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  1. Persimmon

    Smallest car with big center seat

    I'm planning on getting a new car at the end of this year, and I'm hoping to get DS4 back into the center seat and keep him there. Right now he is outboard in my 09 Forester because the hump in the center floor and close proximity to the back of the center console encourages him to put his feet...
  2. Persimmon

    FFS Vivobarefoot insoles size 30

    I have an unused pair of VIVOBAREFOOT insoles sized 30 for last year's blue neovelcro boy's shoes. FFS. I am not sure if they fit in other styles or not.
  3. Persimmon

    40% off some Magformers today

    Amazon has 40% off certain Magformers today only:
  4. Persimmon

    S/O 2015 Winter coats for the car seat

    Add any others that you know of! I will update the list as more are posted. Light: Land's End Lightweight Packable--Hooded LL Bean Puff n Stuff--Hooded Medium: North Face Perrito--Hooded Land's End Stormer--Hooded Costco Gerry Packable down--Hooded. $30. Heavy if layered with a fleece...
  5. Persimmon

    Question Is 60K miles too many for a 2012 Odyssey?

    We are looking at a 2012 Odyssey EXL with 60K miles to replace DH's 2005 Mazda MPV. We will probably only use something this big for another 4 years and then trade it in for something like an Outback. Really we don't absolutely need a van, but DH likes minivans, DS1 and 2 are going to college...
  6. Persimmon

    How do I do an autopsy on a Foonf?

    First of all, nobody is hurt. :D Does anyone have any ideas on how I can take apart a Foonf to see what happened after it was occupied in a crash? I want to check out the REACT. It was a pre-order if that makes any difference. Backstory: My dear friend's '12 Odyssey got hit on the passenger...
  7. Persimmon

    In Search Of Frontier 90 Zebra cover

    Shipped to TX!
  8. Persimmon

    Small bus with lap belts only OK?

    I went by when the school was closed to take a look at the bus. They have two, both Type A. No tether anchors that I could see. So, I think I will ask if they will let me install a car seat and leave it in there. I need to find out if they always use the same bus for each route. Any suggestions...
  9. Persimmon

    Small bus with lap belts only OK?

    We are trying to decide on where DS will go to kinder next year and transportation to school may be an issue. There is a place close to us that has daycare up to private Kinder. They provide transportation in the mornings to some of the local schools and I could drop DS off as early as 6:30...
  10. Persimmon

    Hooded towels for preschoolers?

    DS (4.5) has been hanging onto his hooded towels he used as an infant. They just aren't big enough. I found these. Does anyone know of any good ones that aren't $40? ETA: I just found this one on sale for $18. I will get it but am still looking for more.
  11. Persimmon

    Nautilus Elite Amazon lightning deal $140

    $140 for Nautilus Elite in Tangerine only. Ends in 2 hrs 15 minutes.
  12. Persimmon

    In Search Of FN90 cover set in Zebra

    Shippped to TX.
  13. Persimmon

    Foonf RF recline position 2 still allowed?

    Anyone know? I know they allowed it at least at one point. The newer manual says only recline 3 and I seem to remember that it was going to be amended to reflect the addition of recline 2. I can't find where Clek used to say on their website that 2 was allowed also. I hope that it is still...
  14. Persimmon

    Foonf 2 position crotch strap now available

    Please ignore if this has already been posted.... I just ordered 2 longer crotch straps for my Foonfs from the Clek website. They are $4.99 each. I paid $5 shipping for 2.
  15. Persimmon

    Please help an overthinker decide

    DS just turned 4 and looks like we will be FF sooner rather than later. The second set of RF lock offs one of his Foonfs died while we were on a road trip and I had to FF him. He is still FF while I am waiting on a replacement lock off and loves it. I will RF him when the part comes and if he...
  16. Persimmon

    Lego website have Xmas sale?

    Does anyone know if the Lego website tends to have any Xmas sales? There is a Duplo train that my dad wants to get DS and I am not sure if I should go ahead and get it now or wait for a sale. The Lego site has the best price.
  17. Persimmon

    Question Reinforced toe shoes

    Does anyone know of a good boys shoe that has the rubber part wrap all the way around the toe and then up over the top? DS has ruined both his pairs of shoes. He goes to preschool 2 x's a week and I think he has been dragging his toes when he brakes on the tricycles there. The part that gets...
  18. Persimmon

    Deal on Boys Perrito jacket?

    Is $48 free shipping, no tax a good deal on a boys Perrito jacket...
  19. Persimmon

    ISO: Boy's Perrito jacket 3T

    ISO: Boy's Perrito jacket 3T in Jake Blue. Or something else car seat friendly like a Moondoggy.
  20. Persimmon

    OB with TA vs. Center w/o TA in an old car?

    OB with TA vs. Center w/o TA? 87 Mercury Cougar Lap belts only in all seating positions. Pre-drilled TA holes OB x 2. Can't do TA center. Obvoiusly no side air bags. FF BLVD 70, gen 2 Almost 4 y.o. 95% height and weight. Every penny counts for this woman. Really. So, the car is 2 years too...

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