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    Booster for center of 2014 Ford Fusion

    High back or low back will work as this position has a headrest. I know a bubblebum will work but I hesitate to get one. But if it's the best solution... I need put either my 6.5 yr old, 4'2, 56 lbs or almost 9 yr old, 4'3, 63 lbs in that position. My oldest will also be in the back and the...
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    Keen swap and sell

    Boys size 13 GUC. *GONE*
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    Easy to buckle booster/wonky buckles

    Truck is a 2014 gmc Acadia. It has these semi fixed buckles. They don't move back and forth and just a little bit up or down. I have tried every booster I have had and they either sit on the buckle (oobr) or flush against it (parkway SG, turbo, Ozzi, dreamtime, nautilus) making it impossible for...
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    Shadow Diono/SKJP Sante Fe/Backless Monterey

    ****Found**** Needs to be in EUC or at least VGUC and have at least a couple of years left on it. Long shot, I know but I had to ask. :D
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    New Maui Blue 2010 Britax Parkway Cover NIP

    *SOLD* Ordered this new from britax for 59 plus shipping. I've never opened it. We are a smoke/pet free home. Reduced again to $30 shipped SOLD
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    Any interest? 12.5 m Georgia boots (side zip wellington) run more like a 12 IMHO and were only worn a couple of days last fall(too big) and too small this fall. Horribly expensive ( yep, I feel stupid :/ ) $10 plus shipping and paypal fees? SOLD! Keen Newport in euc size 12 stone?/black $5...
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    Question Booster fit check-graco nautilus

    He loves this seat so much I'd like start booster training in it BUT if it's not a good fit, I have other dedicated boosters to try out. I keep waffling in if it is or isn't. Child is 5.5, 53 lbs, 47 ins.
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    Any expiernce with the 2013 Acadia (8 pass) and Froniter 90?

    Specifically with the frontier in booster mode latched in either of the outboard positions of the middle bench seat? The female end of the belt is rigid and fixed. I have had some issues with latchable boosters covering up that rigid buckle and being impossible or almost impossible to buckle...
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    Size 11/11.5 boys Converse/New Balance/Sperrys/Keens

    SOLD!!! I am selling these 4 pairs of shoes ONLY as a lot for 30 shipped in the US. It will cost $8 to ship one pair or I can put all 4 pairs in a flat rate box for $12 so this is a much better deal and easier on me. :) Left to right, top to bottom: VGUC New Balance 11.5 M: New...
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    Question How much time hypothetically? with pic :)

    Ds2 is 5 years 2 months, long and thin, and very impulsive. I had planned on using the nautilus until he outgrew it and then switching it into booster mode but I thought we would at least get to six. Now I am not so sure. I have a sureride in DHs car that he fits with room to grow but I'd rather...
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    Talk me into or out of an oobr: pros and cons please :)

    My youngest ds is booster training now at age five. I am tempted to get one for my dd now and put her in the center of the third row where there is latch and eventually passing it down to my younger ds2 who is five now. I like how solid and narrow it is as both my kids are on the narrower side...
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    Most comfortable backless booster?

    DS1 recently had a growth spurt. Up until this time he has been a great booster rider. He is non-verbal so the best I can understand he is uncomfortable: his upper legs or bum or both are hurting. He slides forward or sits on either hip rather than sitting flat. He is currently in a graco...
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    Parkway SG Fit Check w/ Pics

    7 yrs 3 mths and 52 lbs. Not sure how tall. It doesn't fit her like her HB TB does...but is it a bad fit? She hates the slide guard. :o
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    Advise on Graco Affix Saftey Surround vs. plain Affix?

    My DD seems to fit in Graco Boosters the best. She is a has a shorty torso at 7 yrs old and still has room to grow in the reg. Turbobooster. Id like to get her something nicer for our main vehicle. Plus it would be nice to have the TB back in DH's car. I have been planning on eventually using...
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    I have a pink Turbobooster cover that I would love to send someone FFS. I am guessing $7-$10. I am cleaning out was just trying to figure out what to do with it. PM me if your interested. Smoke and pet free home. Little bit of piling on the backless part of the seat. A very faint mark in...
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    1st Gen Kindle Fire 8GB (without special offers) $75 shipped

    SOLD! Our gadget collection is getting a little big. I am thinking of thinning out a couple of things. No trades please. I am the original owner (purchased from amazon in Nov 2011). We are a smoke and pet free home. It is fully functional, has been restored to factory settings, and I have...
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    Sold! Eclipse XTSL Cover Set $30 Shipped

    Used condition Eclipse XTSL cover. Fully functional and no stains. Its a cotton cover so very soft but has some fuzziness/wash wear all over and there is some fading though its not noticeable when on a seat. The backing doesn't look that great but you can't tell from the front. Its missing one...
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    Sold! BS DIVA CUP-SEALED NIP! $20 shipped!

    I bought this Diva Cup from Babysteals about a year ago. I paid $18.49 plus $4 shipping. Its coming time to replace my faithful Lunette and its been so great that I hate to mess up a good thing, lol. So I am going to pass on this great deal and order a Lunette. This new Diva Cup is a size 2...
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    Sold! SK Radian 65sl DOM 11/2010 $105 shipped

    SOLD I am sorry to keep listing this and taking it down. :o I had thought a family member wanted it but they do not. This time I will be leaving this up until it is sold for sure. ;) We are a smoke/pet free home. To make things simpler I am making the price shipped this time. Please only...

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