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  1. yetanotherjen

    Question Help!!! Newborns less than 6 months apart need stroller and seats

    I have a friend who is doing a foster/adopt to a preemie and is having a baby herself in less than 6 months. They need 2 car seats and a double stroller for the smallest amount of $possible. Obviously they need a good seat for preemies. I thought of the Evenflo embrace 35, but I don't know about...
  2. yetanotherjen

    Would you?

    I have a friend who is using an expired and outgrown seat (comfortsport) for her 2 year old daughter (ffing) they just had some flooding damage and she says she can't replace it. She is watching my kids next Tuesday and taking them to swim team. I thought about buying the newer chase, and...
  3. yetanotherjen

    help on OS Boulevard

    I met with a client and her mother yesterday to give education on their car seats. The grandmother is going to be using an OS boulevard in her car (it was a family members so they do know where it came from) the splitter plate caught on the back of the seat everytime I tried to loosen the...
  4. yetanotherjen


    Very excited to be going to my first conference and so thankful to Vera And the other instructor I work for paying for me to go! I'm in CO so it makes it easier. I know I'm not super active here but I'd love to meet some of you!
  5. yetanotherjen

    UK seat help

    Friends cousin is in the UK, she is 6 months old and would like to rear face as long as possible but right now cannot affort the 200 pound (sorry can't figure out how to do the symbol for pounds) to buy the higher weight limit seats. So she is looking for a cheaper seat fot the interim. What are...
  6. yetanotherjen

    I have 3 advocates in my new

    New Tech class today in CO. So who are you?!?!? I have never had more than 1 if any students who are passionate moms!!!!
  7. yetanotherjen

    For Sale Checking interest: BV70 cowmooflage cover NIB

    I have a brand new cowmooflage cover for a boulevard 70, it is still in the box from Britax. I did open the box, looked at it and back in the box it went. Just wanted to see if there was interest. It would be shipping from 80112 and I was thinking $45ish plus shipping
  8. yetanotherjen

    Question Car seat for newborn in a 2010 Camero SS

    So my husband has a friend who is expecting in a few months, he drives a 2010 Camero SS. This will be the secondary vehicle and if nothing works he and his wife will just switch cars as needed. That being said, he'd like to have a seat for his car, and a new car is out of the question. Does...
  9. yetanotherjen

    Question Acura MDX and two car seats side by side

    I just got a call from a mom at a store (who gives out my card) wanting me to do a check for her. She wants to put a Chicco Keyfit in the center and a Britax Pavillion in the center. I am completely unfamilar with the MDX, does anyone know if this would be possible???? Thanks!
  10. yetanotherjen

    In Search Of Older Radian

    I need a radian to do a 3 across for my very occasional daycare providers vehicle. I need one that has at least 2 years left, I won't be using it longer than that because by then my youngest will be in full day kinder :) It will be ffing so I don't need the higher rfing weight limit. Thanks!!!!
  11. yetanotherjen

    Frontier 80 Cover

    I am moving and need to get rid of a Britax Frontier 80 cover in Sahara. I know that this isn't a popular cover, though I still can't figure out why... it held up AMAZING! It was only used for 1yr and still looks almost brand new! I am asking $20 +shipping. I have NO idea what shipping will be...
  12. yetanotherjen

    I don't have a rear facer anymore *sob* (and something is off....)

    My youngest Ben took his last ride rear facing today :( He is 3yrs 8months and has been 33-34lbs. I got a Prosport from babycatalog and he has been bugging me since it got here yesterday to ride in it, so I broke down and patted myself on the back for rear facing this long, it was going to...
  13. yetanotherjen

    Great car seat check today :)

    I try and volunteer once a month at a check up station about 70 miles from me. I was only able to do an hour an a half of the check today but it went really well! I saw a 3yr old RFing!!!!!! In a Diono RXT!!!! I have never seen a SKR/Diono at a public check before! She said her daughter had...
  14. yetanotherjen

    First Choice

    While using the google shopping search I saw a Prosport for $161, so of course I had to check it out and it brought me to Has anyone ever heard of them or order from them? The look to have some seriously good deals, but I'm thinking it may be too good to be true....
  15. yetanotherjen

    Vent Well it is better than it was

    Monday while unloaded the car from our weekend I noticed that our neighbors (we live a town-home so we park literally right next to the neighbor's car) had switched her GN's to backless for her 3.5yr old twin girls. We have talked car seats a few times so I was a bit surprised. I finally sucked...
  16. yetanotherjen

    Question Help for a friend in the UK

    I have a good friend who moved to the UK last year. She is looking for a new car seat for her 3.5 year old daughter. Are there any seats that harness past 18kg??? I'd just like to have some options to show her. Thanks
  17. yetanotherjen

    For Sale Super Undies cloth trainers size L

    I bought these a few weeks ago and completely overestimated the size of my 3 year old! I have one Pull On trainer and one Night Time trainer (SOLD), both size L. The Pull On was never used and the Night time trainer was used twice. I am asking $18 shipped for the Pull On trainer and $22 shipped...
  18. yetanotherjen

    For Sale RA 50 pistachio cover FR80 Sahara cover

    RA 50 pistachio cover $35 shipped. SOLD There is an imperfection on the cover on the upper side of the cover, you cannot see it when it is on the seat. I didn't notice it until after the warranty was done (it was on a spare seat and only used a handful of times)...
  19. yetanotherjen

    Why do I secretly want this...

    There are times I wish I didn't know about the dangers of aftermarket products. I just love how this looks and I have no idea why.... and my eldest would LOVE the color! Meeno Babies "Cool Mee" Universal Car Seat Liner ~ Yellow: Baby
  20. yetanotherjen

    I got a CPST job!!!!

    I was offered the Child Passenger Safety Specialist job with Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs! It is to manage the Kohls Cares Grant. Oh my dream job!!!!! And... I turned it down :eek: Yeah I'm crazy! I would have to move 4.5 hours away from where I am now by the 27th, which I think I could...

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