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  1. SillyLily

    Question Replacing seats after a fender bender

    I was in a very minor accident on Saturday. I was backing out, and another vehicle backed into me. I drive a sedan, he was driving a Chevy Avalanche. The three car seats in the car were a Radian, a Britax Chaperone, and a Maxi Cosi Priori. All three seats were occupied. The accident was at...
  2. SillyLily

    Question 3 across, FF a 3YO, and more questions...

    I am due in January with my third child. We have 2 cars, a Subaru STI and an Audi A6 that we will be keeping. We plan on getting a larger vehicle in about a year. In the meantime, I need to get 3 across in both cars. I have read the 3 across thread, and still have some questions. My oldest...
  3. SillyLily

    In Search Of Chicco Keyfit 30 - Cubes Print

    If anyone wants to sell their Keyfit 30 in the cubes print, I am very interested. Just let me know how much you want for it (including shipping to Seattle, WA). Thanks!
  4. SillyLily

    For Sale Mia Moda Libero - Tempest - $100 local

    Mia Moda Libero - Tempest - $70 local, $110 shipped Okay, I just wanted to bump this up. I still have the Mia Moda Libero, and have actually been using it a bit - it's grown on me since I bought it. ;) My husband has given up on trying to stop my stroller addiction. If anyone is...
  5. SillyLily

    If money were no object, which stroller(s) would you own?

    The title says it all. :) Or maybe just strollers that you would loooove to take out for a "test drive". My list would be long, but here are a few: Mutsy Urban Rider Next Quinny Zapp (which I have) Quinny Buzz Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller Maybe a Bugaboo (not sure which one) Orbit Baby...
  6. SillyLily

    Some thoughts on the Subaru Impreza STI and Maxi Cosi Priori

    Please note, I am not a tech – these are just one parent’s experiences with trying to find the right seat, and I hope it helps out some people who are still searching. Okay, so I bought a compact car a couple weeks ago – a 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. The interior is the same size as any 2002...
  7. SillyLily

    For Sale FS: Infant dress, Baby Gap bikini, Star Wars toys

    Okay, I'm clearing out closets. I have a cute baby dress that is white with purple trim and a matching hat. It is size small, which I would estimate as a 6 to 9 months size and it will fit smaller babies because it ties in the back. It is one of those dresses that you buy from the mall...
  8. SillyLily

    Does anyone have comparison photos of a roundabout and an Uptown?

    Does anyone have any pictures comparing a roundabout and an uptown? I would really like to get an Uptown, but want to know how large it is (especially how much more or less space front to back it would take up) in comparison to a roundabout. Or maybe even if you have any comparison pics of the...
  9. SillyLily

    ISO: Roundabout, Priori, Uptown, or other small seat

    My dh and I are in the process of buying a second car that is a little on the small side. I have a couple of Sceneras as extra seats, but dh has authorized me to spend $100 to get a "better" seat that is a little bit better quality and has foam in it. The seat will be for my younger dd that...
  10. SillyLily

    Britax MA Mariposa on sale - $164

    This is the same price as it was during the sale last month. You can also go through fatwallet and get another 4% back. $184 - $20 (visasaves) - fatwallet cashback = ~$157 Use the...
  11. SillyLily

    Seattle Craigslist: Tan fido, handfull, blue all star covers

    Not sure if anyone in the Seattle area is interested, but there are two different ads on the local craigslist right now. One is for a Marathon with two covers - tan fido and tan handfull. She looks like she may be willing to sell one of the covers separately. The other ad is for a new MA blue...
  12. SillyLily

    General Info Business Cards

    I had some business cards printed from vistaprints (they won't be here for 3 or 4 weeks). They just have a few car seat facts and tips and the website address for and I had them printed because I see people with their kids in unsafe seats or seats not installed...
  13. SillyLily

    Anyone installed a seat in a Mazda RX8?

    Has anyone ever installed a car seat into a Mazda RX8? If so, what seat? Rear-facing or forward-facing? DH and I have been looking at second cars, and like the RX8. It has side impact airbags in the front and back, which is important to us, and it has LATCH in both rear positions. But I've...
  14. SillyLily

    RF tether in 2001 Audi A6 - Anyone??

    Has anyone ever tethered a car seat rearfacing in an Audi A6 or similar? I absolutely CAN NOT find a spot to tether to. The car seat is installed behind the passenger's side. There are no exposed parts that I can clip to or use the d-ring for. I had my husband try to remove some of the...
  15. SillyLily

    Britax Companion Review

    Britax Companion The Companion gets mixed reviews, and is generally not liked or recommended on this forum. I am definitely in the minority, as I purchased this seat and was very happy with it. I am not a tech, so my review is strictly as a mom/gear addict. The Companion does fit a niche of...
  16. SillyLily

    Side Impact Airbags

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I've done a search and couldn't find any threads that answered my question. I have a 2001 Audi A6 that we bought used. It has side curtain airbags in the front and back. There is a sticker on each side of the back doors that says the rear side curtain...
  17. SillyLily

    Infant Seat in a Toyota Tundra Access Cab

    I have a friend who is due in June with her first baby. I am going to buy her an infant seat for her shower. She has a Toyota Tundra Access Cab. I have ridden with her before and a Scenera fits in there RF, but not at the 45 degree angle. My Boulevard fit in there FF just fine. I don't know...
  18. SillyLily

    Pics of Radian 80 Princess (plus more!)

    I'm new to the forum but am a long time lurker. I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong section! I read all the guidelines, and don't think this qualifies for the "Carseat Reviews" section or the "Technical Questions" section, so I am posting it in the general carseat forum. :)...

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