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  1. Mae

    Recommendations for my SIL?

    I need some recommendations! I'm so embarrassed to admit that I'm not in the loop like I used to be and I don't know this stuff anymore. SIL's budget is $180, baby is 14mo, 22lbs, with a torso height of 12.75". It'll go into a 2004 Nissan Titan King Cab (4 doors). She's looking at the Graco...
  2. Mae

    ISO: Baby Carrier

    My SIL is looking for a carrier. Any type, any kind, what do you have? :)
  3. Mae

    Compatibility? Hyundai Veracruz

    Has anybody had any problems installing a seat in the center of the Veracruz? I had a friend ask me; they were having problems installing a Maxi Cosi. Any tips?
  4. Mae

    Recommendation for a friend

    She has a Prius, DD is 2yo, weighs 21lbs. Mom says that she has about 2" left in the BV. Ideas? She wants to RF until 4. Was looking into the Foonf -- I recommended the Mysize 70, Headwise, and the Size4Me. What else?
  5. Mae

    Radians and side impact crashes -- legs over the side

    I remember this being discussed long long ago, but I want to talk about it again. I just recently put the 3yo into the (RF) RN. Before that, he was in the CCO. He loooooves that he can now put his legs over the side. ( :rolleyes: The things that interest kids, right? :p) So he's outboard...
  6. Mae

    Whoa! Ford manual -- LATCH & Seatbelt installation!

    I'm cruising through the Ford Manual (2010 Expedition) to find out if I can lock the seatbelt in booster mode (anybody know? I can't find it). Then, I find this: Whaaaaat?
  7. Mae

    Which weight to use -- doctor or home?

    Doctor scale said 47lbs, but home (after dinner) scale said 42lbs. So ... which one to follow? :) Of course, regarding LATCH limits. We have our answer; I want yours.
  8. Mae

    Does anybody have a Ford Focus with the new(er) design?

    How do you like it? Does it play nicely with car seats? :)
  9. Mae

    Nautilus. Can I do this? Booster mode AND harness at the same time?

    My mom drives four kids, all FF. One GN, one TF. Oldest kid is too big for harness in the GN. Can I do this: Install GN with LATCH. Thread harness for kiddo in harness mode. Then, when big kid needs to use the seat as a booster, just push the harness out of the way and buckle kid into seat with...
  10. Mae

    I'm debating on buying a new car. Suggestions?

    I currently have a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am. It's just slowly biting the dust, in many areas. ;) Preface: I'm a college student, so I'm not looking at a Lincoln or anything. :eek: Not too pricey. Perhaps under 20K? 22K? I'd be buying new from the dealer. Obviously it must be safe and preferably it...
  11. Mae

    How much does the GN weigh?

    Does anybody have one on hand? I looked at the data/measurement forum and it says it weighs 20lbs! I didn't think it weighed that much... can anybody double check that?
  12. Mae

    ISO XTSL Cover

    I currently have Flora, but I need a "boy" cover. ;) Pictures would be great! :)
  13. Mae

    I hate my Radian. Will the AA help?

    I've had my Radian (XTSL) in storage for ... a long time. Two years? I hate it. It doesn't install well, and the worst part ... I can't find my non-SL LATCH straps now! That was HOW I was so confident in it before! The SL straps suck and I can't get a tight install. Can I buy pre-SL LATCH...
  14. Mae

    Thread loading problems, app problems too?

    I thought it was just my app that wouldn't load the threads (it would sit, spinning, trying to load), but I just tried to click on another thread via firefox on my laptop and it won't load either. Is anybody else having problems?
  15. Mae

    Convertibles to use from birth?

    I have a friend who wants to use a convertible from birth. I'm so out of the loop now-a-days. :o Can somebody give me a good list? I know: CCO TF/TFP What else? :o
  16. Mae

    Any interest? JJB Belight, Groovy Garden

    Title says it all. I don't use it anymore. $10+shipping? It shouldn't cost much at all to ship, either. It weighs barely nothing and is super small. Can easy fit it into a padded envelop. It's this guy: The bag is...
  17. Mae

    Do harnesses expire?

    I'm buying/getting a few older harnesses from some members on here. What are the expiration dates on Graco harnesses? They only have the DOM on them, not the expiration date. Thoughts?
  18. Mae


    If a child has outgrown the GN, is the Turbobooster worth it? Or will they pretty much be outgrown from that, too? What are good boosters for BIG kids that are on the cheaper side?
  19. Mae

    What one/Where to buy the RSTV?

    I'm looking for an almost 40lb 5yo. She's tall. I know there are different models, so which one and where is the best place to buy it? Thanks. (Rep for the quickest and correctest answer. I'm in a hurry!!)
  20. Mae

    Hiding threads?

    I know this has been asked before, but with the new forum update, is there any way to allow us to completely hide a thread? So we don't even have to see it at all?

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