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  1. SPJ&E

    Helmet for toddler on 4 wheeler?

    We have a somewhat difficult situation at the moment. We live on a hill (we call it a mountain) with a gravel/dirt driveway. It's long. The bottom half is steep. The rest is just long. Cars won't come up it because we seriously need gravel and can't buy it until tax time. I have to get the...
  2. SPJ&E

    6+ passenger vehicles?

    We are going to be buying a new vehicle in the next few months and aren't sure what to get. We are leaning toward the 2014 Dodge Journey though. It seems to have everything we need for the price we need to pay. Our 9 year old is in a backless booster (Top Side). Our almost 8 year old is...
  3. SPJ&E

    In Search Of IDSO Ansa baby bottles (the ones w/ a hole in the middle)

    I am in desperate search of Ansa baby bottles (or others like them). They aren't made anymore and are proving impossible to find! We have 1 left and it's E's favorite (and mine too). I would love to add a few more to his "collection". If anyone has any or knows where to fine them, please...
  4. SPJ&E

    Body/Head support for Radian?

    We have a Radian (it's about a year old)...just a regular one, from before they changed to Diono. E fits just fine as far as the straps go, but has no support at all. He's little (17 lbs. at 10 months), so I'm sure that makes it worse. When he falls asleep, it is not pretty. Can you buy just...
  5. SPJ&E

    In Search Of ISO Infant Neocate

    If anyone has any Infant Neocate they don't need anymore or could possibly get samples they won't use, I would be very interested in taking them off your hands. As you know, that stuff gets expensive and it's the only thing E can actually gain weight on. Just send me a PM if you have any...
  6. SPJ&E

    3 across - which convertible seat?

    So I've been out of the loop for a while, I am ashamed to say, so I need a little help! I currently have 2 Turbos and a Keyfit in my car (2002 2-door Cavalier). It's a tight fit and the boosters are a pain to buckle, but it works. I know for sure the Classic Marathon will fit between the...
  7. SPJ&E

    BNIP 3 Breastflow Bottles

    SOLD I have a brand new package of 3 4oz. Breastflow bottles (the ones that use disposable liners). I am asking what I paid (and I'll eat the shipping cost), $14ppd.
  8. SPJ&E

    For Sale NB Boy Clothes

    NB Boy Clothes (added more 12/6) I would love to sell as many things together as possible. Keep in mind, these prices are individually, with shipping. I will be happy to discount if you buy multiple things! Most are NB and 0-3 (some are slightly bigger than others, but fit around the same...
  9. SPJ&E

    Rumi Air problems?

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot to put this, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had (or heard of anyone having) issues with the Rumi Air. My and and his g/f have this seat for her grandson and have had nothing but problems. After about 2 weeks of using the first one, the headrest...
  10. SPJ&E

    For Sale Microfiber inserts, a diaper cover, and a few outfits

    I have a few odds and ends for sale. If you don't like my prices, feel free to make me offers! First is a Mommy's Touch OS cover (on the left). It is really cute! We are just pocket people and we won't use it. It looks great to me...not stains or other flaws. It came to me with 2 inserts...
  11. SPJ&E

    In Search Of ISO Swaddlebees SS pockets (boy colors)

    ISO M Swaddlebees SS or OS Sunbaby diapers (boy colors/prints). ETA: Also looking for Sunbaby OS diapers in boy prints! We've got all we'll "need", but I only have 2 Swaddlebees and those are my favorites, so I'd like to have a few more. All elastic/snaps/PUL must be in great shape, but I...
  12. SPJ&E

    For Sale L Simplex, L Blueberries, Microfiber Inserts

    I just got these but don't need them (I am guilty of overbuying, so I'm trying to get rid of a few things we won't need for a long time). I have not washed or used these myself. They all have normal pilling from the wash. Here's what I have... SOLD - Large Swaddlebees Simplex in cow print...
  13. SPJ&E

    Carseat to harness over 40 lbs.

    I'm not around the boards much nowadays, so I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. J is 5 years, 1 month old and 37 lbs. and 43 in. tall. I'm not sure on his torso height, but he is just under the top slots of the Marathon (the classic ones) and has quite a bit of room in the...
  14. SPJ&E

    In Search Of HUGS for Britax Marathon

    I just wanted to check here and see if anyone had any HUGS they aren't using and wanted to either give away or sell. We are in desperate need of a set, but I figured I would ask here before I called Britax and ordered them.
  15. SPJ&E

    In Search Of Looking for baby boy clothes (mainly NB-6 mos, but open to bigger ones)

    We have bought a few things, but I really don't want to buy everything new. If anyone has any baby boy clothes they want to sell, I would love to see pictures and prices. Thanks! UPDATE: I got a bunch of great 3-6's from another mama here, so now I'm just looking for newborns and 0-3's...
  16. SPJ&E

    Question Insurance and replacing seats (lots of questions)

    A decided yesterday that it was a good idea to try to come up our hill without putting the chains on. I don't know what she was thinking. So her vehicle (Xterra) slid right over into the ditch and down the hill maybe 100ft. Thankfully, she went that way and into the ditch and not the other...
  17. SPJ&E

    In Search Of Newborn Woombies again

    I am looking for newborn Woombies...prefer gender neutral (green, yellow, white), but may be open to blue/pink or whatever for a good price. Thanks!
  18. SPJ&E

    Help with 3-across

    Baby isn't due until July, so I've got plenty time, but I also don't want to be huge and trying to install a bunch of carseats, lol. I am able to get 3-across in both our cars, but it's very tight. It's do-able, but buckling the booster is going to be a total pain (which I expected and we will...
  19. SPJ&E

    Snugride 22/32/35?

    I've looked at the carseat measurements page and I'm still on the fence. Not that I don't have plenty of time to figure out but anyway... I can fit a Snugride 22 (2005 model) in the center of my car with a Turbo on each side. The shape of the SR22 base works perfectly with the shape of the...
  20. SPJ&E

    Radian XT worth the extra money?

    I can get a Radian SL for right at $200 or a Radian XT for $270. It will be for Joshua, who turned 4 in April and is 33 lbs. and almost 40" tall. The main difference, I know is the head wings. I like them, but do they really provide more protection?

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