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    In Search Of KeyFit Base

    I am in need of a base for a KF30 for a friend. It might be her last kid, so I guess only 2 years left might be fine. Thanks!
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    Need stroller help

    This is for a friend. And I think you guys are pretty much stroller experts. :D She needs a stroller. She has a 3 year old and is going to have a newborn today or tomorrow. I bought her a KF30. She wants a stroller she can use for both of them. She doesn't want side by side. She wants an...
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    Registered for a course!

    So excited! I'm registered for a near-by course for next week! :D
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    CCO question

    So, I'm going to assume you're supposed to follow the manual, but I have a question anyway. I'm reading the manual to my new CCO, and it says to use the infant insert until child is 25 lbs, the sticker thing on the insert says the same, and that you can only discontinue use if straps aren't...
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    NBD/Keyfit weight question

    I have a Keyfit coming from NBD... Tracking info says 20.5 lbs. Does that sound right?
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    Coccoro deal!

    So I've been eyeing to buy a CCO for a good year and a half and haven't found a super good deal yet. So I'm in BRU today, and one is in the clearance section with no tag. I ask the girl to scan it... and it was $100.98. DOM was February. I was like "Did you say $100? I'll take it!"...
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    amp vs. scenera install

    Does the amp install any more easily than the Scenera? I've always found the Scenera was a PITB to install, even with towels/noodles and have never gotten a good install.... Does the amp install the same way? I need a travel seat ASAP for a trip and I can't figure out what to order and ship to...
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    Potentially irritating billboard

    So I'm out driving today, and I'm sitting at the window at Starbucks and I see a billboard. It has a picture of a baby in a carseat and the car seat isn't actually "anywhere"... kind of just floating on its own in the middle of the sign. Its caption is "Tether. Anchor. LATCH." It's hosted by...
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    Win a Radian RXT!

    Enter to win a Radian RXT by going here :)
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    Which would you fly with?

    True Fit, Boulevard70, Diplomat, Shuttle33 are my options. 16 month old, approx 25-30 pounds, super tall. 3 month old, long and good build, no idea on specs. 16 month old doesn't fit in the Diplomat. 3 month old has only been in the Diplomat and the Shuttle, though I'm sure he'll fit in...
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    Gaga deal Olli?

    Was it anyone here that got the Raspberry Clek Olli for $22.xx? ;)
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    Diplomat vs. Tribute

    I have a Diplomat in my husband's car. My kiddo is 13 months, around 31 1/2 inches, and about 22 pounds. He's about half an inch from outgrowing the Diplomat. (which devastates me! my husband has a hard time figuring out how to do the car seat, and he's always done well with britaxes, and poorly...
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    Diplomat in MDX?

    My husband and I are flying to visit family this weekend, and I'll be taking my new baby along.... The in-laws have an Acura MDX.... and I have a Britax Diplomat. The MDX is either a 2010 or 2011... Do you all foresee any problems with the compatibility? Is it possible to have the room to...
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    Tether question

    Kind of a dumb question, but have never seen the answer to it before, so I'm asking now. :D It doesn't actually apply to me, because my carseat is RF for a newbie, so just for future reference. When tethering for FF, is it okay to put the tether over top of the headrest (provided that the...

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