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  1. Baylor

    Backless boosters articles.. What do you think?!

    Now to me that Dummy looks too small for a backless booster, But I don't know much about the dummies they use.. What do you think? Backless car booster seats do not give children enough...
  2. Baylor

    Lbb help?

    So I have a sante fe but In my Edge, it is too high and the belt does not lay good enough across his shoulder. So I need a more low profile one. I don't want to go with an incognito I want more of a lbb that he can get in and do without having to do the guides every time. Thanks for Suggestions..
  3. Baylor

    Solana vs Sante fe??

    Anyone have both and know if there is a difference in height of seat pan? I need a new lbb for Ds2. I want cup holder if possible and don't like Turbo.
  4. Baylor

    Order new foam? Fr85

    My son pulled the cover off my FR85. And cracked the foam. I taped it back for my use but I am getting ready to get rid of it and wonder can I buy new foam from Britax for the headrest? Anyone ever done that? Thanks.
  5. Baylor

    Today show about installing car seats..

    It is about total safety in the car. Adults and seat belts and then car seats and installing with LATCH and using the tether. Look at the manual, practice. And look up a Car Seat Technician to get help.. Not bad.
  6. Baylor

    What is this? Safety 1st booster I never saw this before?!
  7. Baylor

    Jersey looking to change car seat laws
  8. Baylor

    Back in fr85

    Ds2 is 6, and 68 lbs. He has been using the Monterey for a good 6 months full time and doing great until last week. He started getting fidgety.. So yesterday when I needed to make a 1.5 hr drive I put the FR85 back in and He loves it. He said it is much more comfortable. And he can do what he...
  9. Baylor

    My oldest 5 steps...

    Today I put his booster in my dh's ford explorer and the shoulder belt looked so wonky. Too low for him. Took the booster out, Lap belt low on the hips, Shoulder belt right between his shoulder and neck. It looked good. He was thrilled. I told him this does not mean he will be able to go...
  10. Baylor

    I really want to get certified.

    Today as I was pulling out of walmart I looked at the car parked in front of me and there was a Bucket installed forward facing with a little little one in it. I could not not say anything.. I said " Excuse me, Your child is so adorable, I just wanted to make sure you know that that seat is...
  11. Baylor

    Question Scenera issue

    My nanny friend has a scenera for the little boy she takes care of. She said the straps are making lines in his neck. Any solution for this? Thanks. auto correct hates me
  12. Baylor

    quick help?

    My friend who is a nanny got a new scenera for the little boy she watches. He will be 1 in a week and she is installing it rfing in her car but she said it is entirely too upright in her car. I will see her in a few hours so any suggestions will be appreciated!
  13. Baylor

    FR85 price check

    DOM 9/11 Red cover. Issues.. My son broke the foam when I took cover off to wash it, So it needs to be replaced. It can be ordered, I just don't feel like it.. ;) There are some slight pulls on the cover.. But I really don't need this seat anymore.If I list it on craigslist I will fix...
  14. Baylor

    No More Harnessed seats in my car...

    That is it. I made the FR85 a booster yesterday because I need two HBB for a weekend trip but After that I think I will just sell the FR85 and get another Monterey or maybe the new parkway. But as I took it apart last night, Wiped it down, Washed the cover, I just felt.. Sad.. And then today...
  15. Baylor

    Need help with an Infant bucket.

    I need to find a bucket for a friend. Now I have not bought a bucket in 6 years. :) She does not have a lot of money. I have been searching for her but to be honest, I am a little lost. To me a 22lb limit. seems to be a waste when for 20.00 in some cases you can get a 35lbs limit. I...
  16. Baylor

    Do you have more car seats installed in your car than you use on a daily basis?

    I have 2 kids. Both use boosters as a rule. A Monterey and a Sante Fe are their main seats for 9 and 5.5 yr old. But I also have my FR 85 installed for those days when I have an extra kid with me. It is just easier than installing and un installing. I also always have a spare literider around...
  17. Baylor

    Booster help?

    So I have my kids in the GN in booster mode in my Dh's 2 dr explorer. They work great there. but I noticed today that DS1 is getting close to the maximum shoulder height in booster mode. I have a Monterey, however It needs head rest support. The Explorer has that but It has to be above the...
  18. Baylor

    Booster name?

    I'm sorry on phone and searching is not working well I need the lbb name that has the over the arm rest configuration ? My brain is fried from the heat. :) Thank you! auto correct hates me
  19. Baylor

    424.00 for a booster?? Baby / Child Britax Parkway SGL Booster Seat W/ Isoflextm Flexible Lower Latch Connection System - Cloudburst Infant: Baby Really?
  20. Baylor

    Water marks on car seats..

    SO My son's Monterey has a water mark on it from my son's umbrella resting on it. It is not a big deal. I will bring it in and wipe it with a baby wipe and it will disappear but I don't want the Monterey and Sante fe looking like that all summer. I want to get two LBB for the car for the...

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