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  1. emandbri

    Long shot ISO classic marathon Erin cover, making a quilt....

    Out of old covers. I sold mine and I now wish I had it.
  2. emandbri

    In Search Of I need a next fit zip cover in a color lighter than blue...

    The dark blue is SOOOO HOT now that it is warmer. I'd REALLY like an air but Chicco doesn't sell just the cover yet. Since getting an air might be difficult I"m willing to gets nonair zip in the mean time.
  3. emandbri

    Anyone have the inside scoop on new next fit covers?....

    I haven't been here in a long time but I'm hoping people will still help me. ;) I got into a crash a few months ago and need to replace my next fit. Since I didn't really "need" it right away I decided to wait. I figured the zip babies r us exclusive was probably for a year and would be...
  4. emandbri

    Question Best price on orbit g2 stroller seat?

    I've been searching and best price I can find is $275 on amazon. I can get a g3 for $200 but then need to buy a sunshade which is $80. I also already bought two g2 color packs since they are really cheap right now. The color packs come with a sunshade but from what I can tell not the...
  5. emandbri

    Cares harness...

    A friend from a Facebook group I'm in was bashed for planning to use the cares harness on an upcoming flight. Is there new info I'm not aware of? Her son is 3 1/2, 33 lbs, and 38 inches, pretty much the exact stats my dd was when she used a cares harness with no issues at all. She and her son...
  6. emandbri

    Safety of kids in convertable cars?

    A friend of mine is looking for stats, articles, links, etc. Thanks!
  7. emandbri

    ISO jujube paci pods in earth tones......

    I want to put one on my purse and one in my van. Thanks!
  8. emandbri

    Foonf no longer has magnets....

    I did a search it doesn't look like this has been discussed. I helped someone from a message board and she ended up with a foonf, she couldn't figure out why the magnets weren't working and called them and was told parents said the magnets didn't work well so they stopped putting them in.
  9. emandbri

    Britax Two way elite causing heat rash....

    My friend moved to Switzerland bought one for her rear-facing two year old and she is getting heat rash on her back. I suggested trying washing the cover. Her daughter never had problems in her orbit toddler seat, a radian, or when she borrowed my britax marathon. Any other ideas? I...
  10. emandbri

    2005 yukon, need help for a friend!....

    I was able to help her last night so they are ready for a trip but need to figure something out when she gets back and needs to fit the baby she watches. Kids 2 year old rfing in my ride. Not sure weight. 6 year old, 36 lbs, in a cosco high back but she is too tall. Mom would rather move...
  11. emandbri

    Is there any double stroller i would like?

    I have a baby jogger city elite (edited accidentally said select) and Mac techno, I really hate them both. I'm wondering if I'd like a bob double since it has one front wheel and would be easier to steer. Also wondering about baby jogger city select but man that is a lot of money. When...
  12. emandbri

    For sale baby trend cover with slots $20 shipped...

    Bought it here, excellent condition! Just cover, no headrest or canopy.
  13. emandbri

    I need a lightweight double, is there anything llike a mac but not tippy....

    With bags on it? I already have problems with my mountain buggy feeling tippy when reclined. I have a baby jogger city select which will be great on trails and the park but took it yesterday to the mall and it was so big and bulky. I need something with a high weight limit. Here are the...
  14. emandbri

    New pixs of the kids, anyone care to make me a new siggy?

    Mine is very outdated. I'd like it to say "Emily mom to Jacob (16), Daniel (14), Benjamin (9), and Elizabeth (6) home childcare provider to 4 other kiddos. I'd like smaller pix of them. I have permission to use the pix. I moved Elizabeth to...
  15. emandbri

    Any tips, stroller seems tippy with diaper bag with stroller straps....

    I don't recall this being an issue with my last diaper bag, a lexie Barnes darling (which I lost :) ) I now have a skip hop dash and a jujube be right back and a 2003 mountain buggy. Both bags are okay with the toddlers I watch but not with the 3 month old in it and reclined and the brb was...
  16. emandbri

    Would a jujube with backpack straps work for this?....

    I have no place that sells jujube here so I can't try it. I want a backpack style back that I can wear while baby-wearing. I'm 5 foot 10 and around a size 16 on top and 14 on the bottom. Would the straps be long enough? I have a skip hop dash that is barely big enough for 2 kids and I...
  17. emandbri

    How hard is the baby jogger car seat adapter to get on and off?

    I wasn't going to get one since I plan to mostly wear the baby and it is $100 but I found one on Craigslist and I'm thinking it might be handy to keep the baby warm. If it is hard to get on and off though it won't work for me since I would mostly use the stroller without it. Thanks!
  18. emandbri

    Which seats have the buckle issue?

    is it all graco and Evenflo seats? Thanks!
  19. emandbri

    Had all 4 kids i care for today....pix!

    Have permission to post pix. Matthew is in the floral radian and is 34 lbs, Orion is 3 1/2 46 lbs, and in the sweet pea nautilus. Mara is 2 years 3 months, 31 lbs in the green marathon, Alyssa is 9 weeks in snugride 35. Yes, all of their seats are green! :)
  20. emandbri

    Question Can you use a snugride 22 headrest on snugride 30?

    Bought a snugride 30 from a friend but she lost the headrest. Found one on swap but it is for 22. Is that okay?

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