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  1. lovinwaves

    Best no back booster for three across.

    Need two no back boosters to fit with an infant seat (preferably Cybex Aton Q) Three across. 2012 Camry. Not super squished but not super roomy either. The kids are ages 9 and 10, super small for their age (wears size 6-7 clothes). They are currently in Clek Oobrs. I will sell the Oobrs to...
  2. lovinwaves

    What next after Cybex Aton 2?

    I'm thinking ahead mainly because I have insurance money to use up on car seats. We have a new baby on the way that I think I'm putting in a Cybex Aton 2 in between two Clek Oobrs. What would be our convertible? A Foonf? My main issue is my two kids being able to buckle in their boosters...
  3. lovinwaves

    No Budget, Need three new seats...

    Hey everyone! So we have a baby on the way! So I will have three across in a Toyota 2012 Camry. I currently have my 9 and 10 year old (very super small kids, both are in clothes size 6X-7) in Clek Oobrs (sometimes backless). I think we have decided on the Cybex Aton 2 for the new infant...
  4. lovinwaves

    Price Check Ju-ju-be Wannabe in Groovy Garden & Tiki Toffee

    They have both only been used like two times so they are in like brand new condition. How much should I sell them each for?
  5. lovinwaves

    Wanted: iPod Classic

    I am looking to buy a used iPod classic (one with video screen and one with high 120+gb). Want to get it for my teenage Step Daughter for Christmas. I have lots of JU-JU-BE Bags if you want to do a trade :D Otherwise I'll just pay I guess. THANKS!!
  6. lovinwaves

    Clek for 8 and 9 year old...outgrowing them?

    So my peanut children, both are at 50 lbs, not sure on height, are getting close to outgrowing their Clek Oobr's. What is our next option?
  7. lovinwaves

    Question Putting a 7 year old and 6 year old back in harness?

    Still having booster drama. The kids are having a hard time buckling their boosters in (it's the way our vehicle's seatbelts are. They buckled themselves in just fine in our previous car and do fine in their dad's car). I am pretty close to just harnessing them again, but I want them as safe...
  8. lovinwaves

    Clek Oobr peeps! I need photos!

    I need photos of Oobrs installed. More specifically, I want up close photos of the booster near where the buckle is. I'm trying to see if my kids are going to be able to buckle themselves in in our car which has recessed rigid buckles. Thanks! Here are some photos of what my concern is:
  9. lovinwaves

    Question What car seats for my 6 & 7 year old? Oobr? Radians?

    DD: 40lbs 7 1/2 years. DS: 40lbs 6 years. Asking about harnessed vs. booster strictly for ease of them buckling themselves in. They are currently in Recaro Prosports in my car and Recaro Vivos in my husband's car. The problem and reason for getting new seats? The Recaro Prosports are too...
  10. lovinwaves

    In Search Of Ju-Ju-Be Wannabe - any color

  11. lovinwaves

    For Sale Targus Pink/Black laptop carry bag/slipcase $35shipped

    In EUC. Only used a handful of times. Very sleek and stylish. Not bulky. Very soft inside. Here is a link to one on ebay (NOT MINE) to see a full description:
  12. lovinwaves

    ISO: silver bow

    I need a silver bow for DD's Christmas dress. Anyone have one or can make one? THANKS!
  13. lovinwaves

    For Sale Baby Jogger City Mini Double SKINS -Orange/Grey

    Any interest in these? They are BRAND NEW never used. Does not include hoods. These are for the Baby Jogger City MINI Double stroller. :) Hoods are $51.25 + $12.95 shipping new Skins are $122.75 + $12.95 shipping new
  14. lovinwaves

    Sold! Hanna Andersson size 100 Dress

    $16 shipped. In GUC. Pink striped. Longsleeve. Size 100 (38-42 in. 31-38 lbs. 3-5 yrs.) Sorry for the craptastic photo. I can get you a better one if you request one ;) It's just night time here and my other camera has a dead battery, so I used my iphone with no flash.
  15. lovinwaves

    In Search Of Recaro Vivo Booster

    I'm looking to purchase a Recaro Vivo Booster.
  16. lovinwaves

    Anyone else having Recaro ProBooster tipping problems?

    Our Recaro Probooster is very tippy. Anyone else having problems?
  17. lovinwaves

    For Sale Macbook 13.3" Hardcase and Neoprene cases for sale:

    Speck 13" SeeThru Case **Clear** in good used condition. $25. Incase 13" Neoprene Sleeve **Black** (made specifically for Apple) Used once, in brand new condition...
  18. lovinwaves

    Those of you with seats that don't have Chest Clips...

    Can you do me a favor and measure your harness strap width and the distance between the two harness strap slots? Also, the crotch buckle. Thanks!
  19. lovinwaves

    "posted via mobile device" Is this a phone carrier option or phone option? How do I get my iPhone to do that? :p
  20. lovinwaves

    For Sale Kid's NASA Astronaut Halloween Costume! Size 4-6

    SOLD!! Worn once, and looks brand new. SUPER cute in person!! Very nice quality and lots of detailing (zippered pockets, embroidered logos, buckle snaps, NASA on zipper). Comes with hat that says NASA on it. Size 4-6 $20 shipped Aeromax Kids NASA Astronaut Orange Space Suit...

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