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  1. Phineasmama

    Two Britax Parkway SGL G1.1 boosters

    Both Spade black, they were only used for a month or two because I had to buy seats immediately to replace our crashed seats from our van, then I decided to buy something else later. Great condition, DOM is December 2014 on both of them, so just about six months old. Will ship in original box...
  2. Phineasmama

    In Search Of Clek Oobr paul frank black julius

    I'm looking for the Oobr with the white shell and black fabric with the Paul Frank monkey on it if anyone has one!
  3. Phineasmama

    Confused- Odyssey & sienna 2d row?

    So, for Odyssey 2008-09-10 model years, I can slide the two captains chairs together to create a larger space to access the third row- correct? And for the 7 passenger Sienna (talking 2006-07-08 maybe) The captains chairs are fixed in position? And are any of the seats stowable?
  4. Phineasmama

    New vehicle help! UPDATE in 1st post w pics!

    Update! I'm super happy with the way things turned out. I was obsessively stalking Odysseys on and Autotrader for like a week straight, and then just when I had gotten all the various insurance checks and other stuff deposited into my account, a new listing popped up and it was perfect...
  5. Phineasmama

    Any experience with Geico replacing seats?

    We crashed our van pretty good today. We weren't even going that fast, but the guy in front of us just decided to start driving backwards :rolleyes: and I couldn't stop because there was snow on the ground. Anyways, it was NOT drivable in any way, I couldn't even open my door. But the airbags...
  6. Phineasmama

    In Search Of ISO Minnie Mouse True Fit

    I would love to trade for it. I have a Heart shades Foonf but I can't find the RFing base. Not sure how much it costs to replace. I do have the longer crotch strap though. I also have a newer Britax Marathon 50 (classic) with choice of three covers. Blue All Star, Onyx, or Kathryn. ETA: I...
  7. Phineasmama

    Price Check Baby Jogger City Mini

    I have a black BJ City Mini stroller, lightly used, I think it's a 2012? It was the first year that they put the automatic locking mechanism on the stroller so it locks when you fold it. What would you ask if selling?
  8. Phineasmama

    In Search Of Anyone have a 2010 Boulevard 65?

    I have an acquaintance who is looking for one to replace a crashed seat so she can use the same cover. She wants the classic but obviously they don't make them anymore...trying to find a "safe" one instead of her buying on craigslist.
  9. Phineasmama

    In Search Of Anyone have classic MA covers they're hiding?

    I'm getting (another) classic seat :rolleyes: I'd love a fun cover for it. I've already had Ashley floral in the past and the brown/pink flowers (Hanna?). Something unique would be awesome! My ideal would be Emma or Tiffany.
  10. Phineasmama

    In Search Of Iso classic MA

    I'm thinking at least 2 years left on it. Cover doesn't matter.
  11. Phineasmama

    Woohoo! Rodifix on the way!

    Ok here's a couple comparison pics with the Parkway SGL for height Lowest position Highest position From the side:
  12. Phineasmama

    In Search Of ISO livia or cow fr85 cover

    anyone have one in good condition? I could possibly trade for my Maui blue cover although we're using the seat right now and the cover has sun fading at the top.
  13. Phineasmama

    Chocolate Organic Ergo for sale $65 PPD

    I still have this, not gonna use it so it needs to go! It was only used 2-3 times and I washed it to get it ready to sell. DD2 has always just been huge and for a while I had a purple Ergo so I used that one, this one is nearly new. I bought it from BRU so I know it's not a "fake" Ergo or...
  14. Phineasmama

    For Sale Diono RXT Plum & Spring covers for sale

    Seat is sold- two covers available. $45 PPD each, they are EUC so this is a great deal! Plum (pending) Spring I have a fairly new Diono RXT (pics and DOM coming) Barely used Shadow cover EUC to VGUC Plum and Spring covers. The Plum and Spring I also have the big...
  15. Phineasmama

    Question Yellow safety surround?

    Thought they had one when it first came out? Has it always been orange?
  16. Phineasmama

    For Sale Organic chocolate Ergo-barely used!

    I need to get pics but it's in almost like new condition except I washed it. I only used it 2-3 times with DD2 after I bought it at BRU last year. I'm thinking $65 shipped is reasonable? It's a little wrinkly from washing The only flaw I could find- it looks like a pen mark on the logo...
  17. Phineasmama

    Sold! Frontier 90 and Clek Oobr

    SOLD Frontier 90 Cactus flower, used for about 2-3 months by my 6yo but she's in a booster now. Thinking $180 shipped...hopefully shipping isn't insane. SOLD Clek Oobr in Skurvy, expires in 2018, comes with the Drink Thingy. Asking $90 shipped.
  18. Phineasmama

    For Sale Keeping for now

    I bought the cover and bought a brand new seat to use it with. DOM for the seat is 6/2013. The cover is in excellent condition overall with a few small flaws, no holes or rips or anything super noticeable. I got a new crotch pad for it, the kind that flips forward. And I will include the cup...
  19. Phineasmama

    Winter Hanna Andersson stuff at Costco?

    I am waiting anxiously for it to appear...anyone know when they usually get the fall/winter HA stuff in? The store is kind of out of my way so I don't get to check a lot, and DH wouldn't know what to look for :rolleyes:
  20. Phineasmama

    For Sale Bubble Bum

    SOLD! It's the black one, it's been used like 3x maybe? I bought it for our trip this April and I just didn't love it. $30 PPD, is that reasonable? If not make me an offer!

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