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  1. strollerfreak

    Question Harness To Booster Options...

    I'm looking for a harness to booster option that is 17.5" wide at it's widest...what options do I have out there? We currently have a Recaro ProSport in the seating position in question, but the kiddo that rides there doesn't like the open belt path against his back. I am not a fan of the...
  2. strollerfreak

    In Search Of Nautilus BOY cover...

    Willing to pay a reasonable price for a used one, or I may have a girl Nautilus cover to trade. Still have several Britax covers that I could trade as well. I prefer Beckett...but really since they are basically all grey besides Beckett try me. :D
  3. strollerfreak

    Lincoln MKT (Ford Flex) 3rd row...what to use...

    I just traded my corporate lease car in (2012 Escape) and got my new ride for this year (2013 MKT)...Now everyone can fit, but now I have issues with what seats to use for whom where. As it is, it looks like my 5yo needs to be in the 3rd row in the non-LATCH position. He is currently riding in...
  4. strollerfreak

    Price Check Recaro ProSport & Classic MA

    Looking at possibly selling one of these to a friend locally...but need to find out what the "going rate" is on them. mfd 10/08 on the Classic MA mfd 7/10 on the ProSport Anybody have any info on recent board transactions regarding these seats? I was thinking $75 for the MA?? Maybe a bit...
  5. strollerfreak

    Got my NBD Nautilus today...

    and it's going back. :thumbsdown::mad: This was supposed to be a Christmas present for my kiddo who is in an expired RA. It was listed as new with distressed packaging. It is NOT new. The adjuster strap is fuzzy on one side like they get with repeated use, the seat has food crumbs in the...
  6. strollerfreak

    For Sale (Classic) Marathon, Decathlon, Regent & RA40 Covers

    ...I'm out of the loop on how much replacement covers are so if I'm way off base let me know...I'll be taking these to eBay next week-ish. NEW Cowmoo MA SET. Came on a seat and I already had a Cowmoo cover, so I took this one off, used the used one, and stored this away. Asking $65PPD EUC...
  7. strollerfreak

    In Search Of ISO: Frontier/Nautilus/Radian/Go

    ISO: Radian/Go I totally missed the boat on the $99 BRU BF Nautilus deal...knew about it but didn't realize that I needed to take advantage of it until it was too late. Turns out that not one, but two of my kids Britax seats that we use on a fairly regular basis are expired. :eek: Ooops. I'm...
  8. strollerfreak

    In Search Of SK Monterey Pink?

    Looking for a SK Monterey...though I'd really like the new Diono Purple one or whatever their new name is...LOL doesn't have to be right away...soon-ish... The Girl is asking to move to a booster and it's about time for me to be ok with it...LOL :rolleyes:
  9. strollerfreak

    For Sale or Trade Dress Up Clothes - Disney Store/Gymboree/TCP/Babystyle

    I would really like to sell these as one lot, but I'm open to selling them individually as well. Otherwise I'm looking to trade for a Nintendo DS Lite in any color other than Red, Blue or Pink (we already have those), or DS Games, or a partial trade for a 28-300 Canon lens. Looking for $100ppd...
  10. strollerfreak

    In Search Of Totally OT ISO... St. Louis Rams Jerseys

    My boys are playing in a competitive football league this year and they are on the Rams which uses the same logo as the STL Rams do? (Oh and DD is a cheerleader for DS#1's team too...I need to get a pic of her all decked out in her uniform she is super cute!) I'd like to get a jersey for myself...
  11. strollerfreak

    For Sale or Trade Anyone looking for 6-12-18 month BOYS Gymboree/Gap Fall/Winter?

    12-18m Stuff can be found here... password: gymbogap 6-12m Stuff can be found here... password: gymbogap Prices do not include shipping...but I ship at cost...
  12. strollerfreak

    Recaro Prosport Measurements

    OD Base Width at the Rear - 17" OD Base Width at the Front - 18" OD Base Depth - 18.5" ID Base Width at the Rear - 13.5" ID Base Width at the Front - 14.5" ID Base Depth (Thigh Length) - 13" OD Torso SIP Wings - ~19.5" ID Torso SIP Wings - ~14.5" OD Head SIP Wings at the Rear - 11" OD Head...
  13. strollerfreak

    Recaro ProSport & Recaro ProBooster Pix & Comparison Pix (Picture Heavy!)

    Ok, I picked these up on July 5th at Recaro...we have been using them both for the past month. I will say that I do like the ProBooster better than the ProSport, but they are both well built seats. We had installation issues with the ProSport right off the turns out after installing it...
  14. strollerfreak

    For Sale or Trade Wrapsody BB Iris 5.1m $55ppd

    Only interested in trades for a Ergo or other similar SSC (not a MT). I need to fund DH's Ergo, and this is just too long for me. I over estimated wanting to "size up" and this is just crazy long on me (since according to their sizing I'm on the 4.15/4.6 edge). I bought this in November of this...
  15. strollerfreak

    In Search Of ISO: Ergo for DH (see inside)

    FOUND!!! Thanks!!! So since I got waylaid into "coaching" DD's soccer team, on Saturday's (game day) DH is going to HAVE to wear DS#4 while he coaches so that I can wear DS#5 while I coach. I don't really want to BUY another Ergo...I'd really like to be able to just BORROW one for the next...
  16. strollerfreak

    For Sale Nekkid RA + DC, Husky/Regent, and WZ Covers **Haiti W&W Trip**

    Sorry...just gonna link to my main FS post...but since it's got a ton of carseat stuff in it now, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it over here too...:p
  17. strollerfreak

    For Sale MBUD, RA, Seatbelt Bag & MORE!!! **Haiti W&W Trip**

    RA, DC Tiffany Cover, MBUD, Graco SwingFrame**Haiti W&W Trip** Our church is planning a mission trip to Haiti to help with the clean-up effort after the earthquake, I really want to go, so I'm cleaning out my closet(s) to help raise money so I can go! We are a non-smoking, pet free household...
  18. strollerfreak

    In Search Of Twin Quilt Set (see pix)

    Now I know that finding a MATCHING quilt for my dd's room is probably going to be few & far between...but I'm also open to any similar style that will coordinate with the room. The quilt itself is originally from HomeGoods(?) I got it at Marshall's about 3 years ago. It's made by That's Mine...
  19. strollerfreak

    For Sale Bum Genius AIO 2.0's Twilight Mediums

    I have a bakers dozen of BG AIO's in Twilight that I have replaced the shot elastic with Elastin on. The 13th diaper is white, not blue. PUL is good, aplix is good/ok, my repairs aren't professional by any means (can we say not detail oriented and not very patient?) but are most definitely...
  20. strollerfreak

    In Search Of BumGenius 2.0 Sz Large

    Looking for 6-12 BumGenius v2.0 size Large. Shot elastic is ok, shot velcro is ok. R5 is ready to move up to Larges from his Mediums...for some reason it doesn't ever "click" with me that when he starts soaking out of his diapers it may be time to move to the next size up...duh. :rolleyes:

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