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  1. firemomof3

    Horrible car seat use by the royals!

    Just take a look :mad:
  2. firemomof3

    Just got the Monterey...yuck!

    I ordered a Monterey from BRU and it has a 6/12 dom :( But worse then that are the belt guides...were their engineers smoking crack? When my ds was trying to pull the seat belt to get enough slack to buckle it, it kept getting all twisted and squished and wouldn't retract :mad: Have...
  3. firemomof3

    A few pics

    I haven't posted any pics for a while so here is my ds in his Frontier (on the top slots) And dd2 in her ProBooster
  4. firemomof3

    Love the SureRide!

    So I returned the Defender as fast I could and went and got a SureRide. I got it home and wow, I have to say its one of my favorites! Its lightweight, very easy to use (including changing harness height & crotch position), install was one of the quickest & easiest ever :love:, crotch strap is...
  5. firemomof3

    OMG, I hate the Defender

    I just went and picked up a Harmony Defender and I can't even begin to tell you how horrible this seat is. The assembly was time consuming & I had to pull the cover out of the way to get the thing together...and I can't get it back on :mad: After the 3 separate nuts/bolts/washers were in place...
  6. firemomof3

    My almost 7y/o in the Advocate 70

    Just thought I'd share a picture of dd2 who turns 7y/o next week. She loves the Advocate and is even with the top slots.
  7. firemomof3

    Diono StratoFIX seat is up!

    So,...who is going to order one and give us all the details?! I'm wondering if the top harness slots are comparible to the Radian.
  8. firemomof3

    For Sale or Trade NIB Combi Coccoro lime

    I have a brand new in the box lime green Coccoro. DOM 5/2012, rf from 3lbs and allows the rf tethering! Will consider trading for an Oobr, Kiddy, Frontier... try me! SOLD $150 shipped and I do not have paypal so it will have to be a money order/bank check.
  9. firemomof3

    MyRide vs. Advocate

    Does anyone know if the Advocate is wider @ the top then the MyRide? I have a MyRide installed center position 3rd row of my Sedona and my dd1 sits passenger side outboard in her Cruz. This is going to be the set up for a while and I've been thinking about the head protection for dd1 offered...
  10. firemomof3

    What is your favorite infant seat/stroller combo?

    So, its been 5years since I've had to buy an infant seat so I need your advice. My SIL & her dh are having a baby and I want to get them an infant seat/stroller combo. I want a nicer "all terrain" stroller though. I love the BOB but of course its SO expensive but is there something else like...
  11. firemomof3

    My 6.5y/o in the MyRide

    I picked up a MyRide today because my daycare kiddos are outgrowing my RA55. DD2 wanted to ride home in it and fell asleep! She is just slightly under the top slots so she really has no growing room :mad: But anyway here she is: Please ignore my messy car.
  12. firemomof3

    Lap belts on daycare bus :(

    So, my ds is attending a 1/2 day daycare "camp" this summer. I went for the tour today and when I looked into the bus that they use for field trips I noticed lap belts :mad: So, I asked if they had any vests or harnesses and they said yes. When I asked what kind she said it sits on the seat...
  13. firemomof3

    Tour Bus without seatbelts?!

    So, we're taking a trip to Washington DC and instead of walking everywhere and trying to see everything we're thinking of a tour bus. I called the company today and they do not have any seatbelts. Would you still do it? Is it just as safe as the school bus? Thanks :) And here are pics of the...
  14. firemomof3

    Question Original Frontier 80 measurement needed

    Does anyone know the measurement for the tallest setting in booster mode? I wrote down that it accomidates a child with a 24" torso but I didn't write down the top belt guide number :doh: My dh's truck doesn't have headrests in the backseat and my dd1 is on the top setting in her Oobr so I'm...
  15. firemomof3

    Which booster is now the tallest?

    With all these new and exciting boosters coming out does anyone know if any of them are taller then the original Frontier in booster mode? So, we have the new Peg booster, Oribit booster and cruiserfix...which one is going to have the tallest setting? All 3 look like great boosters :love:
  16. firemomof3

    Started booster training

    DS will be 5y/o in May and is close to 50lbs., wears a size 6 shorts/shirts and is finally ready to start booster training. His impulse control has gotten so much better and he sits perfectly for our short trips. The belt fit is great; low on his hips & the shoulder belt is a little close to...
  17. firemomof3

    In Search Of Boys GN cover

    Found one! Looking for a boys GN cover with all the pads
  18. firemomof3

    Pretty new GN cover

    Just listed at Very pretty!
  19. firemomof3

    In Search Of Keen/Crocs girls & boys sandals size 12

    Just thought I would check here first. Both dd2 & ds wear a size 12 toddler shoe, looking for anysort of athletic sandal for this summer :)
  20. firemomof3

    For Sale Boys Ecco Hiking Boots size 12

    These boots are about 6mo. old and in good used condition. The color has faded a bit but besides that they are perfect. They have a gore tex lining so feet stay warm & dry. Very easy to put on/off, payed $80 new. $20 shipped

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