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  1. truckerswife

    Question Ford Retrofit tethers.

    I was told this morning that Ford is no longer making the parts to do tether retrofits.  I received this message from a large Ford dealership in my area. " Crystal, thank you for the message. We followed up again with Ford and we are unfortunately unable to get the necessary parts, they have...
  2. truckerswife

    Question 15 passenger van & RF Radian 65

    Car seat question.... Yesterday I installed my Radian RF behind the driver seat in my new 15 passenger van, after a buckled the seat belt it jammed up and I can't get it unbuckled, I managed to get the locking clip on the belt (non locking belts) , but if I remove the Angle adjuster it moves...
  3. truckerswife

    Question what fits rear facing on a Sienna +1 seat?

    I need to fit 2 of my kids in my sister in-law's van and still have room for her to have 4 in the back I was hoping to do 1 on the +1 seat and 1 outboard in the middle row I think her Sienna is a 2011 Seats I have Designer 22 with or without a base 2 Sceneras 1 comfort sport 2 complete airs 1...
  4. truckerswife

    Question Minor accident question

    in December I was in a minor accident I called Diono and was told that if my accident met nhsta standards for a minor accident I didn't need to replace my radian I called and emailed and was told it was ok to use my radian now on Facebook I have several people telling me it's not ok what should...
  5. truckerswife

    Extra base for Safety 1st designer infant seat

    gray non adjustable extra base for a safety 1st designer 22 infant seat DOM 4-8-2009 15.00 PPD
  6. truckerswife

    For Sale Size L Ruffle Bum AIO cloth diaper

    size L ruffle bum aio diaper this fits my skinny 29 pound 2½ year old on the tightest snaps is a true aio it is absolutely adorable 25.00ppd
  7. truckerswife

    Question How do i teather in a 1995 pickup?

    my husband drives a 1995 GMC extended cab pickup truck and it just occurred to me today that my 2½ year olds FF seat should be tethered how would I tether it in a pickup?
  8. truckerswife

    any interest in Radian latch strap?

    its off a 2009 Radian it's a regular latch not super latch I don't need it as none of my cars have latch and I don't forsee getting a newer car anytime soon. if interested message me with a offer
  9. truckerswife

    Old (2001) shield booster ffs

    before I toss this does anyone want it free for shipping?
  10. truckerswife

    When will Target have MyRide's on sale?

    anyone know about when target will have MyRide's on sale again? I want one for my DD1 but I don't need it until DD2 outgrow's her bucket seat and she's only 3 months old
  11. truckerswife

    is a over reclining Radian safe?

    we just got a 1994 Ford conversation van my sons radian is way over reclined is it ok to use this way or should I FF him until I can get a angle adjuster?
  12. truckerswife

    For Sale Hanna Andersson Christmas Zippers

    I have lots of Christmas zippers brand new with tags sizes 80 and 90 16.00 ppd each Zippers
  13. truckerswife

    cover on radian 65

    Is it normal for a Radian 65 cover to not stay on on one side like this?
  14. truckerswife

    Question anywhere in Canada have Radians on sale?

    My Aunt and Uncle are looking for a Radian for their youngest he is 9 months old and about outgrown his infant seat they also have a 4 year old and a 2 year old so need the Radian to get three across my Uncle is a youth pastor so they have a very tight income They are in the Langley, British...
  15. truckerswife

    broken seat belt

    My DH drives a 1994 Buick park avenue I'm due with baby number 3 in Nov but probably will have her in 3-4 weeks the passenger side seatbelt in the back seat is broken the actual belt is OK but the retracter is broken so it wont lock to hold a car seat in tight I called the dealer and they said...
  16. truckerswife

    My DS in his new redian 65

    We just got this new to us Radian 65 today I got it from my Mom she was using it for my 7 year old sister she is moving to a hbb so I get her almost two year old Radian :) My DS is almost two 28 pounds and 34 inches I have the Radian in my 2002 Dodge caravan installed with latch. He was in love...
  17. truckerswife

    Radian 65 RF base

    my Mom is using a Radian 65 ff for my 7 year old sister but this fall im hoping to use it RF for my than two year old we don't have the RF base for it if i call sunshine kids will they send me a new one?
  18. truckerswife

    News look what i found

    dom 8-07-2001 30-40 pounds with the shield 40-80 pounds as a booster seat
  19. truckerswife

    Question britax marathan hugs

    i have a britax marathan made in 2007 it was in my mom's garage and her puppy chewed up the hugs on it didn't touch the straps only the hugs. do i need to replace them or can i use the seat without them?
  20. truckerswife

    Question 3 across in a 2002 caravan

    i will have 3 in seats come Nov i want to put the captains chairs in the back and the three babies on the bench seat in the middle i have a safety first infant seat for newbaby a britax roundabout 40 for DD who will be rear facing at 14 months and a britax marathons 65 for for DS who will be...

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