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  1. An Aurora

    Need travel seat for 3yo with SN

    Kiddo is 3, 30 pounds, 36" and has low trunk and neck tone. We held out RF as long as we could with his tone, but he is FF now. He doesn't tolerate being upright for very long, and does best at a bit of a recline. He currently rides in a Recaro ProSport and does very well but I am concerned...
  2. An Aurora

    Aton in a Malibu?

    The search function isn't working on my phone. :( I haven't seen the Aton in person, but I've heard it's small front to back. I need an infant seat that will work in a 2014 Chevy Malibu behind a tall/ long legged person. We also have a Performance Sport, which is behind the passenger seat...
  3. An Aurora

    Three across in Audi A6

    Of course A6 is not a searchable term ;) and I didn't find much searching Audi. Is it possible? One FF seat, two boosters or two FF and one booster. Old body style, 02-06 range.
  4. An Aurora

    3-across third row of 2006 Suburban

    I don't actually need three across, but I am trying to figure out a way to help my 6yo who is getting carsick. Right now she's outboard in the 3rd row and I would like to try to put her in the middle of the 3rd row. However, there is no headrest and a lap-only belt, so she needs a harnessed...
  5. An Aurora

    Which seat to share between two kids?

    I have a Suburban with captain's chairs. Right now I have my 6 and 8 year olds in the third row in backless boosters and two four year olds in the second row, in a My Ride and ProSport. My six year old is getting car sick and we are wondering if putting her in the second row would help. We are...
  6. An Aurora

    Out of the loop--any other narrow seats?

    My car was just in the shop for two months, and in that time, my 3yo DS outgrew his Coccoro. I replaced it with an Evenflo Secure Kid. Now I have my car back and it just does not work in there with my girls' boosters. Right now I have the Secure Kid, a Harmony DreamTime, and a Turbo. It's a...
  7. An Aurora

    3 across in Nissan Rogue

    I think it's a 2010 or 2011. Kids are 3yo, 23lbs, 34", FF 5yo, 33lbs, 42", boostered 7yo, 39lbs, 47", boostered Seats are: Turbo Oobr Harmony high back ProSport EFTA Radian XTSL Coccoro Any idea which will fit? I am using the Radian, Oobr and Harmony in my car but I'm fine with switching...
  8. An Aurora

    Question Clek and funky LATCH

    I am trying to figure out if my ever-coveted Oobr will work in this car. It has LATCH that is up the vehicle seat back a couple of inches, and the bight is raised as well. I tried the Olli today. It made the seat lift off the vehicle seat. It's an older Olli, Dom 2007. Is the Oobr going to...
  9. An Aurora

    Question Four kids in '02 Outback

    Kids are my three: 7yo, 40lbs, 46" 5yo, 32lbs, 42" 3yo, 22lbs, 34" And my babysitter's 2yo in a FF MyRide. I have a CCO, Radian, CA, ProSport, Harmony HBB and Turbo. Will a FF MyRide, FF Radian, and Complete Air (either RF or FF) fit? Otherwise I can use the CCO instead of the CA. DS is...
  10. An Aurora

    FFS OS Parkway covers, True Fit infant padding

    Old Style Parkway Covers: Granite and ? Woodstock? and I have the infant insert and head support thingy from a gray (Casino? ) True Fit.
  11. An Aurora

    New Valco strollers

    I saw an ad for the Zee and Zee two, and it looks really nice and lightweight. Then I saw the Spark Duo. It looks comparable to the StrollAir MyDuo.
  12. An Aurora

    Belt guide on the Pria70

    I haven only seen one Pria in person, at a seat check. Myself and another tech were confused by the belt guide on the seat. The manual had no mention of it whatsoever (both of us and an instructor went through the manual page by page) but on the seat itself was a sticker saying the belt guide...
  13. An Aurora

    ProSport in booster mode

    Anyone using theirs as a booster? I seriously love this seat, but I'm not thrilled with booster mode. This was DD1 in it when we first got it--she must have been almost 6, 44" and 37 lbs highest setting and then DD2 today (5, 42", 31lb) the belt bunches in the belt path and is hard...
  14. An Aurora

    RF Radian incompatibility in BMW X5

    Now that I had some spare time (and a new boot from Judi!) I fought with the Radian once again. With the feet wedged into the bight, there is still a gap between the vehicle seat and the Radian It's also very reclined (this is on my driveway, which slopes toward the back of the vehicle...
  15. An Aurora

    Large SUV vs full-size van for 5-6 seats?

    I am stuck here and just can't decide. We waffle between a Suburban or Excursion, and a Nissan NV. The issue is this: the Nissan dealer has two NV vans on their way up here. One is already sold and the other is not, but they are expecting it to be sold by the time it gets here. The dealer is...
  16. An Aurora

    In Search Of ISO P-3T boy and girl clothes

    I need: Boys: Preemie 0-3 3-6 6-9 9-12 12-18 I'm set on size 2/24m And I could use some size 3T Girls: All sizes, preemie through 3T I don't really need summery stuff; our summers are short and comparable to everyone else's winters :rolleyes: Love fleece and rompers, and fleece jammies. No...
  17. An Aurora

    Options for three kids on long flight

    Ok, I know I have talked about this before, but I need to figure out what to do. I have three kids: 1. 44", 38lb 6.5 year old. Rides boostered at home. I really, really want her in a harnessed seat on the plane because last time I flew with her, she was miserable and couldn't sleep on the...
  18. An Aurora

    Torso growth--another 'how much room?' thread

    I posted a thread in July asking for affirmation that he would last a year in the CCO. This was him then: And today: :eek: I was hoping to get to June for the Foonf... I am hoping the Radian wedge comes out soon!
  19. An Aurora

    Winter coats and car seats, revisited!

    It's that time of year again! I posted a similar thread last year but took new pics this year, and can't edit the other post. I'm also limted to the number of pics I can post here, so please see my blog for more pics. Please feel free to share my blog on Facebook or on other sites, and...
  20. An Aurora

    Amazon has the Envy ProSport for $204 in today's Lightning Deal Today's Deals :)

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