland Coupons (BOGO)

    I don't know if the current lego packages still include the BOGO coupons, but if you have a few, please let me know. Not looking for the Florida themepark ones, but the ones that work in other big cities (like Chicago). I need two, if possible.
  5. ctbcleveland

    Disney Pins for Pin Trading

    We recently returned from a Disney trip. I had pre-purchased several pin packs from Ebay and ultimately bought more than I need. My pins were purchased from BizzyBee1 on ebay who is know to be a reputable seller on Disboards (no junk). Looking to sell each booster set as a group. I have...
  6. ctbcleveland

    Wal-Mart Carseat Clearance

    Just a head's up to everyone. The wal-marts in my area are clearancing seats. Not too many stellar deals, but here is what I have seen: Clearance Nautis for around ~$125 Clearance AMPs - NBB - just around $20 (maybe $17 or $19) Clearance Graco NBB with latch. I forget the name of that one. I...
  7. ctbcleveland

    Vacation Car Seat Planning

    So - here are the stats: DS#1 - 6.5 yrs -Full time HBB rider. Probably low 40 lbs (42-44) DS#2 - 4.5 yrs - Full time in a harnessed seat. Probably high 30 lbs (38?) Available seats: RSTV, Bubblebum, safeguard go, regular LBB (Harmony). We are flying to our destination but will need a car...
  8. ctbcleveland

    Ryan's Room Cooking Up Fun Kitchen

    This is a remnant from a Christmas past where DS insisted on having a wood cabinet from his dollhouse. The vast majority of the items in the set are brand new, in box, but a few (the wood cabinet and trash can) have been gently played with. I cannot promise, either, that the little...
  9. ctbcleveland

    Headwise/MySize and NextFit Recline position

    Do both of these seats require all rear facing children to only use the most reclined level? That was my impression of reading both manuals at Target, but maybe I am misunderstanding them.
  10. ctbcleveland

    Halloween Needs!

    Orange Sweatpants and Sweatshirt - prefer no zipper on the sweatshirt. DS is a size 5/6, but we can be flexible as it will be worn once~ Royal Blue Converse high tops (or generic equivalent). Must be royal blue and a high top (DS is super particular). DS is an 11, willing to go up in size.
  11. ctbcleveland

    Graco Booster Question

    Please tell me I am not crazy. On the Graco Website, I see the Stargazer Affix seat. I want this seat but it isn't at BBB yet. When I called Graco, they told me to just get the other Affix seat because it is the same seat. The headwings on all the other seats look different - they look...
  12. ctbcleveland

    ISO FFS Cordless Phone

    I am looking for an orphaned, abandoned cordless phone for our home. Phone must work! I figure there might be folks looking to declutter who no longer have any use for a home phone.
  13. ctbcleveland

    Checking Interest - Gerber Trainers

    I have a stack of gerber rubber training paints. I have a few of the all plastic ones that you would use over another kind of trainer. These are all white. And I have several that are plastic on the outside and soft...
  14. ctbcleveland

    FFS Nursing Bras - XL and 38D

    I have three nursing bras available FFS. All have been worn and are in used condition. Motherwear XL - Black Lace Trim Cotton Sleep Bra Motherhood Maternity - XL - White...
  15. ctbcleveland

    Girlie Classic Britax Cover (MA, RA55, etc.)

    Up for sale is an adorable cover from a Britax Decathalon. The Decathalon had the same shell as a Marathon, but had an upgraded mechanism to tighten the harness. Given that the shell is the same, this will fit on a Classic MA or RA50. The area around the adjuster might be slightly more open...
  16. ctbcleveland

    Question Checking Interest - Carters 24 month Rompers

    Checking interest to see if anyone here is interested in Boy's 24 month one-piece rompers. Several are carters and there might be another brand mixed in too. These are short sleeves and shorts style. Perfect, lightweight, easy outfits. They will be similar in style to the link below...
  17. ctbcleveland

    In Search Of Woolrich Bear/Moose Bedding From Target

    I have been on the hunt for this bedding for a couple years. I finally saw a great deal on ebay but screwed up when the auction ended and missed it. I am open to either pattern below. Could you let me know if you see this posted on your local CL for a reasonable price and if you'd be...
  18. ctbcleveland

    FFS Bundle Me, Medela Harmony Breast Pumps

    The following items are available FFS: Bundle Me: Charcoal Grey. Offering here so people don't use it in their seat. Feel free to use in your stroller or as a training device. Bundle Me Lite: Navy Blue. My mom got this at a garage sale for me and I never used. I probably would be ok...
  19. ctbcleveland

    For Sale Safety First Complete Air 65 SE Protect Convertible Car Seat (CA)

    Up for sale is a Safety First Complete Air Car Seat. Retails for $170.00 on Amazon. It was purchased in March of 2012, so we have had it for a year. Safety 1st Complete Air 65 SE Protect Convertible Car Seat: Baby It has been used very sparingly (probably for around a 3 months...
  20. ctbcleveland

    Graco My Ride Cover - Edgemont Dots

    Up for sale is a Graco My Ride Cover. I know this is a fairly simple, boring grey cover, but I really :D it. However, the My Ride is getting retired, so this needs to go to a new home. Thinking $30 shipped?

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